Is It Really Possible To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions?

There is usually the same question on many people’s lips each New Year: is it really possible to stick to your New Year’s resolutions? Thankfully, things might not be as challenging as they seem if you use some tried-and-tested methods to achieve your goals.

Remember sticking to resolutions is a process

It can take several weeks to break habits we’ve built over a lifetime, and that’s something many of us need to remember. Instead of overwhelming ourselves with too much change, it’s best to remember that these things take time.

Choose a specific New Year’s resolution

Something many of us do is try and change our entire lives at New Year. Instead of overwhelming yourself – and potentially setting things up to fail – why not pick a specific goal? Rather than “lose weight,” it could be “lose 10 pounds,” and “save money” could be “have $1,000 in savings.”

Think about your motivation

The first few days of our New Year’s resolution are usually the easiest as we feel the most motivated. Sadly, that can often simmer out a few weeks in. If you find yourself wondering why you should continue, just picture why you set yourself this goal in the first place for a little motivation from within.

Spend time planning

Perhaps you want to dive in headfirst to your New Year’s resolution? Amazingly, a little planning can go a long way when it comes to sticking to your goals. This could be writing things down, doing some research, or planning out goals for the year.

Start with smaller steps

Taking on too much can seem pretty overwhelming – and it is. The idea of running a marathon can be a lot to many people, but jogging for 20 minutes a few times a week seems a lot more manageable. Using smaller steps and gradually building up should make goals a lot easier to achieve.

Keep working on your goals

It can be easy to give up on our New Year’s resolution after a few months. Sound familiar? Rather than beat yourself up when things get a little off the rails, try to adapt your plan to make it fit your life as things continue to change throughout the year.

Limit the number of resolutions

It can be easy to try and change everything at once at New Year’s. However, too many goals mean we probably won’t keep up with them all and could lose motivation. Instead, it’s best to choose one goal to focus on for the next 12 months.

Get help from your friends

Our friends are there for a reason, including helping us stick to our goals. They can be the best cheerleaders many of us need when it comes to keeping our new lives on track, as they’re there to hold us accountable and check in on our progress.

Is it really possible to stick to your New Year’s resolution? It can be if you try out some top tips to keep things on track and remember why you wanted to change your life in the first place.