How To Look After Mental Health While Working From Home

The last few years have seen plenty of changes, with many of us working from home more than ever. While it can be a great way to avoid commutes – and having to deal with strangers – it’s important we all learn how to look after mental health while working from home.

Create a workspace at home

Working from home can be great for plenty of reasons, but it’s important not to let your entire house feel like one big office. Instead, it’s best to find an area that you can turn into your workspace, meaning you work when you are there and relax when you’re anywhere else in the home. Be sure to look for somewhere quiet and away from distractions – like the TV. Plus, opt for somewhere away from your bedroom if you can, so your work habits don’t interrupt your sleeping routine.

Set your routine and boundaries
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Set your routine and boundaries

Thinking about all the times that you can work from home in your pajamas? Maybe you can’t wait to roll out of bed at whatever hour you like and finish when you please? While it can be tempting to chill out and create a more relaxed schedule while working from home, it might not be best for our mental health. Instead, it’s best to stick to a routine to ensure you’re not letting yourself burn out in the long run. This also means creating boundaries, such as your working hours and when you will be working. After all, it can be easy to let your entire home become your office if you let it.

Stay connected with the outside world

Working from home is especially great for those who don’t want to deal with the outside world. Not everyone likes to deal with strangers, but it’s important for our mental health that we still stay connected with the outside world. This doesn’t mean scrolling through social media, either. Instead, it’s best to get out and about when we can by organizing catch-ups with our friends or talking to loved ones on the phone when we can to stay connected with people. We can even talk to our co-workers throughout the day if we find we’re starting to feel lonely at work.

Give yourself regular breaks
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Give yourself regular breaks

Working from home doesn’t mean we have to work more than we would if we were in an office. Instead, it’s important to think about scheduling breaks throughout the day. Not only will this give our minds a rest, but it should also help us to be more productive in the long run. This could mean walking away from our desks at various intervals throughout the day. It could also be a good chance to do something like go for a walk on our lunch break to stretch our legs and clear our minds.

Learning how to look after mental health while working from home doesn’t have to be tough. However, it’s important to give our minds the rest and connections it needs to be healthy in all aspects of our lives.