This Is Why You Should Invest In An LED Dog Harness

One of the first things you buy for your new puppy or dog is a harness. Some people are happy with using just a collar, but for some breeds, a harness is recommended either due to size or health requirements. Harnesses come in many shapes and sizes, just like dogs. Depending on the levels of activity you and your pup will be undertaking, you’ll need a sturdier harness, perhaps with added safety features to some of the other ones on the market. However, one popular feature of dog harnesses these days are embedded LED lights. Here is why you should invest in one.

It’s all about safety

It is essential that your dog stays as safe as possible, and one of the ways you can ensure this is by knowing where they are at all times. Whether your pup only has the training basics or is a highly trained working dog, it is always helpful to know where they are. If anything goes wrong and they spring off in a different direction, you’ll know about it instantly. It’s not just about being easily visible for you, but also the people around you. There are many other hazards you and your dog may encounter on your travels, such as motorists, cyclists, skateboards and other pedestrians. The LEDs make it very clear you are walking your dog and where you both are.

The perfect winter harness

These harnesses are perfect for night time, particularly in the winter months. The sun sets sooner and the nights are longer, so chances are you’ll be walking your dog in darkness. Some owners choose to keep their dogs on a leash, but many also choose to let their dog off in an open area where it is suitable and allowed. This is much tougher in the winter as, when it gets dark, it’s easy to lose sight of a running, excitable dog chasing a ball. Having a bright LED harness on makes it so much easier to immediately identify their exact spot, making it much easier for you to decide when you need to call them back to you.

Features of an LED harness

These harnesses even come with different features, but the main thing is that it lights up. Features of an LED harness can include adjustable brightness and functionality. You may be able to choose whether it has a steady light, a slow flashing mode or rapid flashing. The choice is yours, but many have recommended the steady light for everyday use. If you think you’ll be walking your dog somewhere particularly wet or watery, then you’ll need to check whether your harness is waterproof, rather than just water resistant, like most are.

Dog fashion is one of those things, either you love it, or you hate it. However, a harness is a day-to-day use item, so getting something that has added safety benefits and looks flashy will be a huge bonus. These harnesses are rechargeable, safe, super handy and give their owners peace of mind while out and about making them worth the investment to you and your dog.