How To Keep Your Pets Safe And Happy Over New Year’s Celebrations

Everyone loves a celebration. What you might not have thought about, however, is whether or not your pet is as happy as you are to celebrate. A birthday party where your dog gets attention and can rip up all the wrapping paper he wants might be his ideal day, but your nervous cat might be less impressed about Halloween decorations all around the house and people continually ringing the doorbell. What about New Year celebrations though? How can we keep our pets safe and happy?

Keep them calm

Our pets, from dogs to hamsters to snakes, find fireworks scary. So, an essential part of your celebrations should be preparing to keep your pets happy. Fireworks are common at New Year, and usually affect dogs the most severely. Anxiety shirts can be used, which are said to be miracle workers for calming them down. Pets should also be given treats or scratches whenever they seem scared so that fireworks can be associated with love and good things, rather than fear and worry. You should also be aware that while it might be tempting for you, or kids attending your celebration, to scream and yell in joy for the display, this is likely to scare your pets further.

Supervise your visitors

If you’re hosting a party, make sure you know what your guests will be like with your pets. If children are chasing your cat or your drunk uncle is trying to pick up your rabbit, or your grandma is feeding your snake a bar of chocolate, they’re going to be in a very dangerous and stressful situation. So, when guests arrive, make sure they know to leave your animals alone, or let kids stroke them under supervision only. Your animals will also need a safe, quiet place to go if they need to escape the busy atmosphere and noise, otherwise, they can become ill from stress.

Make provisions

Alternatively, if you are heading somewhere else to celebrate the New Year, ensure your pet is going to be okay first. They need to have the amenities they need to cope with probable stress, like a bed somewhere quiet and dark, and lots of water, seeing as animals can quickly dehydrate in worrying situations. For the best outcome, however, you should try not to leave your pets, as fireworks and parties are likely to make them anxious, and they’ll need your comfort.

Fido doesn’t want cake

Well, okay, he probably does, but he shouldn’t have any. When celebrations ensue, people become more likely to give their pets bits of food that they shouldn’t eat. So, when you’re celebrating the occasion, resist the temptation to give your lizard crisps or your parrot pizza, because you will be putting them at risk of illness, and even fatalities.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the occasion while keeping your pets safe and happy, too. Just ensure that whatever you do, and however you choose to celebrate, your pets will be free from risk and stress, as much as physically possible.