Clever Hacks Anyone Can Do With Egg Cartons

Instead of throwing things out, have you ever considered how you could reuse them? One prime example of this is egg cartons. Many of us enjoy tucking into eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but it leaves us with a problem. What do we do with the cartons? Sure, we could stick them in the recycling, but we could also get creative with them. Whether you’ve got plastic, cardboard, or polystyrene ones, there are plenty of things you can do with egg cartons.

Paint palette

Everyone knows that painting is a messy activity, which is probably what makes it all the more fun. Instead of forking out for expensive painting equipment, why not use egg cartons as a paint palette instead? Unless you’re the next Bob Ross, in which case you’ll definitely want to invest in some top quality painting equipment.

The best thing about this is that the indents are the perfect size for a big splodge of paint. You can then leave a few empty holes for all your mixing magic. When you’re done, you can either scrape the paint out to reuse or turn the egg carton into a work of art itself.

Condiments holder

Hands up if your refrigerator is full of condiments? Glad we’re not the only ones. The issue is barely any of them will stand up on their own. Then you have to lay them down in the fridge, which takes up a whole load of space. It also makes it impossible to get any sauce out of the bottles when you want to use them!

Instead, try this egg carton hack. Simply cut down a carton to fit into your refrigerator door. Now you can pop your condiments in there to save space – and to make it easier to squeeze out when you need them!

Cupcake carrier

Okay, firstly, this just looks adorable! However, it’s pretty convenient too. If you consider yourself a master baker but hate trying to transport your creations, then you’re going to want to try this egg carton trick. Make sure you buy cupcake cases that fit nicely in your egg carton, bake your delicious goodies, then pop them in.

You could paint the egg boxes to ensure they complement your cupcakes, too. This is the perfect idea for those who want to bring baked goods to school bake sales or parties. Plus, it doesn’t matter if the host doesn’t give it to you back, as you can always make more!

Bird feeder

There’s something so therapeutic about watching birds gather in your yard. However, unless you have food out there, chances are they’re not going to visit. They’ll just head over to your neighbor Susan’s house where she’s got a whole ton of bird feeders hanging up. If you don’t want to fork out on an expensive bird feeder like Susan, then try making your own one instead.

All you need is an empty egg carton and some string. Make a few holes to thread the string through, then tie it up in a tree or on your fence. Make sure it’s in front of a window so you can watch the wonders of nature.

Seedlings pots

Seedlings need a lot of care and attention before they’re big and robust enough to survive outside. However, it can be expensive to buy all the planting equipment needed to nurture those young plants. If you want to start growing your own fruit and veg, without forking out on a ton of plant pots, then grab yourself an egg carton.

They’re the perfect size for both germinating and caring for seedlings before the plant can then be transferred to the outside world. Carrots, tomatoes, salad leaves… Whatever you want in your vegetable patch, you can grow it!

Letter magnets organizer

Does your refrigerator look like someone has word vomited all over it? Are your kids forever losing the letter magnets? This is a smart way to keep them all together, but it’s also perfect for teaching little ones their colors and spelling (and how to tidy up after themselves).

Put all of the letters in the egg box and then ask your children to spell out certain words on the fridge. When they’re done, they need to put them all back in the right color order. Educational and fun, what more could you want?

Laptop stand

A common problem with laptops is that they overheat when used for too long, which is why many people invest in laptop stands. These help cool air get to the bottom of your laptop and can stop your fan from making that horrid noise… You know the one.

However, you don’t have to spend lots of money on one if you don’t want to. Instead, just stack egg cartons to give yourself a handy laptop stand that will keep your technology cool. You can raise or lower it quite easily by removing layers, too.

Playing card holder

What’s your favorite card game? Whether it’s Uno or poker, this egg carton hack is perfect for you! All you need to do is slice little sections into the underside of the box. Now, you can slide your cards in the gaps and play hands-free. No more having to keep all your cards together awkwardly.

Also, it stops your opponent from being able to see any of your cards. While this may prevent you from having to hold the cards, it won’t stop you from losing. You’re still going to want to practice your card game if you want to be the victor.

Cute characters

These adorable little characters are made from egg cartons and are the perfect craft project for you and the kids. Or just for you… You can really let your imagination run wild just by cutting up and painting little bits of the box. You could also use this idea and turn them into decorations for the Christmas tree!

Just invest in a little bit of string that you can glue to their heads, then get festive with your creations. Make little Santas, reindeer, Nativity characters, or even just cute baubles with faces on. Don’t forget to use the egg carton paint palette to avoid any mess, too!

Succulent pots

It seems as though everyone is going wild over succulents at the moment. They’re the perfect low-maintenance plant for those who don’t have the greenest of fingers. They also seem to fit perfectly into egg cartons! If you want to get creative, paint the outside of your new planter to match the color scheme of the room they’re going to be placed in.

People will be surprised when you tell them that this adorable succulent pot is actually just a reused egg carton. Just don’t forget to put the pot on a dish for when you water them – cardboard isn’t the most waterproof of materials!

Flower string lights

Just one look at Pinterest will uncover a whole range of stunning egg carton flower creations. It seems as though this cardboard egg boxes are the perfect crafting equipment to make flowers out of. However, instead of just making pretty decorative flowers, go one step further and make string lights!

All you need are some fairy lights; the kind that you would use on a Christmas tree, for example. Once you have made your flowers, hook them over the bulbs and watch them come to life. You can then string these up around your home for a gorgeous statement piece. We’re in love!

Sewing kit

If you’re opting for a complete lifestyle change of repairing, recycling and reusing, then this is a double whammy hack! Use your egg carton to store a sewing kit, which means that you’ll be able to repair any old clothes, too.

We live in a world of fast fashion now, but our grandparents would also repair any clothes that had rips or holes. If you want to really save the planet, consider investing in a sewing kit so you can do the same. You’ll prevent clothes ending up in landfills, which is always a bonus! Plus, you can store it all in your reused egg carton.

Jewelry box

How cute is this little jewelry box? If you find that your earrings, necklaces, and bracelets end up all over the place, this is the perfect hack. Use each segment of your egg carton for certain things and keep it all from getting tangled up. If you have a lot of jewelry, you can either opt for a bigger egg carton or just stick a few together.

Decorate it however you like, so that it fits in with your room – et voila! You’ve got a beautiful jewelry box that didn’t cost you anything, and now you can always find your accessories whenever you need them.

Baby socks organizer

Baby socks are some of the most adorable pieces of fabric in existence, but they’re also tiny and therefore easy to lose. If you’re always scrabbling around to find socks for your little one, then perhaps this will be useful? Pair up the socks and roll them into small balls.

Now, slip them into each section of the egg carton. You can pop this organizer into a drawer so that you’ll always have easy access to them, too. As your child gets older, teach them the trick, and they’ll never have to leave the house with odd socks.

DIY firestarters

If you’re the kind of person that loves to camp, then these DIY firestarters will be the perfect addition to your camping equipment. Simply fill your egg carton sections with dryer lint and melted wax. Once the wax hardens, you’ll have your very own firestarters that can be used while camping.

Sure, firestarters aren’t the most expensive thing in the world, but every little helps, right? Plus, you should be able to reuse the egg carton over and over again to keep making them. Pop them in a Tupperware box and just take them out when they’re needed.

Tablet stand

Tablets were a great invention until most of us realized they were too awkward or heavy to hold up and watch our favorite shows. Plus, how many times have you been watching something in bed, holding it up, only for it to drop on your face when you fall asleep?

It’s bad enough with phones, but it really hurts when it’s a massive tablet. Get rid of this problem once and for all by using an egg carton as a DIY tablet stand. Just make some incisions either side to slot the tablet in, and you’re there! We wish we’d seen this hack sooner…

Makeup organizer

If you’re the kind of person who has makeup sprawled all over their dressing table, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. However, it could be time to get your life together and get organized! Forget any of those fancy makeup organizers you see on Instagram and reuse your egg carton instead.

You can slot all of your nail varnishes, foundations, and any other products into the gaps to keep them all together. It’s also easy to find whatever you’re looking for by setting it out in this way. We’d totally cover ours in paint and glitter, though. No one needs a beige makeup organizer in their lives.

Snacks tray

As Chris Pratt would say, “What’s my snack?” If you find yourself finishing off a whole bag of pretzels after promising you’d only eat a handful, you might want to create your own snacks tray. Carefully portion out all of your favorite snacks (we’ll take the peanuts, thanks) and then use it as some kind of feeding tray.

You could also decorate an egg carton and use it as a fancy serving platter for when people come to visit. They will have no idea that you’ve made it out of an egg carton. Probably.

Drawer organizer

We have already seen someone use their egg carton to create a cute jewelry organizer, but we feel like this is next level. Could you even tell that there is an egg carton in there?! This is the kind of thing you see on Instagram and beg to know where they got it from.

It looks like a couple of different sized egg boxes have been used, with some plastic and some cardboard. This means you can use the bigger ones for bigger accessories and the smaller ones for… Well, smaller accessories. Just paint everything white, and you’ve got yourself an Instagrammable drawer organizer.

Stationery organizer

It seems as though egg cartons are just the perfect way to organize your life, basically. If you’re the kind of person that can never find a pen when you need one, you’re going to want to add this little creation into your life. The smaller egg-shaped holes are ideal for things like paperclips and drawing pins.

Whereas the larger section, when opened up, can slot in your pens and larger stationery items. Again, this is the kind of thing you can put in a drawer and keep all your bits and bobs together. We want to buy a ton of eggs and get ourselves organized right now.

Charcoal grill starter

We’re just going to put it out there… We love summer evenings grilling our food out on the deck. It’s just the dream! However, the worst thing about this is trying to get the grill lit in the first place. We try those little charcoal briquettes and firelighters, but it always seems to go out or burn too quickly.

This ingenious hack should solve all of your grilling woes! All you need to do is fill the egg carton with charcoal and then light the cardboard. When the cardboard has completely burned away, the charcoal briquettes should all be burning away nicely. Just make sure you only use a cardboard egg carton for this!


This is another idea that you can only use cardboard egg cartons for, but it’s super handy for those who love to compost. Simply shred or cut up the cardboard from the egg box and pop it in your composter or compost pile. This then becomes the perfect fertilizer to help your plants grow.

Combine this hack with the seedlings tray, and you’ll have plenty of gardening uses for your egg cartons. Just make sure that you don’t use any egg cartons that are made from foam or polystyrene as these are not compostable and could ruin all of your hard work!

Gift box

We would be over the moon if someone gave us a gift wrapped up like this! If you’re feeling creative, then head to somewhere like Pinterest and you’ll see dozens of ways that people have used egg cartons as a gift box.

You can go pretty basic and cutesy, like this one, or go all out and create something utterly jaw-dropping. If you then fill the egg carton with cupcakes, whoever is receiving the gift will probably be the happiest person alive (we would be). Another idea is to fill it with things like bath bombs or little pots of cosmetics.

Statement table

Wow, just look at this! Of course, this is not your everyday craft project that you’ll be able to complete with the kids. However, this does go to show just how versatile those egg cartons can be. This table was made by Ate Atema, from Atema Architecture, and is called an ‘auto-cannibalistic table.’

Made from egg cartons and wheat paste glue, the herbs at the top can get all of their nutrients from the table. They’ll then eat away at the table until it is no more… This is next level egg carton crafting!

Cardboard flowers

As we’ve mentioned before, it seems as though flowers are the ‘in-thing’ to make with egg cartons. They really are so easy to do once you have got the knack of it! You can then step up your crafting game by making them in all sorts of colors and with different accessories.

This person has used things like bottle caps and buttons in the middle of the flower. There are so many different things you can do with these flowers, including using them as a wedding bouquet. Sustainable weddings are a pretty big deal at the moment!

Stylish mirror

If you’ve perfected the egg carton flower, why not try this project out for size? At first glance, this mirror looks like something you’d find in pretty much any home decor store. However, look again, and you’ll realize that all of those delicate flowers have been made from egg cartons.

Finished off in a pastel blue, you’d be proud to hang this up in your house, right?! It looks like someone has definitely found their niche, as the price ticket on the mirror says $120. If you were looking for a side hustle, then this could be it. We’d buy one!

Piece of art

You don’t need to fork out thousands of dollars for expensive pieces of art when you’ve got egg cartons lying around the house. Just do what this crafty person did and make a statement piece for your walls.

Cut up the egg carton so that you’ve just got the little sections, then stick all of those onto a bigger piece of card. You could do a heart as they have, or something else entirely. Now, give it a lick of paint (with your egg carton paint palette) and frame it to put on the wall. This is a fun project to do with your kids, too.

Picture perfect

How kooky are these?! Most children love arts and crafts, so this could be an excellent idea for a rainy weekend afternoon. You’ll want to find the biggest egg carton that you can (preferably square) so that there is plenty of space to paint your face!

Now, using your egg carton paint palette again, get to work. You don’t need to be the best artist in the world, because the quirky nature of these portraits will mean it doesn’t matter if they’re not quite perfect. This could also be a fun activity to do with your partner… Get them to paint you!

Playtime goggles

This is another fun craft project that you can do with the little ones. Also, if they love the Minions from Despicable Me, then they could make their own Minion goggles. You just need to cut up some egg cartons that will be used for the goggle part, then let the children loose with all sorts of materials.

They could use paint, crayons, or even glitter if you’re brave enough. Now, stick a lolly stick to the side, and they’ll be able to hold them up to their face. These also make hilarious photo booth props for weddings and parties.

Flower wreath

Wreaths can instantly brighten up a home or front door, whatever the season. Sure, they may often be reserved for fall and winter holidays, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use them in other seasons too. Just look at this beautiful pastel flower wreath.

They’ve used the egg cartons to make the flowers, then stuck it on a round piece of card. This can then be hung up on the door. We think this one is perfect for spring or Easter. They missed a trick with their paint palette though… They should have used the egg carton!

Bug’s life

We have already seen how egg cartons can be used to make fun characters, but these are even cooler! If your little one loves nature, then they’ll love these little critters. We also adore the fact that they come with googly eyes (who doesn’t love googly eyes?). You will also need some multicolored pipe cleaners because no bug is a real bug without antennae and lots of legs.

You can usually buy cheap crafting kits that will come with things like googly eyes and pipe cleaners. Let your little one help make them, then head out into the garden for some imaginary play.

Egg cups

Woah, we’re totally flipping the egg carton on its head here. Why use it for something entirely out of the box when you could use it for its sole purpose? Yep, why not turn your egg cartons into egg cups?

If you’re the kind of person that likes to start each day with a soft boiled egg and toast soldiers to dip into it (like we are), then this is your kind of hack! You could decorate them in different ways, to encourage kids to eat their breakfast. You could also fill them with chocolate eggs for Easter egg hunts.

Fruit and veg holder

It’s challenging to keep all of your fruit and vegetables together in the refrigerator without them spilling out and rolling all over the place. Luckily, you can use an egg carton for that too!

This is the perfect holder for things like lemons and limes, along with tomatoes and pretty much any other round fruit or veg. This also means that you can buy plastic-free fruit and vegetables in the grocery store, then pop them in your egg carton holder when you get back home. It’s all about saving the planet, one egg carton at a time!


Looking for somewhere to put all of your egg carton flowers? How about an egg carton vase? This creation was made by a crafter YouTuber, who showed us how easy it is to stick your egg boxes together and make a pretty unique looking vase. You can use metallic paint to give the vase a more expensive look.

Alternatively, you can make flowers and use them to build the vase. A flowery vase holding flowers… Cool, right? If you get through a lot of eggs a week, then you could fill your home with vases or give them out as gifts.

Statement chairs

It’s not just YouTubers and craft bloggers who have been getting in on the egg carton trend. Some companies have decided to step things up a notch and create functional furniture using them too. By packing the egg boxes in tightly together, you can actually create somewhere sturdy to sit or rest your feet after a long, hard day of eating eggs and crafting.

Just stick a fancy cushion on the top, and no one will know they’re actually sitting on egg cartons. These designers have also recycled cardboard to make a rug… Although we’re not sure how comfy that would be to sink your feet into.