You Need To Remember These 5 Things When Buying Pet Insurance

So you’ve bought the bowl, the leash, and a pet bed. What else could there be on the list? Pet insurance! While it can slip many of our minds, there are some things you need to remember when taking out your policy.

The payments aren’t immediate

Although your pet is insured, you won’t always receive an immediate payout – unless you find a wonder insurer. The chances are you could have to wait weeks for the money to come back to you, and some veterinary surgeries require upfront payments. It’s best to ensure you have some money saved away for emergencies just in case. At least you’ll get it back eventually, right? Sometimes, we just need to play the waiting game.

It’s best to start young

It can be easy to assume that young pets are less likely to get injured and therefore won’t need insuring. However, insuring your pet as young as possible often means you’ll get the best deal. Why? The chances are they won’t have pre-existing health conditions meaning you won’t have to pay a premium for your pet, and they will be covered before they have any accidents or illnesses while part of your family – rather than trying to insure them after you have already paid out.

Consider the excess

The monthly payments might seem like a deal that’s too good to miss, but how much excess will you have to pay? This is the amount that you cover before the insurance takes over. If the excess is well into the thousands, then you could soon find yourself handing over a ton of money that you’ll never see again. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use your insurance. However, it’s best to choose a policy you can afford with an excess to match just in case.

Check what’s covered

Like many companies, it can often feel as though insurance companies have lots of small print details of what is and isn’t covered. They say you should always read the small print, and there’s a good reason – you could have no idea what you’re signing! It might be too late by the time you discover your insurance only covers accidents and not illnesses, or your breed of pet isn’t covered by their policy.

Think liability

Hopefully, our pets will never harm anyone else or damage anyone else’s property. However, they’re four-legged beasts with their own minds who can soon decide they no longer want to play by the rules. Perhaps it’s best to get yourself some liability cover just in case? As if that wasn’t enough, some insurances even cover the legal bills you might have to pay if you end up in court over your pet.

Sometimes, it can feel as though our pets come with an ever-growing to-do list of things they need. It can be easy to forget insurance, but it’s a vital part of pet ownership that can have many benefits in the long run. It’s all about looking for the best deal for you and your new friend.