Ideas To Try if Sharing A Bed Is Harming Your Sleep

Failing to get a good night’s sleep can be detrimental to your health, productivity, and overall mood. Unfortunately, getting some shut-eye is not always easy if you don’t have the bed to yourself. That’s why there are some useful ideas to try if sharing a bed is harming your sleep.

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Don’t blame your partner if sharing a bed is harming your sleep

If sharing a bed is harming your sleep, it’s likely because your partner snores or frequently tosses and turns in the night. It’s easy to get frustrated with them because of this and blame them for your insomnia. However, you should try to avoid pointing the finger. They likely can’t help keeping you awake, and blaming them might only put them on the defensive. This could then prompt a fight that you have to try and navigate in a healthy way. So, attempt to approach the issues together and find a way that you can both get a good night’s sleep.

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Solving your partner’s issues might make sharing a bed easier

If snoring is the problem, it’s possible that your partner might be struggling with one of the different types of sleep apnea. In that case, there might be treatments they can undergo to try and keep this issue under control. Likewise, there are ways to deal with night terrors if these are making your partner move around at night. Finding medical or psychological interventions to resolve issues like these will help them to sleep better, which should then make things easier for you.

Find creative ways to tackle the specific issues that are harming your sleep

There are some incredibly creative ideas to try if sharing a bed is harming your sleep. Which of these you should implement depends on what’s keeping you awake. If it’s that your partner keeps hogging the duvet, why not buy two single duvets instead of one larger one? You could always extend this to having two single beds or even sleeping in separate rooms if you need more personal space at night. This can actually be surprisingly beneficial for your health, although it’s not a solution that works for every couple. Earplugs, white noise machines, and blackout curtains can also be helpful; it all just depends on what’s keeping you up.

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Make sure it’s not your own issues that are harming your sleep

Did you consider that it might not be sharing a bed that’s harming your sleep? It’s possible that your body and brain are struggling to settle at night, and you just think your partner’s the problem. There are plenty of reasons why you might not be able to sleep, and tackling these can make a big difference at night. All you need to do is adopt some of the best tips for falling asleep faster, and you might notice that sharing a bed becomes a lot easier.

It can take some experimenting to discover which are the best ideas to try if sharing a bed is harming your sleep. Hopefully, though, you’ll soon find what works for you.