These Tips Will Help Make Your Cat Happy

No matter how much we love our cats, we can inadvertently do things that irritate them because they can’t explain their behavior to us. They evolved as solitary hunters, and although they may create close bonds with us, they are not naturally social creatures.  We have to consider their body language and listen to the noises they make to understand them.

Don’t shout at them

If you shout, make gestures and clap at your cat, it is likely to interpret this behavior as threatening and frightening which leads to stress. If you want to train them, use mechanical obstacles such as giving them scratching posts and putting two-sided tape on areas where they scratch the furniture. You can offer rewards when your cat uses the scratching post instead of scratching the furniture.


Let them initiate the petting

Their silky fur makes us want to pet them all the time. It’s better to allow them to initiate the cuddling because they are not as affectionate as us. If your cat is rubbing against you, it’s a sign that she is happy for you to pet her. A cat’s tummy is very vulnerable, and while a dog loves to be scratched on the tummy, a cat may just react by clawing you. Lying with a tummy exposed just means your cat trusts you, not necessarily that she wants to be stroked.


Don’t rub the base of the tail

One area on a cat that is very sensitive is the base of the tail. The rump is sensitive because it is full of nerve endings. Giving this area a hard rubbing will stimulate the area too much and feel to your cat as though it is being tickled overzealously. Cats do like to be stroked behind the ears and under the chin. Never stroke them against the lie of the fur or try to stroke the paws or the tail.

Keep its environment clean

Cats are very sensitive to smells and need to be clean to be happy. You don’t need to wash your cat because it has its own lengthy cleaning routine. Keep the litter box clean and fresh. If it is not, your cat may resort to using something else.

Let your cat have space

Cats like to do their own thing. They love observing birds and people from a high spot. They love to have a quiet, private space where they can take a nap. Don’t let children keep harassing a cat and trying to get it to play. On the other hand, cats may appear aloof, but they can develop very close bonds with their owners.


Allow your cat to go outdoors

As a predator, your cat instinctively likes to go outdoors and hunt small animals like mice and birds. You should not punish your cat if it goes outside and kills something. There are many dangers outside like cars and other cats and dogs, so try to make sure your cat is as safe as possible when outdoors. Make sure it has a breakaway collar or has been chipped.