Photos That Show How Life Changes After Having Kids

Do you remember life before kids? Well, it seems as though these people may still have fond memories of their baby-free lives, but they are buried deep beneath the piles of stuffed animals…

If you have children, there’s a high chance that you love them more than life itself. After all, they are the light of your life, they are the driving force that gets you up in the morning, and they are your best friend. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t long for the days that you didn’t get woken up every two hours by a screaming child who’s crying about the fact that you won’t let them eat your cell phone. 

Life before kids was pretty easy, right? Although it’s hard to remember a time when you weren’t covered in throw up or losing your hair from stress, those memories are still embedded within you. While you probably wouldn’t change your little one for the world, it’s often nice to look back at the times where you could let your hair down without it being ripped from your scalp, and have a few drinks with your friends. No, we’re not talking about the tea party you had with Mr. Potato Head and Little Bo Peep.

Night on the town

There’s nothing better than getting dressed to the nines and spending a night on the town, right?

Before you had kids, it was a chance for you to get a little romance in your relationship, it was a chance for you to spend quality time with your significant other, and it was a chance for you to stay out late and enjoy what life has to offer.

Of course, this all goes downhill when you have kids. You stay in your pajamas 24/7, you barely talk to your spouse because you’re napping when you can, and you’re in bed by 7pm each night. You might have a few minutes to spend scrolling through your phone, though…

Living the dream

It’s no secret that there are many people out there who love to travel the world.

Seeing what this planet has to offer is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face, and we don’t blame this blonde beauty for standing in front of the Colosseum in Rome and pulling out her favorite pose.

In fact, her T-shirt says it all! As she traveled the world, she probably thought that she was living the dream and living her best life. However, time changes everything, and it wasn’t long before this same T-shirt was being soiled by her adorable baby. Not quite living that same dream, huh?

Sleeping on the job

It’s amazing to see how different people look before and after kids, and it’s fair to say that these two pictures look like two different women.

Before she welcomed her little one into the world, this model had no qualms about staying up late or working all hours of the day to showcase her beauty and her natural talent in front of the camera.

Yet, this all changed when she became a mom. Her perfect hair and her professional makeup soon transformed into bed hair and dark circles, and it seems as though she’s still pretty confident in front of the camera. After all, she’s fallen asleep right there and then!

Big fish, small pond

If you’ve found someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with, there’s a high chance that you want to experience everything that this wonderful world has to offer.

It seems as though this couple was exactly the same when they were child-free, and they spent their free time traveling across the globe and embracing new adventures.

Yet, rather than swimming with the fish in Thailand, these parents had to change their tune when they welcomed their own little Nemo into the world. Their free time is now focused on costumes and some rather sharp teeth and a need to just keep swimming.

Taking a break

Without the added responsibility of a child, those who don’t have kids have the opportunity to do what they want, when they want.

This woman did exactly that before she became a mom, and would spend every free moment seeking adventure and climbing the highest peaks just because she could.

Of course, we have a feeling that she wouldn’t change her little one for the world, but there’s no doubt about the fact that her life has changed dramatically. She’s moved from high peaks to low slumps on the couch while her little one entertained themselves with a closed soda bottle.

Sitting on the throne

We can probably all agree that the woman on the left looks absolutely stunning and that she looks like the ultimate princess.

Just look at that outfit, and that smile! While sitting on her throne and posing for the camera, this woman looked like she had absolutely no cares in the world.

While she still looks pretty calm and collected, it seems as though her mom-life transformation involves her child using her as a throne instead. Yes, young children just love to put their feet in your face, and parents just have to deal with that fact. Your life as a human footrest is only just beginning…

Being demoted

If you had a dog before having a child, there’s a high chance that it set you up pretty nicely for the experiences that followed.

After all, dogs need to be taken care of, they need to be fed, they need to be cuddled, and they even sometimes need to be put to bed.

Before this baby came along, this dog relished in the fact that it was the light of its owners’ lives. The perfect pooch was over the moon to have te attention of everyone in the house, and its face in the second picture shows us just how it feels about being demoted. Handing over your crown as the golden child can be tough.

Striking a pose

Being a parent is hard work, and it’s fair to say that it’s essentially a full-time job that doesn’t really give you any breaks.

While that might be illegal in a normal working environment, being a mom or dad isn’t a normal job.

This woman has realized this for herself, and we can imagine that her younger self had absolutely no idea how her life would change as she posed in front of the camera. Little did she know that she would soon be swapping her skin-tight clothing for loose-fitting pajamas and swapping her luscious locks for the typical mom ponytail. It’s a classic look.

Picture perfect

There’s nothing better than taking an awesome photo of you and your family.

These amazing family portraits will last a lifetime and give you the chance to look back on what used to be. Of course, these photos change dramatically over time, and this couple saw that with their own eyes.

When they were young and childless, this couple could take beautiful and romantic photos that would stand the test of time and prove their love as the years went by. However, taking pictures with children was a whole different story. Getting one kid to stand still is bad enough, but two kids is impossible…

The ultimate multitasker

If you have kids, there’s a high chance that you’ve learned how to multitask over the course of your child’s life.

This is a hugely important trait that parents have to learn as their baby gets older because there’s no way you can live a relatively normal life without doing at least two things at once for the whole day.

This woman’s younger self probably didn’t realize that this was going to be the case when she posed for the picture on the left, but the picture on the right perfectly sums up parenthood. Not only is she completing her household chores, but she’s also bouncing around her baby at the same time. It’s a real skill.

Wonderful in white

Everyone knows that wearing white is a risky color, but that doesn’t stop people from wearing it when they want to. This woman wore white on her wedding day, and there’s no doubt about the fact that she looked absolutely stunning.

She probably even wore white on various other occasions before having kids and didn’t have to worry about staining the items of clothing or getting them dirty because life was pretty easy.

However, this goes out of the window when kids come into play, as these little ones seem to get everything they touch dirty within seconds. The general rule of thumb is that you should never wear white when your kids are involved.

Getting involved

Although kids can make your life so much better and make you feel so much more fulfilled, many parents stop doing things that they love when their children come along. Yet, this shouldn’t be the case.

Parents should be able to carry on with their hobbies even after becoming parents, and it may even be that they can take their kids along for the ride.

This couple used to love heading to the nearby lake and catching fish in their spare time, and they obviously didn’t want to give this up when their babies came along. Of course, it’s important to realize that things might be a little different to how they were before…

Diving headfirst

One of the best things about being child-free is that you have the opportunity to pick and choose everything you do.

If you wake up one day and decide that you want to jump out of a plane, there’s nothing stopping you from doing that!

This mom realized at this moment that her life had changed dramatically over the past few years and that her skydiving days were well and truly behind her. She had risked life and limb before she had kids, but as soon as her little one came along, she decided to swap her thrill-seeking adventures for lazy days on the couch instead. Her face says it all, really.

On an adventure

If you’re the kind of person that loves to get out and about and see what the world has to offer, then you’ll know that there are so many different ways to do this.

You can hop in a car and drive somewhere new, you can jump on a plane and head to an unknown destination, and you could even put on your walking shoes to explore the different terrains of the world.

Before she had children, this woman was more than happy to do the latter. Nevertheless, when her little one came along, she decided to swap her sneakers for four wheels and some napkins to mop up the sick.

Dinner for three

If you look at pictures of parents before they have kids, there’s a high chance that they look care-free and happy.

They don’t have any wrinkles on their faces, they don’t have any dark circles under their eyes, and they definitely remember the last time they smiled.

While most parents love their kids more than anything, most parents will admit that the extra additions cause a rather significant lifestyle change. We bet this man feels worlds away from the beach-loving traveler he was just a few years ago. Now, he’s having dinner for three with two of his smallest friends.

Drinking buddies

One of the biggest changes that happen when you welcome kids into your life involves your free time.

Even if you’re in a committed relationship, it’s easy to find the time to see your friends and hang out with your drinking buddies, and some people even dedicate a night or two a week to their friends.

However, most parents know that their friends have to take a back seat when their children come along. Instead of heading around their friends’ house for a few cold ones, parents instead go to parks and beaches with their kids and share a bottle of water with their new drinking buddies.

Room for two

Of course, having children isn’t all about the things that you have to give up. Sometimes these little ones can work in your favor.

Like many other people in this world, this woman seems to love lying out in the sun and adding a bit of color to her skin.

With a pool and a floatie at her disposal, this has always been super easy for her. However, when you have nobody around to distract you, falling asleep on the floatie and burning to a crisp is normally a common eventuality. With a little kid on the floatie with her, this mom probably can’t lie still for long enough to get burned…

A change of scenery

If you’re getting ready to welcome kids into your world, then be prepared for a real change of scenery. Don’t believe us? Just look at this dad! Before he became a papa, this cool dude was standing on the top of the Grand Canyon with a huge smile on his face and adventure on the brain.

That was just a typical day for him, and he probably had no idea that it would all change. Fast-forward a little while later, and this dad is now spending his normal day with a cup of coffee in his hands and a beaded necklace from his little one around his neck.

A party animal

Life can be pretty stressful sometimes, which is why most people love to blow off some steam by dressing up and heading out with their friends.

It seems as though this woman loved nothing more than donning her traditional garments for an Oktoberfest to remember.

This memory has probably helped the new mom through the first stages of motherhood, especially as her baby pulls at her face and hair on a regular basis. With these memories in the back of her mind, we bet she’s just waiting for the day that she can get her Bavarian barmaid outfit back out of the closet.

A heart of gold

There are some people in this world who don’t look like the parenting type of people. This is especially true for big, muscular men with their deep voices and their no-nonsense attitude.

Many people struggle to see these men as caring and nurturing dads, but it seems as though that’s exactly why you should never judge a book by its cover.

While this man was once the toughest guy on the block, his little lady brought out the big softie in him. After all, only someone pretty special could get this guy dressing up in a pink tutu and cape. That’s what kids do to you, parents.

For love or money?

It’s amazing how children can really help people grow up to become mature young adults, and it’s fair to say that this has definitely been the case for this man.

While he spent his younger years rolling around with his homies, pulling his pants below his underwear, and fanning out dollar bills to make it seem as though he was rolling in the money, things have now changed.

I mean, just look at his facial expression! It seems as though his gangster days are over, and that this man is now focused on being the best daddy he can be to his little one.

A quick change

What most parents don’t realize is that things can change so quickly.

One minute you’re getting married as a couple without children, and nine months later you’re in charge of a tiny human, and you’re not quite sure what to do about it.

This couple obviously wanted to show the world what the lives of new parents are really like, and they decided to don their favorite outfits in the process. One year earlier, they were perfectly pruned with amazing makeup and hair. Fast-forward one new baby and their hair are unruly, and they look a little worse for wear. We don’t blame them.

A new friend

Of course, parenthood doesn’t just affect the parents themselves. Family pets also get involved with this new addition, whether they like it or not!

As you can see from the top picture, these two cats loved their child-less life where they could simply laze on the couch and spend hours just sleeping in each other’s company.

It was bliss for them. However, things all changed when their younger sibling came along, and it’s fair to say that one of the cats got pushed out of the way. Instead of cuddling with its fellow cat, the ginger cat now has to make do with a new cuddle buddy instead.

Sticking it to the man

What a difference a child makes, right? One of the biggest differences between parents before and after children is the fact that their appearance changes a huge amount. On the left, you see a young man who is fresh-faced and ready for life.

It seems as though he’s enjoying what life is throwing at him, and embracing everything that the world has to offer.

Unfortunately, the man on the right showcases a different story. The unkempt beard, the dazed and confused look, and the stickers and hair clips show a man who has almost given up. Thankfully, there’s still a little bit of light left.

Staying together

Many friends dream of the day that they can have children and allow their kids to grow up as best friends – just like they have done.

While this dream doesn’t quite come to fruition for some people, it’s fair to say that there are others who get to experience the joy – and the tiredness – of becoming parents together.

These two ladies used to spend their free time hanging out in social situations and making the most of being young and free, but it wasn’t long before their days changed slightly. Instead of pumping their drinks out of a keg, their days quickly became all about a different kind of pumping.

A change of style

If you’re the kind of person that has always prided yourself on your appearance and your style, then you might want to prepare yourself for having kids.

After all, this dog is the perfect example of how your style can change when you become a parent.

While it was once rolling around town with a suave hat and a neckerchief, a new addition to the family meant a whole new wardrobe. You can tell by its face that it’s not too pleased with the new poncho. We don’t blame them, though. We never feel the same without a hat on our heads.

Running on empty

Most people take their energy for granted when they are childless, and they don’t quite realize how lucky they are.

Judging by the photo on the left, this man and his girlfriend used to love getting dolled up and making their way to cool events and rocking in whenever they pleased.

However, we bet he didn’t realize that he would soon be running on empty. Although dancing the night away can take its toll on your energy levels, it’s nothing compared to the energy it takes to look after a child over the course of their lives. Of course, his son is totally fine, because that’s the way it works.

An only child

Although many people think of the parents when talking about new children, it’s fair to say that other children in this family are also affected by these new additions.

After all, many children pray that they’ll stay an only child for the rest of their lives, as this allows them the chance to maintain the full attention of their parents, and do whatever they want without being annoyed by a little brother or sister.

Yet, things don’t always work out for these children, and they soon find themselves dealing with an unruly sibling. This young boy seemed pretty content without any siblings, but it also seems as though he’s getting pretty used to having a little sister.

Cleaning up

When you were young and didn’t call yourself a parent, how much time did you spend on the cleaning in your house or apartment?

While all of us need to make sure that we’re living in a healthy and safe environment, it seems as though the woman on the left didn’t need to work too hard to make sure that she wasn’t living in squalor and that all of her clothes were clean.

Fast-forward a few years and things are a little different. Her child and her cleaning talents have taken over her life, and every time she thinks she’s getting somewhere, she gets her favorite sweater sodden with sick.

A human climbing frame

One thing most parents don’t realize about becoming a parent is that your sole responsibility is to look after them, and part of this job requires you to be a human climbing frame.

Although many parents try to stop their kids from climbing all over them, there’s just nothing that can be done to stop them in their tracks.

With a smile on his face and a suit and tie on his body, this man was completely oblivious to what his life was going to be like after he had kids. Not only would he struggle to get ready in the morning, but he’d soon have three children treating him like a jungle gym.

His former self

While there’s no doubt about the fact that children bring a huge amount of joy to your life, it’s also fair to say that they bring a lot of tiredness.

It’s clear to see that the man on the left doesn’t have children, and this is due to the fact that he doesn’t have any dark circles under his eyes or wrinkles around his forehead.

The man on the right, however, is a little different. His smile has diminished, his wrinkles have become more pronounced, and he looks like a shadow of his former self. However, we have a feeling that he wouldn’t change his children for the world.

Splashing the cash

Let’s be honest; you can’t hold a wad of cash without feathering them out and flicking them out into the air. That’s just the way that things have to be done, and this woman did exactly that when she was young and childless.

Without any responsibilities behind her, this woman could don her sunglasses inside and splash her cash like no man’s business.

Yet, things have changed in recent years. With a new baby has come new responsibilities, and although looking after her child is one of those responsibilities, napping whenever she can has also made its way to the top of the list.

Young and carefree

If you’re currently wondering whether you want to have children or not, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons.

Of course, one of the biggest pros is that kids can add a depth to your life that you have never experienced before.

On the other hand, one of the biggest cons is the fact that young and carefree individuals seem to age in triple-time when they become parents. This dad is the perfect example of that, and it seems as though he’s a little tired of being a papa. Sure, he might love it, but that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t do with a good sleep…

The same, but different

It’s amazing to see just how happy the woman on the left is. As she travels the world and dons her swimsuit to check out the coolest beaches on this planet, it seems as though she has nothing worry about.

In fact, we bet the only thing she had to worry about was making sure that she put on enough sunscreen!

While her life has since changed for the better thanks to her baby, there’s no doubt about the fact that things are the same, but different. Her swimsuit may be the swimsuit from her past, but that doesn’t mean that the circumstances are. The indoor pool and the baby gouging out her eyes shows that.

A difficult task

Taking pictures of you and your significant other isn’t difficult, right? All you have to do is make sure that you’re dressed appropriately, and make sure that you’re both looking at the camera.

This couple probably took that ease for granted when they were young and childless because their lives are pretty different now.

Although nothing is going to stop them from getting suited and booted, taking a proper photograph of their little family isn’t the easiest things in the world. That’s because there’s absolutely no way to get everyone looking at the camera at once when there’s a baby around.