Dangerous Places Around The World You Should Avoid

‘Guns in the streets, diseases or coup d’états are nightmares you wouldn’t wish to face on an international travel, aren’t they? Well, if so, then consider twice before visiting the following countries.’

North Korea

N. Korea is a communist country. It has always been under a dictatorship and treats foreigners as suspects. You will have your every move monitored if you’re a foreigner in N. Korea.



If it is not the hostile winters and dusty hot summers, Afghanistan is in a hostile confrontation with its neighbors and terror groups like Al-Qaeda which leads to constant bombings.



There is no guarantee of a long period of civil rest in Pakistan. Terrorism is always knocking and hostile borders are all around Pakistan. This gives room for crimes like kidnapping and suicide bombings at train stations and hotels.


Central African Republic (CAR)

From the time French colonialists left CAR, it has been left without a stable government. The country has been in a civil war for the most of its history making it too hostile from travel.



By March this year, all parts of this war-torn country had been declared unsafe for travel. There was a risk of every outcome of civil war from kidnapping, rape and even bombing.



Iraq has been a victim of international hostile confrontation, civil wars and a manufacturer of weapons of mass destruction. That means anxiety in its citizens who can rise to arms any time.



You may be walking in the streets of Colombia and get yourself in the middle of drug money war or get yourself kidnapped. Though the unrest in Colombia has reduced significantly over the years, you should not feel confident to pinch a random kid in the streets.



Somalia has no stable government. It is constantly under attack from the terrorist group al-Shabaab. Hundreds of refugees flee to neighboring countries from Somalia running from hunger, unrest and al-Shabaab.



A lot of violent crimes do take place inside and outside Venezuela capital. Of course, such crimes would target a foreigner and don’t hope to get justice in a court.

Boy with blood on his chest kneels in front of police after 14-year-old student Kluiver Roa died during a protest in San Cristobal


Libya was thrown to a state of complete disorder when colonel Gaddafi was killed. Though the civil war has cooled a little, it remains dangerously risky to visit cities like Benghazi.

ISIS Al-Qaeda Militants Fighting Syrian Civil War


Haiti wouldn’t be here had it a stable government. The political unrest makes it a risky place to visit considering the fierce natural disaster like earthquakes and storms that are likely to pay you a visit when in Haiti.


Democratic Republic of Congo

Commonly known as DRC, this state is guaranteed to give you nice tourist attractions but not safety. There are constant political unrests and protests which never end year through year.



Chad has never known a sensible period without civil war. As recent as May this year, the Government of Chad extended the state of emergency and hid the results of presidential elections.



The current president of Sudan is wanted by the ICC for crimes against humanity. Armed forces rule this nation and you would not like it if caught on their wrong side.



There are frequent open confrontations between the government forces and Houthi rebels in Yemen. The country also sits in an earthquake area which is all bad news when travelling.

Mideast Yemen

Guinea Bissau

This country has reported many cases of infectious diseases like Ebola and the recent Zika virus. You would definitely not want to contract any of these deadly diseases.



The ongoing tensions between Ukrainian military and Russian military has made matters worse after the annexation of Crimea. This makes Ukraine war torn and unsafe.



Burundi borders DRC and that is the larger part of its security concern. There occur violent clashes between armed groups, arm traffickers, armed civilians, rebels and former soldiers.



The country has the most advanced forms of corruption. There have been several protests civilians blaming the government about corruption, Boko Haram terror group and kidnappings.



Since the Syrian war, Lebanon has been considerably unsecure. There are Syrian supporters fighting each other on the Lebanon land causing domestic unrest.