How To Make Time For Mindfulness Within Your Busy Schedule

If you work a full-time job, have a family, have your own house or apartment, and try to keep on top of a healthy lifestyle, there’s a high chance that you lead a pretty busy life. With so many things to think about and complete on a daily basis, many people can find themselves struggling to cope with the stress and the pressure of it all. This stress can lead to a breakdown of your mental health, physical illnesses, and just a general lack of motivation and enjoyment for life. Mindfulness is a great way to combat this, but how do you make time for mindfulness within a busy schedule?

Focus on mindful eating

If you lead a busy life, there’s a high chance that you simply eat for the sake of eating. You buy the quickest lunch in the store, and then you eat it on-the-go as you think about what you need to do next and what projects you need to complete. However, what most people don’t realize is that mindful eating can make a real difference to your mental health and your general life. All you need to do is focus on at least two bites of your food, realize how good it tastes, focus on how it will be fueling your body, and pay attention to all of the sensory experiences that happen when you eat these few bites.

Take advantage of red lights

If you commute to work or even just spend a small amount of time in your car each time, it’s time to rethink how you spend this time. Although you can feel inclined to whir over everything you need to do in your brain when you stop at a red light, you should instead use this time to take a deep breath and reconnect with your body. This only takes up a small portion of your day, but we guarantee you that it will make you feel better and give you the chance to collect your thoughts and focus on something other than the list of jobs you have to complete.

Ground yourself before meetings

Do you work in an office? Do you often have to head up meetings? If you do, you probably head straight from your office to the conference room and regurgitate all of the information in your mind without stopping for a breath. This can often make you feel more stressed than what you should do, and it can even make you feel as though everything is getting on top of you. To combat this, make sure that you ground yourself before these meetings, and take a mindful breath before you sit down and say what you need to say. By doing this, you can take yourself away from work, and come back with a bang.

Mindfulness is something that we could all do with in our lives, but many people feel as though they don’t have time in their busy schedules to focus on mindfulness. Well, we’re here to tell you that there is always time.