Pre And Post Workouts To Help Your Body While Flying

Hopping on a plane can be exciting because it means you’re about to visit a different part of the world. However, you rarely arrive at your destination feeling like you’ve just had the most comfortable experience ever, especially if your flight was a long one. Thankfully, you can counteract any potential pain and discomfort with a selection of pre- and post-flight workouts.

Jumping jacks

The chances are you’re already quite familiar with jumping jacks. They’re one of the most basic exercises you can do that are always worthwhile for warming up before a proper workout. If you aren’t familiar with them, it’s basically just jumping, but you move your legs out to either side of you while bringing your arms up like a star. They’re excellent for getting the blood flowing, which is why you might want to consider them, particularly after you get off the plane.

Glute bridges

Back pain is a common problem that makes even activities like sitting down uncomfortable. In fact, sitting down too much is a significant contributor to this pain. Unfortunately, there’s nowhere to go on a flight, so you have little choice but to sit there for hours. That’s why glute bridges are an excellent workout to do both before and after your journey. Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat, and lift your hips off the ground by pushing through your heels. This should strengthen your lower back while also stretching your hips.

Resistance band squats

Resistance bands are a useful piece of equipment to have when doing a workout, particularly when preparing or recovering from a flight. One good way to use them is to wrap them around your quads and do about ten squats. Put your feet just over hip-width apart and push your hips back as you lower yourself towards the ground, keeping your back straight and chest lifted. This workout will exercise the muscles you use to sit on, so it’s a good one to try out before your flight.

Resistance band pull-aparts

Another worthwhile exercise to do with your resistance band is to simply stand there and pull it apart. You hold the equipment in front of you at shoulder height and gradually pull at both ends. Go as far as you can, then slowly return your hands to the starting position and repeat ten times. This workout will be good for your posture and is a simple one to do both pre- and post-flight.

Child’s pose

It’s always good to do some stretches before and after your flight, including the child’s pose. This entails getting down on your knees then resting back on your heels. From there, you then lie forward, extending your arms ahead of you while your stomach sits on your thighs. Holding this for 30 seconds should stretch your shoulders, back, hips, and glutes, which is exactly what you need when sitting for a long time.

If the thought of sitting on a plane for hours isn’t that pleasant, at least these workouts will ensure the flight doesn’t leave you in pain.