These Kitchen Hacks Will Help You Eat Better In Less Time

Many of us share the same goal: to eat healthier and make the most of our time. So what about if we don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen? Have no fear; these kitchen hacks will help you eat better in less time.

Use your spoons

The chances are that some measuring spoons are laying around in a drawer as they have been untouched for years. If that sounds familiar, then it could be time to dig them out. One quick hack to make sure that you’re eating the correct portions is to make sure that you measure your food. Something so simple could help to cut out all those unnecessary extras that you’ve been serving up over the years.

Make snacking packs

This might sound simple, but spending time on snacking packs should hopefully mean that you are more likely to opt for healthier options in the kitchen rather than reaching for junk food time and time again. This could be anything such as boxes filled with pre-cut vegetable sticks, or sliced fruit. If you don’t have the time to make them all in advance, then buying bags of nuts or dried fruit could save the choice.

Invest in colorful plates

Did you know that studies have shown that eating off of a plate that contrasts the color of your food naturally means that your brain will want to eat less? Yes, serving up carrots on a purple plate, or eating fresh tomatoes from a blue dish means that your mind will stop long before you accidentally eat too much. As if we needed another reason to head on a shopping trip? Now, our health could thanks us, too.

Make too much

Yes, you read that correctly. Making too much of one dish means that you could save yourself plenty of time and debating in the long run. This is because you will have plenty of leftovers to take for your lunch or a meal that you can serve up the next night without any extra effort. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll only have to do one set of dishes and can freeze many meals for a later date.

Stock up on fruit

They say that you should keep your counters clear of clutter if you want to encourage yourself to stick to your meal plan. That is until it comes to the fruit bowl. Being surrounded by fresh fruit should help your mind to think more about the delicious options on offer rather than any junk food that might be lying in the cupboards. Plus, you will be able to see when the fruit needs eating before it goes bad, meaning less waste! It’s win-win.

Many of us dream about eating healthier, but how do we get there when we are so stuck in our ways? Thankfully, it turns out that it might only take a few kitchen hacks to get us back on the right track once and for all.