Do You Kick Your Dog Out Of Your Bedroom? Perhaps It’s Time To Put This To Bed

Some of us can’t imagine falling asleep without our furry friends by our side. Others prefer to have their own space as they drift off to dreamland. However, it looks as though there could finally be an answer as to whether we should let our dogs into our hearts – and beds.

Starting the study

The Mayo Clinic finally had enough of the long-running debate and decided that it was time to see if our sleep is affected by having our dogs in our bed at night. They studied 40 adult dogs and their owners as the canines wore an activity tracker to track when they were sleeping, active, or playing, while their owners wore an activity monitor to track the quality of their sleep. At last, the results were in.

A dog’s sleep

The dogs were tracked for seven days, and it looks as though many got sound nights sleep as they were snoozing soundly for an average of 85% of the night. The best bit? It seems as though they got the same amount and quality of sleep whether they were in bed or on the bedroom floor. That’s not all. Vets have spoken about how their temperament can affect both their rest and their owners, which can have significant effects.

The humans’ results

Thankfully, the owners’ results also showed they were averagely asleep for around 81% a night, with 80% being considered enough to see us well-rested. That’s not all. The final results showed that most owners got a better night’s sleep when their dogs were asleep on the bedroom floor rather than in their bed. It looked as though turning in the night and disturbing their dog could be enough to wake them both up.

The flip side

While some people can’t think of a better place for their dog to sleep, it seems as though some believe their animals should be kept away from the bedroom. Young puppies may have a hard time settling while older dogs might struggle with the cramped sleeping arrangements. Plus, some dogs don’t take well to being disturbed while they are asleep while new parents may worry about the safety of their child if they are all sleeping in the same bed.

Part of the family

Would you believe that 60% of dog owners consider their four-legged friends to be part of the family? That’s right; there have been many studies to show that people can quickly develop similar feelings for their dog as they would for a child. However, it could be time to start thinking about the dynamics of the bedroom before letting your furry friend snuggle down for the night. Perhaps it’s time to let them snooze on the bedroom floor after all?

Those cold winter mornings and weekends can be the perfect time to snuggle down with your dog in bed, but could it really be what’s best for your sleep? It seems as though the floor could be the perfect alternative to keep everyone in the family happy.