How Netflix Is Turning People Vegan

In today’s day and age, it seems as though more and more people are ditching meat and other animal products in favor of a plant-based diet. Veganism is certainly on the rise, but many people have been put off the idea of leaving these animal products behind due to the way that the lifestyle change has been marketed, and due to the pressure from others as a whole. However, it seems as though Netflix may have become the perfect middleman. Their new documentary has sparked a revolution within the vegan world, and it seems as though people just can’t ignore what it’s saying…

A new documentary

There’s no doubt about the fact that Netflix is one of the biggest players in the television and movie game. As well as creating their own content, they also stream Hollywood movies, popular TV shows, and even underground and independent productions that soon take the world by storm. That’s certainly been the case for The Game Changers. This documentary follows former sports star James Wilks as he investigates athletes and their diets. Specifically, their plant-based diets. Although this movie was first debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2018 and received a modest amount of success, its release on Netflix in late 2019 has completely changed the game.

Previous tactics

Of course, The Game Changers isn’t the first vegan-friendly documentary to make its way onto the streaming service. Other documentaries such as Cowspiracy and Forks Over Knives have all played their part in informing people of the meat and animal product industry. However, while millions of people have watched these creations, many found the tactics to be counter-productive. Those who have eaten meat and animal products for their whole lives are often skeptical about a life without these things, and the scaremongering tactics used within certain documentaries have often put them off. People do not like to be made to feel bad – even if they inherently agree with what’s being said – and this can put people off making these changes.

A new revolution?

However, The Game Changers isn’t a documentary that follows battery farming or tries to make you feel bad as you watch the terrible conditions that animals are raised for food production. This documentary actually focuses on the health aspect, and it works to criticise the notion that vegans can’t be strong and able. To do this, the former UFC star interviews the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Patrik Baboumian, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger. As people who are considered extremely strong and muscular, seeing these men take on plant-based diets and swear by a vegan lifestyle really puts things into perspective. It makes people question whether meat and eggs are really the best way to get in shape. Do we even need animal products to begin with? Produced by the likes of James Cameron, Jackie Chan, and Pamela Anderson, it’s encouraging for some to know that so many successful celebrities promote this vegan lifestyle.

There are many assumptions when it comes to veganism, but it seems as though The Game Changers has changed the game entirely.