List of Perennial Flowers That Bloom All Summer Long

Whether you are new to gardening or a seasoned pro, if there is one thing you want in your garden, it is color. Fortunately, Mother Nature has provided us with so much to choose from. However, summer blooms often don’t last as long as we would want them to.

Luckily for us, there are many flowers that stay in bloom for most of the summer. Here is a list of flowers that will give you lasting color all summer long.

Garden Phlox

When July hits, these bushy and hardy plants provide you with a background of purples and whites. They can be in bloom well into fall and give you that extra bit of color for a little while longer.

Autumn Joy

Just when you think you have to say goodbye to the color, Autumn Joy provides you with a soft transition. Blooming only in late summer, you are treated to flower heads of red, pink, yellow and orange that carry on late into autumn.


Traditionally used for its medicinal properties, yarrow stands out among the herb plants as a bright and delicate gem. Although it isn’t used for its healing powers anymore, the bright-red picante flowers can give color to any drab garden.

Shasta Daisy

Probably one of the most popular long bloomers on the list, it’s hard not to have a sunny disposition when admiring a garden bed filled with the ambiance that this flower creates. It is a classic flower, and it isn’t difficult to see why people still opt for them.


Another timeless classic is lavender. Not only do these flowers make terrific garden bed boundaries and hedges, but they also bring a certain class to the party that isn’t surpassed by many. They look good, smell good, and best of all, they are hardy and super low-maintenance.

Stella de Oro

This is another very low-maintenance and early-blooming flower that brightens up the garden early in the summer. With vibrant yellow colors, this compact plant invites you to absorb all that summer brings and more.

Black-Eyed Susan

This vibrant bloomer can be mixed together with Shasta Daisy, as it looks like the yellow version of the classic. Due to its super low-maintenance and easy-growing nature, it doesn’t rank very high on garden snobs’ scale. For the rest of us who want color for very little effort, Black-Eyed Susan is a must-have.

Russian Sage

Another purple delight to extend your garden’s color palette is Russian sage. Being a rather tall plant, you want to plant it in the back row. The flowers are small, but size doesn’t really matter if you have numbers on your side.

Cone Flower

This hardy beauty is another one that resembles a daisy — not only in shape and longevity but also in maintenance. With beautiful hues of pink and purple, this long-blooming delight enjoys full sun and doesn’t mind the odd dry spell.