How Much Should We Actually Be Washing Our Comforter?

How much should we actually be washing our comforter? It might not be a question that many of us have found ourselves asking, but it could be time to change that. After all, we sleep in them most nights, meaning we need to ensure our comforters are nice and clean, not the reason our health is taking a hit.

Bed linens contain all sorts of things

Sleeping in our bed each night means it won’t take long for things to build up, including all kinds of bodily fluids. Plus, our skin is naturally covered in bacteria which all transfer to our comforters as we get our eight hours every night. Of course, if you share your bed with someone else, all of this gets added to the mix, meaning it might not be long before our bed linens are filled with microorganisms and creepy crawlies.

Microorganisms aren’t usually a risk

Thankfully, just because our bed linens are mostly filled with all sorts of things doesn’t mean they’re all dangerous. If your bed is moist and warm, bacteria can thrive and grow if you don’t clean your sheets at regular intervals. The most common infections people might need to be concerned about are skin infections, but this usually only happens if you have open wounds and you have direct contact with dangerous microorganisms.

Pets can make our comforters dirtier
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Pets can make our comforters dirtier

Okay, plenty of us love to snuggle up with our four-legged friends each night. Does that mean we should? The jury is still out. Amazingly, there are several health benefits to sleeping with our pets, but they can also mean we need to wash our comforters more often to ensure they’re not covered in things our pets have brought into the bed. This could be anything from ticks and fleas to microorganisms they have picked up while out and about.

Dust mites might be the biggest concern

Of all the things we need to think about on our comforters. It’s dust mites that should be our main concern. Not everyone is allergic to them, but if you are, they can wreak havoc with your health each night. Dust mites are tiny creatures who live wherever we do, as they feed on our skin flakes. No matter how clean we keep things, we will always have dust mites, and they are almost impossible to remove from our lives. Still, they can be kept under control with regular cleaning.

How much should we actually be washing our comforter?
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How much should we actually be washing our comforter?

When it comes down to it, how much should we actually be washing our comforter? Experts recommend once a week, but that’s not always ideal. Being so bulky can make it tough to wash and dry in one day. Still, adding a protective cover over the top and washing this once a week can help to keep things clean. This should often be done on the hottest setting possible to remove as many allergens and microorganisms as possible.

How much should we actually be washing our comforter? Apparently, more than many of us thought.