How Meghan Markle Stays In Shape

The name Meghan Markle is on the tip of everyone’s tongue right now. As the newest member of the Royal Family and one of the famous new additions to enter Buckingham Palace, this leading lady is not only known for stealing the heart of Prince Harry, but also for her former acting career. At the height of her Hollywood career, Meghan Markle won fans over with her talent and her appearance. This was especially true for her physique. Yet, have you ever wondered how Meghan Markle stays in shape?

All about the cardio

Meghan Markle’s mother used to work as a yoga instructor, which meant that she grew up with a fascination for the body and its movements. She took yoga classes from a young age, and she continued this trend throughout her adult life and professional career. However, she didn’t stop there. Meghan has and does also include a huge amount of cardio into her workout sessions. She is a keen runner and would get her heartbeat racing while filming Suits in Toronto. Alongside this, she is also a fan of pilates. Not only does this get her blood pumping, but it also helps her to condition and strengthen her body. In fact, through her many photoshoots as an actress, she wasn’t shy about the fact that she was incredibly flexible.

Incorporating weight training

As well as utilizing the likes of running and yoga to keep herself healthy, Meghan has also previously incorporated a huge amount of circuit-based strength and weight training into her workouts. While filming Suits, Meghan trained with the personal trainer to the stars, Craig McNamee. They would work out together three to four days a week, for around 45 minutes at a time. During these sessions, they worked on a full-body workout where they used light weights, but a huge number of reps. In fact, McNamee focused on a regime where they would do five exercises one after the other, before resting for 45 seconds. After the rest, they would repeat the circuit around two or three times. This would create repetition, but also a sense of variety, as they would do different exercises each session.

Maintaining her motivation

More than anything, Meghan Markle maintains her motivation to stay in shape. She knows that she needs to work out to keep her body as happy and as healthy as possible, and she doesn’t complain about the fact that she needs to make her way to the gym to do this. This is the first step when it comes to making a lifestyle change. For her, it has become routine. It’s believed that she now undertakes a strict training regime in her Royal home. Although, with a baby on the way it’s fair to say that her exercise routines have gone out of the window.

Meghan Markle may be known for being the Duchess of Sussex, but she’s also known for her trim physique and healthy ways. Just follow her top tips and you could potentially bag yourself a prince one day.