How To Let Go Of Anger Without Losing Your Temper

Let’s be honest; we’re all human, and we all have emotions, anger being one of them. That doesn’t mean we have to lose our temper at the minor things. In fact, there are ways to let go of anger without losing your temper that could just be a game-changer.

Be honest with yourself

One of the best places to start when learning how to let go of anger without losing your temper is to be honest with yourself about how you feel. It can be easy to bury our anger and forget it’s a thing. However, this can lead to issues later down the line. Instead, let yourself admit that you’re angry and give your mind a chance to process how it feels. From there, we can move onto the next stages of releasing the emotion.

Pinpoint the triggers

What made you angry? Was it something that happened in your life or a moment from the past that crept into your mind? There are plenty of reasons we can feel our tempers start to boil. Learning what sets us off is the perfect way to learn how to deal with the emotion. After all, if you know what makes you angry, you can learn how to avoid the situation, right?

Take some deep breaths

This can be easier said than done in the moment. Still, training your brain to take a moment and give yourself a chance to take some deep breaths can reset the moment. Not only can you think about how you want to react to the situation, but you can also try to release the anger with each exhale. It might not be long before the anger is gone before it even has a chance to make itself at home.

Find a distraction

Finding a distraction is different from pretending you’re not angry. Once we have admitted that things are getting a little heated, we can find something else to occupy our minds. This could be anything from coloring to spending time with our pets and everything in between. Giving our minds something else to think about should help when it comes to getting out of a headspace that means our temper could blow at any moment.

Wait to talk until you’re calm

It can sometimes be easy to lose our tempers with our loved ones, but this isn’t the healthiest way to maintain relationships or get our opinions across. Many of us know we say the wrong thing when we’re angry as we try to hurt the other person. Instead of flying off the handle, try using some techniques to let go of anger without losing your temper that help you feel calm before addressing the issue you have with someone.

Learning how to let go of anger without losing your temper could be all many of us need to change our lives. After all, we get to take the high road in most situations and should find our brains are filled with fewer negative emotions in the long run.