How a Power Nap Could Make You Healthier and More Productive

If you’re working from home for the first time in your career, there’s a high chance that you’re struggling to get used to this new way of life. Not only does working from home make you want to eat everything in the refrigerator – and in the cupboards, and in the freezer, and from the store down the road – but it also makes you feel pretty lethargic and tired. This can leave many people battling the need for a nap, but should we really be battling it? It turns out that a power nap could actually make you healthier and more productive.

Struggling through the day

Working from home is a whole different ball game to working in an office, store, or another workspace away from your house. When you’re in your normal surroundings, it’s not as familiar or as cozy to you as your own living room. You have your desk to keep you in the professional mood, you have deadlines to meet and bosses to impress, and you even have work colleagues around you to motivate you to work. When people don’t have these things around them, it can cause them to feel fatigued and feel as though they’re hitting a wall – especially in the afternoon.

Our bodies want to nap

Those who feel the need to nap in the afternoon while they’re working from home normally fight off that urge. There’s no time to sleep, right? Well, scientists have noted that our bodies actually want us to nap. It’s been suggested that every single human on this planet has a natural, genetic dip in alertness during the mid-afternoon work schedule, and most people in offices would use that time to take a trip out of the office to the local coffee shop for a caffeine boost. Because we don’t have that option at home, why not give in to the nap urge?

Timing is everything

Having a nap can leave you feeling less cranky and more motivated to get your work done, but it’s important to note that timing is everything. If you time your nap wrong, you could end up feeling worse than you did to begin with. The key is to not enter the REM stage of sleep, which is when you are at your deepest stage, as interrupting this stage is what makes you feel groggy and even crankier than you did before. You reach the REM stage after about 20 minutes – so all you really need is a 20-minute power nap to get you through the afternoon.

The perfect spot

When you do head off for your afternoon nap – which should be around 2 – 3pm, according to experts – you need to make sure that you don’t have this nap in your bedroom. If you get comfortable in your bed, you won’t want to get up after this 20-minute power nap, so opt for somewhere a little more casual. This could be your couch, or it could even be your desk.

If you’re feeling the drain of working from home, embrace the nap!