From Paw-dicures To Doggy Massages, These Are The Best Retreats For Your Pets

While you might be dreaming about your next lavish vacation, what about your four-legged friends? Thankfully, it seems as though they, too, could soon join in the relaxing thanks to the best retreats for your pets.

Olde Towne Pet Resort

From an agility field to swimming pool and everything in between, it seems as though the Olde Towne Pet Resort has it all. The resort comes fitted with a spa that offers our pets blubbery facials, mud baths, and even a sports massage. As if that wasn’t enough, the buildings are fitted with air filtration systems to keep everything clear, while many of the suites come equipped with cameras so owners can watch their pets from afar. If that’s still not enough, there are a host of added extras, including a visit from Santa for your pet at Christmas.

The Spa Paws Hotel

Ever fancy your pet being chauffeured to its resort? Now they can! The hotel has enough room for six cats and 75 dogs with every one catering to their needs. Many of the dog suites come fitted with cable TV so they can catch up on all the latest shows on Animal Planet, while others have a room with a view, and the cats get the enjoy a skylight in their suites to ensure they receive enough natural sunlight to be happy and healthy throughout their stay. Freeze-dried salmon, anyone?

Chateau Poochie

Chateau Poochie seems to be a resort that has it all. Dogs staying at this resort are up and out by 6.30am and enjoy breakfast an hour later. The residents then get a morning of social time with the other guests before a two-hour nap and an afternoon in the fitness center. The evening finishes with rubber chew toys filled with peanut butter as a reward. If your dog is a problem sleeper, then have no fear. There are many themed rooms on offer, and even a $200 a night extra charge for someone to sleep alongside your four-legged friend.

Dog Store

The Dog Store has many stores all across the Hamptons and Midtown Manhattan, and it looks as though they have gotten used to meeting the demands of their clients over the years. Many owners can’t bear the thought of leaving their furry friend behind but want them to be looking their best for the journey. Thankfully, the Dog Store has many packages, including walks, spa treatments, massages, and pool time to help dogs relax before they head off. In fact, some have even been personally transported to the airport before their vacation.

It looks as though the fun and relaxation of a resort vacation no longer has to be something that only we get to enjoy. Now, our pets can have an entire trip of their own thanks to some of the most exclusive and high-end pet resorts in the world. We just better hope they don’t enjoy themselves too much or our pets may never want to come home!