Live In A Tiny Apartment? Here’s How You Can Give Your Pets Enough Space

It can be easy to feel incomplete without a furry friend in our lives. While it might have once seems as though living in a tiny apartment put an end to all our pet-owning dreams, it looks as though we can give our pets enough space after all.

Create wall space

Cats love to climb, and utilizing the wall can be a perfect place for them to hang out. Adding in a few shelves, some rope, and even a sturdy cat bed or two along the wall can offer them the perfect jungle gym without taking up any of your limited floor space. Plus, they’ll always have somewhere safe to go that’s up high and out of the way. It’s a win-win situation.

Give them an area

While you might not have the biggest apartment in the world, getting a pet might mean that you need to sacrifice some of your space to your new friend. It doesn’t have to be huge, but having a corner of the room or an area in the apartment that is entirely theirs can help your pet to feel right at home. Adding in a pet bed, some toys, and a snuggly blanket can all be ways to make them feel safe in their own space of the home.

Remove any clutter

Perhaps you’ve needed a spring clean for a while, but you’ve never found the motivation? Now is your opportunity! The chances are you might be living with things that you’ll never need again. As well as potentially finding some hidden treasures along the way – that could all help add toward the pet fund – you could soon find you’ve cleared yourself a ton more space you never knew you had. Now, there should be a lot more room for your pet to enjoy.

Think about boundaries

Have you decided that your pets won’t be allowed on the couch or the bed? It could be time to reconsider your decision. While it might not be everyone’s perfect scenario, letting your pets up onto your level gives them a whole new place to explore. Not only can this help you to feel closer to your new four-legged friend, but you’ve also given them more space by adding in another level of the apartment.

Let them exercise

Of course, one of the best ways to ensure that your pet is happy in a tiny apartment is to make sure they are getting enough stimulation and exercise elsewhere in their lives. Dogs can be a great excuse to head out on a walk while many cats have also been leash trained and now enjoy heading out with their family. Whatever the case, playing with their toys and getting them out the apartment should both help them to burn off any extra energy.

It turns out that we really can have our tiny apartment and enjoy it too – especially after learning how we can welcome a pet into our lives while still giving them all the space they need. Life just got better.