A Sneak Peek At Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban’s Luxury Homes

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are two incredibly successful people, albeit for different reasons. She’s an Academy Award-winning actress who has appeared in the likes of ‘Moulin Rouge!,’ ‘Dogville,’ and ‘Aquaman.’ Her breakthrough came thirty years ago now, and ever since then, she’s been a woman in-demand.

Urban, on the other hand, is one of the biggest country stars around. He’s released nine albums to date, seven of which have been top ten hits on the Billboard 200. He’s been smashing out number one singles since the turn of the century, and he shows no sign of slowing down.

Given the immense star power of these two, it’s no surprise that they gravitated towards one another. Of course, with them being so rich and famous, they can afford to live in some incredible homes. That includes the one that they bought for $2.7 million in Tennessee back in 2007.

Splashing the cash

When it comes to buying a home, celebrities don’t generally aim for something subtle and modest. They’ve got plenty of cash to splash around, so why not spend it on luxury digs for them and their family? Sure, buying a bigger property might make them a greater target for potential robbers of crazed fans.

However, with the money they’ve got, they can usually afford to buy a high-tech security system or maybe even bodyguards. That’s all part of being rich and famous. Of course, not every celebrity likes living this way. Some prefer to buy a property that’s a little on the smaller side, presumably because they know they don’t need 100 rooms in their house. Nicole and Keith are two such people.

Hidden away

The couple’s $2.7 million home in Tennessee was by no means small – or cheap. However, compared to the mansions that a lot of celebrities like to live in, it definitely wasn’t massive. That’s pretty surprising considering who these two are. Of course, being so famous, something understated was perhaps the better choice for them.

After all, it made their house stand out less, therefore reducing the risk of unwanted attention. Of course, people would probably have a hard time finding it in the first place given its location. The property is neatly tucked away amidst a forest of trees, so the chances of just stumbling across it are slim to none. You’d have to know it was here in the first place.

A sprawling estate

Although the building itself was more on the modest size, it could have easily taken up greater space. After all, Nicole and Keith owned 36 acres of land in this area, so additions were never out of the question. However, maybe the couple cared more about having plenty of open space to roam around in, rather than a house full of empty rooms.

After all, it’s not like there were many of them living there. The couple shares two kids together, with Nicole also the mother of two children that she had with Tom Cruise. However, the relationship she has with her older son and daughter is incredibly strained, so it’s not like they were ever spending much time at the house.

Cut off from the world

It’s a good thing that Kidman and Urban had one another; otherwise, living in this house probably would have felt incredibly isolating. After all, it’s so set back from the highway that once you get to the property, it’s like being in the middle of nowhere. Presumably, that’s something the couple appreciated because it gave them some peace and quiet.

However, even if they did enjoy putting some distance between them and the real world, it must have still been a little weird at times. They certainly weren’t in a good position if anyone did break in, because they were a while away from civilization. Thankfully, no harm ever came to the pair while they were residents of this spacious estate.

Alone in the woods

Like many celebrity houses, Nicole and Keith’s had a gated entrance. Of course, given the long road up to the property, it wasn’t like the couple could ever see anyone standing there. We’d hope that it was fitted with cameras or something, because judging from this picture, it doesn’t appear to offer much defense.

There’s no fence surrounding the property, meaning anyone could easily wander onto the estate without even using the gate. Again, these two are lucky that no harm ever came to them out here, because it looks like they could have been easy targets for people. An isolated home in the woods with little to no security is basically the premise of half the horror movies out there.

A long drive

Considering how far away the house is from the highway, the couple must have used cars regularly when they lived here. Whether they got behind the wheels themselves or not, we don’t know, but surely a vehicle would have been necessary just to get off the property. Of course, they had so much free land here that they could have easily caught a helicopter instead.

When it came to parking their cars, the duo had plenty of space beside the house to do so. Given there’s no sign of a garage on the estate, this is probably where they’d have had to leave their vehicles. Still, it’s not like they would have taken up much space wherever they were put.

The place to relax

While this $2.7 million property might look small from the outside, it features a lot more rooms than you would think. One of the most important of these is the living area where Nicole and Keith undoubtedly spent many nights cozying up to one another. Free time is a luxury that these two probably can’t afford much of, but we imagine they still tried to use this space as often as possible.

With a fireplace resting right below the TV, this must have been an excellent spot during the winter months. Plus, the open-plan design meant that the pair could enjoy conversations even if one of them went into the kitchen or dining room. Talk about the perfect setup.

Full of light

After chilling out in the living area, the couple probably then moved things to this light and spacious bedroom. These shades of brown really make the room pop, and they add a touch of warmth to the muted tones of the room. Hopefully, those curtains are great at blocking out light, because this space is exposed to a lot of natural light.

Summer mornings wouldn’t have been fun in here if they were letting in the early morning sunshine. Of course, it’s not a bad thing having so many windows. On a beautiful day, it was probably nice for them to just sit in bed and gaze at all the lush scenery outside. That’s if they weren’t busy working, of course.

Cooking in the kitchen

What’s a house without a kitchen? This is where Kidman and Urban could prepare all their meals, or at least have someone else do it for them. Given their busy schedules, we don’t know whether or not these two were ever wizzes in this kitchen. However, even if they didn’t cook food themselves, there was still plenty of room for whoever did.

The kitchen certainly wasn’t short of countertop space, that’s for sure. The room also had a comfortable little dining area off to the side where the couple could eat their meals once they were ready. Surrounded by windows, this gave the pair a perfect view of the yard when they sat down for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

An essential room

A bathroom is another essential for any home, and as you might expect, Nicole and Keith had several in their $2.7 million home. They weren’t the biggest celebrity bathrooms in the world, but that’s probably to be expected, given their house was a little on the smaller side. While they might not have been massive, though, the bathrooms were still more spacious than they tend to be.

For instance, this one had plenty of space to walk around in, and lots of storage opportunities for things like medication, toilet roll, and other bathroom necessities. Surprisingly, the sink bowl was quite small compared to how large the countertop was. However, at least it was still big enough to get the job done.

The guest quarters

Their house might have been a modest size, but it was still big enough to contain several bedrooms. Although Kidman and Urban likely spent their time in the master suite, guests had the opportunity to sleep in rooms like this one. We could see people getting a great night’s sleep in here, especially with the size of that bed.

Imagine having that thing all to yourself and being able to spread out to your heart’s content. Although this room wasn’t exposed to as much natural light as the previous bedroom, it still received plenty of sunshine during the day. Plus, if things ever got too hot, guests had the option to turn on the ceiling fan and cool themselves down.

Storage space aplenty

Finding space to store clothes is an issue that a lot of people seem to face. No matter how much you throw away, it’s never enough. Fortunately, celebrities can usually deal with this problem easily because they can afford to turn an entire room into a closet. That’s precisely what Nicole and Keith apparently did when they lived in this house.

They had at least two rooms dedicated to all their clothes, shoes, and accessories, so running out of space was never an option. Given how many award ceremonies and other events that these two go to, we can understand why they would need their own walk-in closets. However, unfortunately, that doesn’t help us out with our own storage needs.

Somewhere to work

Kidman and Urban might be prominent on stage and screen, but that doesn’t mean they spend all their time acting or singing. Sometimes, they have to do work at home, whether that’s looking through fan mail, talking business with their agents, or something else. When these two lived here, this was probably the room where they dealt with such matters.

After all, it contained two identical desks where both of them could focus on their work without being apart from one another. Like many rooms in the house, it contained quite a few windows, so it never felt dark and dreary in here. All that natural light created a positive atmosphere, which was exactly what they needed when doing work.

Somewhere else to relax

When you’re a celebrity, one living room is never enough. That’s because there’s so much available space that you need to fill it up with something. We’re not sure where this room was in relation to the other one, but we’d imagine it was in a different section of the house. That way, it meant that if the couple weren’t anywhere near the first living room, they still had somewhere nearby they could sit down and relax.

This space is a little cooler than the other one, with fewer brown tones and more blue ones to give off a different vibe. Although the couple was relatively consistent with their design, they didn’t want every room to look precisely the same.

A master bathroom

Now, this is the kind of bathroom we’d expect to see in a celebrity’s home. You could easily have a dozen people in here and still have plenty of space to move around. Of course, a bathroom probably isn’t somewhere you’d want 11 others hanging around, especially if you were using the toilet. However, that’s beside the point.

The centerpiece of this room appears to be the bathtub, which sits on a raised platform. From here, Nicole and Keith had an excellent view of what was happening outside while they enjoyed a soak. Other features of the room include over a dozen drawers and cupboards, and two sinks so the couple could presumably both brush their teeth at the same time.

Many different purposes

We’re not entirely sure what the couple used this room for, but that’s the beauty of it. This area could have easily served several purposes, from somewhere to work to a place to relax. The desk in the corner definitely offered plenty of space for Kidman or Urban to get on with the business side of their careers.

Alternatively, that sofa looks like it was comfortable enough to lie on and enjoy a quick power nap. Sitting here was probably ideal if either of them wanted to get lost in a book because it was just that cozy. Of course, it’s possible that the pair did none of this stuff in here, and they actually used the room for something entirely different.

Time for a party

When you’re as famous as Nicole and Keith are, you’re bound to have a lot of friends. They’ve been introduced to so many people through their jobs that it’s impossible for them not to have a great social life. The excellent thing about their $2.7 million house is that it was the perfect size for having people over.

Whether they wanted a small get-together or were looking to throw a wild party, they wouldn’t have had a problem accommodating everyone. This room was probably ideal for having people over, especially if they were enjoying a more subdued soirée. After all, there was plenty of space for guests to sit down, with room to bring in other chairs too if necessary.

Under the skylight

This definitely isn’t the biggest bathroom in Kidman and Urban’s $2.7 million home. In fact, it’s the smallest one we’ve seen so far. However, while it might not be massive, it does offer everything that you would expect from such a room. It has a toilet, sink, bath, and even a shower too.

They might not look as glamorous as the ones in the master suite, but this isn’t somewhere people tend to hang out for long anyway. Besides, there’s a feature here that’s been noticeably absent in all the other bathrooms. We’re talking about the skylight. Rather than a dull ceiling, there are several windows that really open the room up and bring in plenty of natural light.

For the little ones

That bathroom may have been small, but that’s probably because it was an en-suite. It was attached to this room, which may well have been used by the couple’s kids. The two girls had to sleep somewhere, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this was where they did it. The quirky lamp and the steps certainly suggest that this was a room for someone younger than Nicole or Keith.

If the girls did stay in here, then they weren’t short of space to play around, both on the floor or in bed. They were also exposed to lots of natural light, although it’s hard to tell from this picture. Plus, they had access to their own bathroom, which most kids would probably love.

Embracing the outside

One thing we’ve definitely noticed about this house is how much sunlight it lets in. Wherever possible, the walls have been covered with windows so that the building feels like an extension of the outside world. It’s an excellent idea considering the area sees a fair amount of sunshine every year. Of all the rooms in the house, this hallway definitely has the largest window to wall ratio.

You could easily just stand here for hours and watch life pass by in the yard. Of course, we reckon Kidman and Urban were far too busy to ever do that. However, we expect they still appreciated being able to look outside and see what was happening when they walked through here.

On those lazy days

For the days when Nicole and Keith couldn’t be bothered to leave their bedroom, they had this sitting room to pass the time in. It was only a few steps from their bed, and it gave them somewhere to watch TV while they put their feet up. We’re not sure if the couple ever watches Kidman’s movies, but if they do, this was probably where they used to do it.

We could see the pair cuddled up on the sofa while they enjoyed ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ or ‘The Stepford Wives.’ Alternatively, it was probably also a great place for reading a book, or maybe just enjoying some peace and quiet. The room was basically whatever they wanted it to be.

It does the job

You might think that three bathrooms would be enough for a house, especially one with only four occupants. However, Nicole and Keith apparently wanted to be extra sure that no-one ever had to wait to use the toilet. The fourth bathroom in the house once again had everything you would expect, including a designated area for people to shower.

It’s definitely not as fancy as other rooms on the property, not that we expect there were ever any complaints. It was most likely guests who made use of this space, especially given the couple had their own bathroom to use. We’re not sure where this was in the house, but we’d imagine it was by one of the other bedrooms.

Stargazing in bed

Although it’s hard to say for certain, we’re reasonably sure that this was another bedroom in Kidman and Urban’s $2.7 million house. That’s judging by the nook in the corner of the room that looks like it’s supposed to be a bed. The nightstand next to it would certainly suggest as much. However, in its current state, we can’t say it appears to be the most comfortable place to sleep.

Perhaps if there were a mattress and pillows there, things would be different. We do appreciate that there are skylights above the bed, so whoever slept here could do some stargazing before drifting off. That would have saved them having to camp outside where it was probably cold and spooky.

Making music

Here’s another room that wasn’t afraid to embrace natural light, although they may have gone a little overboard with the windows. The ones around the bottom of the room are perfectly fine, but those that are higher up seem a little disproportionate. The two skylights, in particular, appear out of place, and they’re not necessary considering how many windows this room already has.

However, maybe Keith wanted as much sunshine as possible when he made music. We assume it was him who spent more time in here judging by the piano in the corner. It certainly looks like a great place to spend an afternoon writing lyrics, and judging by the size of the room, it was ideal for acoustics too.

Fitness focused

Staying in shape is essential for most celebrities, given how often they appear in the media. People typically want to look their best when they get stopped by the paparazzi, so they usually try to prioritize their fitness. However, going out to the gym can be difficult when you live a busy life.

That’s why plenty of famous faces have equipment in their homes so they can always squeeze in a workout without having to go far. Nicole and Keith’s $2.7 million home was fully-stocked with gym apparatus, including several bikes, a cross trainer, and plenty of weights. There was more than enough stuff here to keep them in shape and ensure the press never caught them off guard.

In the backyard

The main building on the couple’s estate might have been impressive, but it wasn’t the only thing of interest on the property. Elsewhere on Kidman and Urban’s 36 acres of land was a large barn which was ideal for raising livestock. It’s not difficult to see that these two are fond of nature, given they left so much of their estate undeveloped.

So, we wouldn’t be surprised if the couple decided to raise horses or other animals when they lived here. It’s not like there wasn’t plenty of space for them to roam around outside, and this barn was obviously perfect for keeping them in at night. However, the pair were so busy that they might not have had time to even raise livestock.

A space for visitors

It seems that it’s not solely Nicole and Keith’s home that resided on this estate. Just to the side of this property was a smaller building which the couple presumably used as a guesthouse. If the pair had friends or family over, this was somewhere convenient that people could use if they needed their own space.

That way, no-one would get under anyone’s feet, and they’d all be afforded some privacy. Of course, the guests would probably still spend most of their time in the main house because they were there to see Kidman and Urban. However, at least in the evenings, they could wander over here and feel like they were in their own home, rather than someone else’s.

Selling it off

Although the couple spent many happy years here, Nicole and Keith eventually decided that this place wasn’t going to be their forever home. The property had given them everything they needed over the last decade, but now they were ready to move on to something new. They put the house on the market for $3.45 million in 2017 and waited for the buyers to arrive.

However, it seems that it failed to attract anyone’s attention. For several years, no-one showed much of an interest in buying the place, forcing the couple to reduce the price. They eventually lowered it to $2.45 million, some $250,000 less than what they’d initially paid. The price cut was unfortunate but ultimately necessary.

A home in Beverly Hills

While it was sad to see this place go, it’s not like the couple doesn’t have plenty of other houses to spend their time in. The duo has racked up quite a property portfolio over the years, with residences in Australia, New York, and Beverly Hills. The latter is where this home can be found, which Kidman and Urban purchased back in 2008.

They paid $4.8 million for the home, which was a massive jump from what they’d bought the Tennessee property for one year earlier. However, there was a good reason for the hefty price tag. Not only is the house surrounded by other stars, including Adele, Katy Perry, and Mila Kunis, but it’s also in a security-patrolled neighborhood.

Perfect for guests

As you’d expect, this home is just as spacious as their one in Tennessee was. It’s a little more on the modern side, as evidenced by the decor. However, it still manages to make comfort a priority. Unsurprisingly, this home incorporates a lot of natural light, particularly in the dining area. Not only is there a skylight directly above the table, but the room also opens out straight onto the patio.

During the summer, Nicole, Keith, and any of their guests can enjoy drinks and dinner while sitting under the shade of the parasol. It appears that both the inside and outside can accommodate plenty of visitors, so we expect that the couple is rarely short of company throughout the year.

Food central

Although the kitchen in their Tennessee property offered a lot, it seems that this one in Beverly Hills comes out on top. The size of the fridge alone is enough to have your stomach rumbling. We’re not sure how much food the couple and their daughters get through, but we don’t think these four ever go hungry.

Once again, there’s plenty of counter space for preparing meals, as well as all the essentials you’d expect to see in a kitchen. They’ve got a toaster, oven, kettle, sink, and more cupboards than you could possibly ever need. Plus, there’s even a breakfast bar in the center of the room where the four of them can start their day together as a family.

Full of color

There’s nothing particularly toned down about the living room in Keith and Nicole’s Beverly Hills property. Whereas their previous home featured a lot of muted colors, there’s quite a blend of tones here. You’ve got the cream sofas, the gray floor tiles, and the olive pillows, as well as the white and brown rug and lots of green foliage.

The pair’s love for nature really stands out here, and not just because of the plants they’ve planted indoors. Floor-to-ceiling windows sit on either side of the roaring fireplace, while two doors open out to the backyard where there’s plenty more greenery to appreciate. This is definitely one of the most colorful rooms the couple has had in any of their homes.

Chilling by the pool

One of the great benefits of this Beverly Hills home is the fact that it comes complete with a pool. This isn’t something that Nicole and Keith had in their Tennessee property, not that there wasn’t space for one. We expect that the kids are probably big fans of this feature, especially during those hot summer months.

After all, there’s nothing better than lounging in a pool when the temperatures are soaring. Once again, it’s easy to see how the couple have tried to incorporate as much nature as possible into their decor. Not only is the property lined with trees and hedges, but there are also dozens of potted plants everywhere. The entire first-floor balcony is full of them.

Staying in Tennessee

Kidman and Urban may have given up on their $2.7 million home ten years after living there, but that doesn’t mean they turned their backs on Tennessee. The pair cared too much about the state to walk away from it. A mere 15 miles from their other property is this Nashville mansion, which comes in at an incredible 12,000-square-feet.

The couple has owned the house since 2008, and it wasn’t a cheap purchase by any means. At $3.47 million, it cost Nicole and Keith quite a bit. Of course, what’s a few million when one of you’s a Hollywood actress, and the other’s a country music star? This figure probably barely put a dent in their savings.

The mansion’s exterior

It’s no surprise that these two have put down roots in Tennessee, given it’s the home of country music. Many icons from this genre have connections with Nashville, and now Urban can add himself to the list. Of course, it’s more than just the location that makes this place so noteworthy.

A simple glimpse of the exterior tells you precisely why this couple has found a home here. There’s a lot to love about a property that has a tennis court and pool in the backyard. We don’t know if Nicole and Keith get to use them much, but it’s probably nice for them knowing that they’re there. Plus, they have to take a break and have fun at some point, right?

Sleeping in style

The master suite for this Nashville home is a bit more elegant than the one in their other Tennessee property. The bed, for instance, looks like something you’d find in an expensive hotel, and we expect it’s just as comfortable. The fact that it looks onto an ornate fireplace and a painting with a gilded frame only makes it even fancier.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the duo rented out this bedroom to guests who wanted that five-star treatment. Of course, given that this property apparently has seven bedrooms, we don’t think Kidman and Urban would ever have to give up their bed to someone else. There are plenty of other rooms that people can use if they ever visit the couple.

A rare glimpse

Not much has been seen of the couple’s home, which apparently goes by the name of The Queen of Northumberland. However, Nicole did post a picture on her social media account once, which offered a small glimpse of the property’s interior. In the photo, we can see that the couple has opted for a lot of warm colors in the home.

There’s plenty of brown tones here which go nicely with what appear to be cream-colored walls. Although the cat isn’t part of the furniture, it’s also good to know that it’s not just Kidman, Urban, and their children who live here. The family also has at least one pet – a furry feline who’s apparently named Queen Snow. What a fitting name.

Worth the money

If you thought the prices of some of these properties were high, they were nothing compared to what the pair paid for a New York penthouse in 2010. They handed over $13.53 million for the apartment in Chelsea, an eye-watering amount given how many homes they already had at that point.

This penthouse cost more than the previous three places combined, which is pretty insane. However, the duo got a lot of bang for their buck with this New York property. For one, they had incredible views of the Hudson River, along with the rest of the city. Well, given they were on the top floor, you’d expect them to be able to see for miles from where they were.

A bohemian twist

You wouldn’t necessarily think that all of these properties would belong to Nicole and Keith. After all, the decor in each one seems to be different from the last. While one house appears quite royal in design, another is more on the modern side. This New York apartment has a bit of a bohemian feel to it, albeit with an upmarket twist.

The choice of decoration is a little surprising, but we appreciate that these two don’t treat any two properties the same. They view each place as somewhere to reinvent themselves and try something new. Of course, this penthouse does have what is apparently an essential feature for any home owned by Kidman and Urban – lots of windows. This apartment is covered in them.

Cars in the sky

Not only does this penthouse look impressive, but it also apparently comes with some incredibly unique features. According to reports, this apartment has a car elevator, which allows the couple to be lifted all the way to their floor without them ever leaving their vehicle. Talk about convenient. It saves them all the awkwardness that comes from standing in an elevator with a group of strangers.

What happens once they reach their apartment, though? Well, apparently, the couple also has a sky garage where the vehicles are kept. This room reportedly has fire doors, crash walls, and mechanical ventilation, so it’s perfectly safe for their cars to stay up there. If the rumors are true, this would be the first of its kind.

Everything they need and more

Normally when you think of apartments, you probably imagine a place with one or two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. However, Nicole and Keith’s penthouse in New York offers so much more than that. Standing at over 3,000-square-feet, every room in this property is incredibly spacious, with three bedrooms on offer for the couple and their potential guests.

It also has two terraces for when these two want to take a break and watch the world around them. This apartment really is the perfect place if you love watching life pass by because there’s so much to pay attention to. What’s more, you can enjoy it all while lying in the comfort of your bed.

Another penthouse

It seems that one apartment isn’t enough for this power couple. Not content with the home they have in New York, the duo apparently has another property over in Australia. At around $6 million, this was quite cheaper than the American penthouse, but it was still more expensive than the other places the pair had purchased.

Located in one of the most sought-after parts of Sydney, Nicole and Keith reportedly bought the residence in 2009. It seems that it was the late ‘00s when the pair were at their richest because they were throwing money into homes like it was nobody’s business. Once again, they opted for the penthouse suite, with the apartment located on the 21st floor of the building.

Wood for days

When it came to designing the master bedroom of this property, wood seemed to be the feature that the pair utilized the most. Every part of the room appears to have been made of the stuff, from the chairs and chest of drawers to the artwork on the wall. It was even used on the bed, which once again looks incredibly comfortable.

We wouldn’t mind catching a few Z’s in there, especially with all those pillows. Of course, this isn’t the thing that truly catches our eye in this room. No, instead, it’s the en-suite bathroom that the couple has a clear view of from their bed. We’re not sure why they felt a window was necessary here, but we won’t question it.

A necessary extension

The apartment might have been large enough when the couple bought it, but it appears they felt it could be bigger. According to reports from the Daily Mail, Nicole and Keith actually knocked through one of the walls so that they could increase the penthouse’s size. They were supposedly looking to add to the kitchen and give themselves more breathing room, not that they didn’t already have plenty.

Well, we suppose when you can afford to go bigger, why shouldn’t you? If these two had the furniture to fill the space and wanted the house to meet a particular vision, then there was no reason not for them to go for it. We’d probably do the same in their position.

Finding the money for it

Considering how many houses these two seemed to buy in the late ‘00s, you might wonder how they managed to afford it all. Sure, these two were achieving great success in their careers, but they throwing millions around left, right, and center. They can’t have been earning all that money at the rate they were spending it. Well, apparently, they weren’t.

It seems that Kidman and Urban had to sell one of their homes in Manhattan in order to buy the property. The place had excellent views of the New York Harbor, and the pair had put a lot of effort into renovating it. However, when they saw this Australian penthouse, they knew that it was time to move on.

Next-door neighbors

Presumably, the duo got an excellent price for their place in Manhattan, because it wasn’t just the one penthouse in Australia that they bought. Nicole and Keith also purchased the apartment next door, which is how they were later able to expand the place into one big home. It reportedly cost them $7 million to do this, which was more than what they initially paid for the first penthouse.

However, presumably, the money was worth it because they gladly handed it over. The couple was reportedly attracted by the views that this place had, believing them to be superior because of how it overlooked the harbor. Plus, the apartment boasted 4,000-square-feet of property, which gave them plenty of space to work with.

Buying up the building

You’d think that after buying these two penthouses, the couple would be happy with the apartments they had. However, that wasn’t the case. Apparently, several years after they first moved in here, Nicole and Keith decided they needed to add another apartment to the portfolio. So, they got in the elevator and paid $2.68 million for a place that was two floors down.

This might seem like an unnecessary purchase, but apparently, they bought it so Kidman could have an office. It seems there wasn’t enough space for that in the penthouse, so the actress had to find somewhere else to set herself up. Well, if she had several million to spare from her acting work, then why not splash the cash?

A huge investment

We hope that Nicole and Keith spend a lot of time in Australia, because it seems they’ve used close to $16 million just buying these apartments. That’s not accounting for any of the furniture they bought, or the potential costs of that penthouse renovation. Of course, given that Kidman is reportedly worth $120 million, and Urban $75 million, we suppose this cost didn’t hurt them too badly.

Still, that’s a lot to pay, given these two probably travel a lot for work. They’re never usually in one place for long, so you’d think they’d try and cut back on spending for something like this. Then again, they’re celebrities who’ve earned a lot of money, so they’re free to buy whatever they want.

Staying in Australia

It appears that their apartments in Sydney aren’t the only Australian properties that the couple owns. Before they’d even seen the penthouse at Milson’s Point, Nicole and Keith bought themselves a mansion over in Bunya Hill. The property cost them $4.1 million, but it appears that they got quite a lot for their money.

Not only does the house boast many different rooms, but it’s also got plenty of outdoor space too. That’s probably because the home is part of a farm, so the sizable yard is ideal for any animals raised here. It appears that Nicole and Keith were interested in truly embracing nature with their purchase. They wanted to get their hands dirty after all their years in the spotlight.

Filled with books

We’re not sure how much time Nicole or Keith have to spend reading, but it’s good to know that their house is fully-stocked with books should they ever want to relax with one. The duo has a library in the Bunya Hill property, which is seemingly filled from top to bottom with books.

This room is located on the first floor of their home, and it boasts the warm tones we’ve come to expect from the couple’s decor. The bookcases, the sofa, and the door are all various shades of brown, giving the library a very professional and studious feel. Considering the purpose of the room, we’d say that this was precisely the kind of atmosphere that we’d expect in here.

A game of pool

How does a Hollywood actress like Nicole Kidman like to unwind during her downtime? By playing pool, apparently. It seems that the movie star enjoys taking a break from work to pot a few balls, and from the sounds of it, she’s pretty skilled. People apparently refer to Nicole as “Pool Shark” because she dominates the game.

It’s no wonder, then, that she and Keith have a room in their Australian house dedicated to pool. We imagine that the couple spends a fair amount of time in here, although whether Urban ever challenges his wife, we don’t know. If she’s as skilled as she says she is, it doesn’t sound like her husband would stand much of a chance against her.

Staying in the guesthouse

As with all of Nicole and Keith’s properties, there’s plenty of space for people to stay here should anyone visit. Although there are probably rooms in the main building that friends and family can sleep in, the pair has a separate guest house that’s also designed for this purpose. It’s a quaint cottage that gives off a very homely atmosphere before you’ve even stepped inside.

Guests can easily cater for themselves here if they feel like cooking breakfast, lunch, or dinner on their own. That’s certainly convenient if Kidman and Urban are both working and don’t have much time to entertain their loved ones. Unfortunately, a lack of free time is one of the downsides of being a Hollywood actress and a country music star.

That rustic feel

If Kidman and Urban’s guests do decide to dine alone while here, then this is probably where they enjoy their meals. This table comfortably seats four people, and it’s just one of the many notable features in the couple’s guest house. Compared to the main building, this place feels a lot more rustic, and it really gives off a homely atmosphere.

It’s not as modernized as Nicole and Keith’s house, but that simply adds to its charm. Elements like the exposed brick walls remind you that this property is actually a farm, and that the former residents probably enjoyed a more rural way of life. They might not have been surrounded by the glitz and glamor that the couple experience on a daily basis.

An ideal guest

If Nicole could choose anyone to have dinner with, it would apparently be Eleanor Roosevelt. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s wife is the longest-serving First Lady of the United States, and she achieved so much in regards to improving human rights. She kept fighting right up until the day she passed away in 1962, establishing herself as one of history’s most accomplished figures.

It’s no wonder that Kidman would love to dine with the woman given everything she achieved. If the actress had her way, she’d probably make Roosevelt a permanent visitor at her guest house, simply so she could learn more about the fantastic things Eleanor did. Unfortunately, given the activist passed away nearly six decades ago now, that will never happen.

Immersed in nature

The outside of the guest house is just as impressive as the inside. The quaint cottage seems to be surrounded on all sides by luscious greenery, from hedges and trees to the occasional plant too. This comes as no surprise, given how much Nicole and Keith have incorporated nature into their other homes.

They presumably love how much color these things add to their surroundings, and the benefits they provide to the environment don’t hurt either. Of course, given how much free land the couple has on this estate, it’s no huge shock that they’ve got so much foliage. There’s all this space for them to fill that they may as well do something with it, rather than leaving it bare.

Singing together

Although quite a few rooms in the main building incorporate a lot of warm colors, some are a bit on the lighter side. These are generally found toward the back of Nicole and Keith’s house, particularly in the living area. Here, plenty of windows help the room really brighten up during the day.

The pair’s piano sits bathed in sunshine over one side of the room, and we imagine the two occasionally sit together and sing a tune or two. After all, Kidman might be an actress, but she does have a set of lungs on her as well. She recorded several songs for the Moulin Rouge soundtrack back in the early ‘00s, including one alongside her co-star Ewan McGregor.

In the sunshine

When you live in Australia, you get accustomed to the excellent weather. Obviously, the country isn’t without its rainfall, and some months are far colder than others. However, more often than not, the sun is shining on this wonderful island. With that in mind, we expect that Nicole and Keith probably spend a fair bit of time outside.

We can see them relaxing together on this patio and watching their kids play with each other. It’s times like these that probably remind them why they put so much effort into their careers in the first place. If it weren’t for their successes, they wouldn’t have so many nice houses, so they wouldn’t be free to indulge in moments like these.

Perfect for jogging

Staying active is something that’s fairly important to Nicole. We already knew that after seeing the gym equipment she used to have in her old $2.7 million home. However, it’s not just through lifting weights or riding a stationary bike that she works up a sweat. The actress also apparently enjoys jogging, something that’s not too hard to do when she’s staying at this house.

Given all the land that this property has, it’s easy for her to do several laps without ever having to leave the estate. Not only is that convenient, but it also means she doesn’t risk running into any photographers while she’s exercising. We can’t imagine that the Hollywood actress wants the world to see her sweat.

Down on the farm

Considering that this property in Bunya Hill is a farm, it wouldn’t make much sense if the couple didn’t have several animals living with them. It’s not like there isn’t any space for the creatures to roam around, even with how much land their home takes up. Nicole and Keith have quite a few different animals on this estate, including cows and chickens.

However, according to the actress, her favorite four-legged residents are the alpacas that live in her backyard. She and her husband own six of these creatures, and it seems they never fail to make Kidman smile. It’s a wonder these two even have time to care for the animals, though, given the busy lives that they lead.

A love of animals

It appears that Nicole was always meant for farm life. When she was younger, she showed a tendency towards caring for animals when she took in a stray cat. The feline was named Gregory, and the actress did an excellent job of looking after him. That cat sparked Kidman’s love for other living things, and it led her to where she is today.

Of course, taking in a stray and running a farm are two very different things. However, Nicole doesn’t appear to be having any difficulty with the latter. In fact, she seems to be thriving out there in Bunya Hill. She apparently puts that down to the “simplicity,” “air,” and “peace” that come from living on a farm.

The fruits of their labor

Running a farm is about more than just keeping animals in your backyard. Nicole and Keith also get a lot of produce from these creatures, including milk from the cows and eggs from the hens. Kidman is apparently very hands-on with this sort of thing, regularly collecting the produce herself to either sell or use in the kitchen.

Given that freshly baked bread is reportedly one of the actress’ favorite foods, we can see her opting for the latter more often than the former. After all, there’s nothing quite like enjoying something that’s been made using ingredients that you harvested yourself. At least Nicole has a hobby to keep her occupied should her acting career ever abruptly end for whatever reason.

Satisfied for now

It’s incredible just how many houses Nicole and Keith have owned since tying the knot back in 2006. The couple has spent millions buying properties in both Australia and the United States, and we presume they have no regrets. Obviously, given their successful careers, they can afford to do things like this. However, even celebrities risk running out of money if they’re not careful.

Luckily, it seems that the pair’s spending days are now behind them. Now that they have several properties in both hemispheres, there’s no need for them to add to their portfolio. With a farm that makes its own produce, apartments with incredible views, and a home where country music was born, what more could they possibly need?