Which Pets Are Best For Busy People – And Which Are The Worst?

68% of U.S. families have a pet, which is impressive, considering that equates to 85 million families. Although it doesn’t surprise us, because as a whole, humans adore their furry friends – or their scaly, wiry, and feathered friends. For some people, though, getting a pet can be a minefield. If you’re always busy, it might seem impossible, but it isn’t! Some animals might suit you – but others could be your worst nightmare.

Independent pets

If you’re fairly busy, but still have enough time to devote to daily feeding or a little bit of cleaning, a cat could well be your best bet. They’re independent and low-maintenance. They often want for nothing and don’t demand attention. Better yet, an outdoor cat will generally please itself – just don’t expect to have cuddles on the couch of an evening.

Small and furry

Small mammals are also low-maintenance pets, generally speaking. Weekly cleaning and food top-ups are basically all they need, providing you’ve got the time to let them into a run, exercise ball or give them some daily attention. Many rodents are nocturnal, which makes them particularly suitable if you work night-shifts. Rabbits are great for people wanting a larger animal, while hamsters and mice are ideal if you want a pet that is perfectly content napping the day away, with just a small amount of exercise.

Something more exotic

If you fancy something more unusual, a lizard, snake or bird might tickle your fancy. They are often easy to care for but do still require some time. Reptiles are generally quite independent, meaning you can do your daily cleaning and feeding, give them a little interaction, and feel obliged to do no more. Birds are very similar, but not in all cases. Small birds like canaries and budgies are happy with other birds, but a parrot isn’t going to be impressed if it’s alone all day. These intelligent birds require regular training and attention.

The easiest of them all

If you want a pet that really requires very little attention, then your safest option is a tank of fish. Fish do need regular cleans and feeding, but most definitely don’t want to go for a walk or snuggle up in your bed with you, making them ideal for people on-the-go.

Man’s best friend

Dogs can also be great pets for busy people – if you know what you’re getting. Older dogs are usually the calmest, especially if you have something like a Basset Hound or St. Bernard. If you want a dog to fit your lifestyle, an older shelter dog could be your new best friend. However, a puppy or energetic breed, like a Siberian Husky or Beagle, could be the worst decision you ever make if you’re busy.

If you love animals and want a pet, then you need to make sure it’s compatible with your lifestyle before jumping right into owning a horse that needs intense care. Instead, go for a snake that would rather be left alone or another pet which doesn’t demand your services while you’re busy.