Horoscope October 2019 – Love, Career, Health and Warning Signs

Eager to see what October 2019 has instore for you? Well, this month is all about the change within various different aspects of your life. Check out your horoscope to see how your life will change.

Do you ever find yourself searching for a sign? Many of us spend our days looking for something that allows us to make sense of the universe and everyday occurrences that impact our lives, but what most people don’t realize is that you just have to look up to do this. Zodiac signs and astrology have governed our lives since the dawn of time, and it seems as though there are going to be some big changes in October 2019.

The night sky serves as a portal to the stars and the moon, and their location can drastically change our moods, our actions, and our time on this planet. At the start of this month, Mercury will be entering Scorpio and inspiring deep communication, a full moon in Aries in the middle of the month will shine courage onto what will most definitely be a tough week, and a new moon in Scorpio at the end of the month spark a transformation. So, what does this month have in store for you? This October 2019 horoscope will give you an insight into your love and emotions, your money and career, your health and style, and even a warning sign you desperately need to look out for…

Aries: Love & Emotions

Are you ready for some lovin’, Aries? We hope you are. If you’re single, you may find love a little closer to home, as the stars suggest that you could find love in the form of a close friend or colleague. Are you intrigued? Is there someone you’ve got your eye on? Someone who tickles your pickle? Well, October 2019 may be your chance to shine – and flirt.

Don’t worry if you’re in a relationship, though, because your pickle will still be tickled. This month may see your relationship progress to a whole new level, and this could be your chance to put a ring on it, move in together, or welcome a little one. But can you afford a tiny human? Check out what your finances have to say…

Taurus: Love & Emotions

Let’s be honest; Venus is pretty awesome. You just know that when she gets involved, you’re gonna have a good month. Fancy some good news, Taurus? Well, there’s going to be a whole load of fancying going on for you in October 2019. Venus will start to make her mark on your life on the 3rd and the 8th October, which means that you have a chance to strengthen a relationship with your partner or invite a new relationship into your life.

As if that wasn’t enough to shave your legs for, you’ll be happy to know that your feelings of trust and acceptance for your family will become heightened this month, and you might even be able to finally settle that grudge you’ve been holding.

Gemini: Love & Emotions

If you’re a Gemini and have been searching for “The One” longer than Rose has been pining for Jack – although there was space for two on the door, but that’s a discussion for another day – then you’re in for a good ol’ treat this month. Your love and your emotions will be on top form, and this will help you in both your romantic and your family life.

New relationship opportunities may arise gradually over the course of October 2019, but it’s important not to force them and to just let them do their thaaang. This month will also be a great time to spend as much time with your family and friends as possible. If you do, both parties shall reap the rewards.

Cancer: Love & Emotions

It’s time to put your emotions to good use, ladies and gentlemen! Cancers are notorious for wearing their hearts on their sleeves and feeling the emotions of those around them – and it can get pretty exhausting sometimes. However, October 2019 will be a good month for these emotions, as you’ll realize that it’s these feelings that allow people to love the real you.

Your relationship with your partner will flourish and develop, and is that a few goo-goo-ga-gas we hear? Yes, it might be time to finally have that conversation about welcoming a little one into your brood. Your family unit will also put a smile on your face, but what about your health? Read on to find out.

Leo: Love & Emotions

We hate to break it to you, Leo, but you won’t be roaring this month. Your love and emotions will be all over the place in October 2019, and you may soon find yourself struggling under the weight of it all. Not only will you struggle to communicate and find stable ground with your romantic partner, but it seems as though this stability will also make its way into your family life.

Conflicts and altercations will arise, and you might not know how to deal with them. While you may know that you NEED to maintain harmony in your life, it’s just not gonna happen next month. So, are your financial prospects any brighter?

Virgo: Love & Emotions

Virgo, Virgo, Virgo. What has this month got in store for you, hey? Those within this zodiac sign will find that their love and emotions are a little up in the air this month. While those entering into new relationships will realize that connections and passion can flourish naturally, those in existing relationships may have to work a little harder to ensure that their love cogs keep turning.

Although this might not be a time to welcome children of your own into the world, it is time to hang out with your younger siblings, nieces, nephews, and other family members. This means it’s time to perfect your tic-tac-toe skills.

Libra: Love & Emotions

If you’re in the mood for some Libra love, then you’ve come to the right place, y’all. If you’ve been feeling a little “meh” about love and relationships over the past few months, the time has come for that to change. October 2019 will allow you to venture into new and exciting relationships, but you might want to call an electrician for your current relationships.

That’s because you just won’t be able to contain the sparks that will be flying! However, it’s not all candlelit dinners and romantic walks in the rain for your emotions this month. You may find yourself struggling to get on with your elderly relatives, so it might be an idea to stay on your guard…

Scorpio: Love & Emotions

If we’ve learned anything from the RuPaul, it’s that we need to love ourselves before anyone else can love us. Oh, and that we need to seriously upgrade our makeup looks. If you’re a Scorpio, you’ll need to repeat this motto over and over again, because October 2019 is all about self-love, people.

By loving yourself and realizing your own self-worth, you will then be able to strengthen your romantic and family relationships and thrive in what this month has to offer. You’ll be working on yourself, but what about your career and your financial situation? Check out what other treats October has to offer below.

Sagittarius: Love & Emotions

Are you ready for the month ahead, dear Sagittarius? We bet you’re wondering whether you’ll be meeting the love of your life in October 2019, and we’re happy to say that your knight in shining armor may be just around the corner on his noble steed.

That’s because love and relationships will be on the brain this month, and you’ll soon find yourself gravitating towards those you can see a future with. Sure, their attractive face and their hunky physique will help the initial attraction, but you’re looking for something a little serious this month. It’s time to find you the person of your dreams.

Capricorn: Love & Emotions

You’re not feeling too into the whole lovey-dovey stuff at the moment are you, Capricorns? It seems as though you’re just not into getting up close and personal with potential love interests in October 2019 – and that’s totally okay. You don’t need to worry about being forever alone or crying into your popcorn every time you see old people holding hands on the TV screen.

This is just a temporary blip where you want to focus on things that aren’t boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, and family members. So, what else are you focusing on? Check out what your career and financial situation has in store for you this month.

Aquarius: Love & Emotions

Although it’s not quite the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, it is the dawning of some serious issues in your love life. Yes, we hate to break it to those lovebirds who are committed to their relationships, but you may find that some of your feathers start to fall out this month – and no bird wants that.

Tension will arise between married couples, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has to deal with tears and tantrums. If you’re single and ready to flamingle, you may find love on the other side of the world. A vacation romance is on the cards, and you should be ready to win this hand.

Pisces: Love & Emotions

Despite the fact that the lives of Pisces get pretty fishy as the months go by (get it?), you’ll be happy to know that things aren’t particularly fishy in October 2019. Not in terms of your love and emotions, anyway, but you might want to take note of a few warning signs further down.

Although your love life will be pretty stagnant towards the start of the month, you’ll soon find that the middle of the month brings around a whole load of lovin’. New relationships will form, existing relationships with flourish, and you’ll even be surrounded by peace and love in your family, man.

Aries: Money & Career

Money makes the world go around, right? Well, you’ll be happy to know that your world will be spinning around like Kylie Minogue this month. That’s because joint investments and savings with a partner or family member will work in your favor, and you’ll soon realize that working together with a significant other will pay off – quite literally.

The buzz coming from these investments will also help you in your work life, and you’ll soon realize that you have so much more to give in your current career. You may push yourself towards that promotion, or push towards something bigger and better. In fact, if you want to start a new business partnership, October is your girl.

Taurus: Money & Career

It’s time to fist pump the person sitting beside you right now, Taurus. Yes, even if you’re sitting next to a complete stranger on the subway. That’s because October 2019 will be a great time for your finances. While you won’t be making a huge amount of money, you won’t be spending it either – which means that you can save your cashola.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, you’ll also prove to the world that you’re the ultimate boss. This month will see you take on more responsibility at work, and you’ll see yourself take a leadership role with an epic team behind you. You might wanna give that stranger another fist pump. You know you want to.

Gemini: Money & Career

If you’re looking to make some serious paper and fan out your money like Jordan Belfort this month, well, you might want to just do that in your dreams. While you won’t be scrambling behind the couch for some extra pennies this month, Gemini, this isn’t the month to go splashing the cash on things that you don’t need.

Yes, we’re talking about that 15th pair of jeans. Both your work life and your financial situation will reach an equilibrium in October 2019, which means that you may find yourself getting a little frustrated with your lack of movement this month. However, getting stressed isn’t going to help anything, and you should instead focus on your health…

Cancer: Money & Career

Are you ready to rumble? Well, it might be time to dust off your best pantsuit, because your work life and your money situation are going to be off the chains this month. Not only will you be at the height of your productivity in October 2019…

But this motivation and epic workload will provide you with that promotion you’ve been searching for, or the raise that you’ve been hinting at your boss for. You’ll take pride in your work this month, but you need to make sure that you don’t get too spend-happy with your cash flow. Remember, it’s always best to save.

Leo: Money & Career

If you’re a little bummed out by what October 2019 has on the cards for you in terms of your love and emotions, Leo, then we’re here to brighten your day a little. Just call us your sunshine on a cloudy day. While it’s important to pay attention to your finances this month, you’ll be happy to know that some of your investments will pay off this month – if you’re careful.

To top things off, this month may also be your chance to make the career move you’ve been thinking about for a while. Although you may have previously thought it was out of your reach, you can now grab it by the horns.

Virgo: Money & Career

Although there’s no doubt about the fact that your emotional state might be a little here and there this month, you’ll be happy to know that there is something to smile about in October 2019. Yes, show off your glistening chompers to the world – because you need to show your co-workers that you are in it to win it!

This month is a great time to embark on new career goals and take some new steps in terms of your employment and your place in the workplace. Could that promotion be on the horizon? Well, you must also take note of the Virgo warning sign…

Libra: Money & Career

Can we get a high five for all the Libras out there? This month is going to be your month for your money and career – so you might wanna prepare yourself for this. It’s going to be good. Your motivation will be in the right place in October 2019, and your passion for your career will work in your favor.

You’ll gain a huge amount of enjoyment for what you do, and you’ll soon be rolling in the dough. With all that extra dough, you could even buy some real dough in the form of yummy pizzas. Everyone loves pizza, right? If that’s not enough motivation to work, then we don’t know what is.

Scorpio: Money & Career

You better get ready for this one, Scorpios. That’s because things can’t really get much better for you this month, and it’s fair to say that your friends are going to love the new you. Not only are you going to be more confident in yourself, but you’re also going to be making some serious paper and becoming the ultimate boss babe you are.

Yes, it’s time to take on more responsibility at work, and entering into a new leadership role will heighten your career and your wallet. The best bit? You can use this month to spend your hard-earned money on luxuries that you’ve been wanting for a while.

Sagittarius: Money & Career

The time for change is nigh, ladies and gentlemen. Although you may have been stuck in your job for the past few months without light at the end of the tunnel, it seems as though you’re on your way to a giant opening that could change your life for the better. That’s because a new career venture is on the horizon!

If you’ve been wondering whether you want to stay in your current position or not for a while now, this could be your chance to make a move into a new realm. While this change won’t leave you with oodles of cash to play with, you won’t be stuck for money this month.

Capricorn: Money & Career

Because you’re not focusing on sharing smooches and kissing underneath the bleachers (do people still do that?), this month is all about your career. Yes, it’s time to show the world what you’ve got to offer because you know that it’s a whole load of awesome topped off with a dash of epicness.

This is your chance to shine and embrace a new promotion that’s coming your way, and it’s time to reap the financial rewards of it in the process. Your development is totally on-trend this month, but what about your actual fashion trends? Well, your style is also in a state of development.

Aquarius: Money & Career

If you’re hoping to be promoted to head of the company and carry all of your money in sacks with dollar signs on them, then we have some bad news for you. However, it’s only a small bit of bad news. You’ll be fully focused on your career this month, Aquarius, and this will open various doors for you – if you choose to walk through them.

There is a chance that you could walk straight into the door and break your nose in the process, but it’s less much less likely. With career success will be monetary success, but you may not see it in your bank account until the end of the month. It’s time to test your patience…

Pisces: Money & Career

You should probably get yourself ready for a whirlwind rollercoaster of a month in terms of your career, Pisces, because you’ll be swimming amongst the big fish in October 2019. Yes, now is the time to embrace what the world of work has in store for you, and embrace the career growth that is just around the corner.

With the help of friends, family, and even your own co-workers, you will be able to show the world what you’re made of and prove to everyone that you’ve got what it takes to take on a leading role. Of course, with extra responsibility comes extra cashola, so expect your bank account to be a little surprised.

Aries: Health & Style

Hands up if you’re still upset that summer is over? Well, we are too, but that doesn’t mean that you can let yourself go. Although it can be easy to think like a bear and stock up on food in preparation for winter hibernation, this can be detrimental to your health if you’re not careful.

Unfortunately, you’re not going to be careful this month. Because your health is going to be low down on your list of priorities, you’ll soon be buying out the pharmacy and wondering why you didn’t eat that second clementine your mom tried to give you. Your mom is always right, you know. You need to stock up on that ol’ vitamin C.

Taurus: Health & Style

Well, it seems as though you’re gonna have a pretty groovy month, you guys. If you’ve been struggling with health concerns these past few weeks or months, you’ll be laughing for the first two weeks. Your socks might even fall off. You won’t have to take any notice of your health, but you’ve got to remember that the world is a cruel mistress sometimes.

After staying pretty nonchalant at the beginning of October, the bull will come back to bite you in the second half of the month, and you’ll be struck down with illness once again. However, this mishmash works in your style favor, as it’s time to embrace a new look that you wouldn’t normally go for.

Gemini: Health & Style

Because life is going to be pretty sweet for you in terms of your love life and your personal relationships this month, you might find your health slipping slightly in the first part of the month. Regular trips to the pharmacy for medicine and tissues will become part of your weekly routine, and you’ll get pretty fed up of the running nose you just can’t plug.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for you, Gemini. When the second half of the month comes around, you’ll pay more attention to your health – probably because you realize you totally took breathing through your nose for granted – and you’ll be back on top of the world. What could be better?

Cancer: Health & Style

In the (slightly remixed) words of Bob Marley, you don’t need to worry about a thing this month, Cancer, because every little thing is gonna be a’right. Your health will be up and down in October 2019, and although you may feel a little under the weather at certain points of the month, it’s nothing to worry about.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, you may feel inclined to switch up your style in the coming weeks. Our advice? Roll with it! As you begin to feel less and less restricted by your body and what other people think about you, this is when it’s time to venture into new realms of fashion possibilities. However, you must heed your Cancer warning sign…

Leo: Health & Style

Although there’s no doubt about the fact that this month is going to be a little shoddy for you, it’s not going to be all bad, so it’s time to turn that frown upside down. Despite the stress surrounding your personal life, this won’t cause any major health concerns you need to worry your pretty little head about.

In fact, you should instead worry about your style this month. October 2019 is your time to shine, ladies and gentlemen. Buy the dress you just don’t know if you can pull off, switch up the outfits you wear every single day, and show the world that you need business.

Virgo: Health & Style

So, what is your health looking like this month? For the most part, it’s looking pretty groovy! While you may feel a little under the weather at certain points at the start of the month, being aware of your body and what you’re putting into it will definitely help you stay on top of the game.

Wanna know what else could be at the top of your game? Your fashion. Although you may feel inclined to stay at home and rock your comfiest pajamas and sweatsuits, it’s sometimes nice to get a little fancy-schmancy every now and again, right? This month is your month to give it a go.

Libra: Health & Style

Do you want the good news? Or the bad news? Well, we’ll give you both. Although your health will be pretty tip-top this month, Libra, it’s time to focus more on what you’re putting in your body. Sure, cake and cookies are the most delicious things in the world (you know it’s true), but you may find these foods cause a few issues in terms of your stomach.

Why don’t you add some more fruit and vegetables into your diet? Not only will this improve your overall gut health (woo-hoo!), but it will also make you feel more energized and confident. Time to brush off your awesome Fall outfits, y’all, because you’re ready to rock it…

Scorpio: Health & Style

Have you been thinking about dusting off your gym membership and perhaps seeing whether you can lift a weight without collapsing to the ground and crying your eyes out? Don’t worry; we know it’s difficult. However, October 2019 could spur something weird and wonderful with you, and it seems as though some kind of transformation is on the horizon.

It may be that you head to the gym and try to build some muscle, lose a few pounds, or just try to get healthier, or it could be that you invest in a whole new wardrobe. It’s time to reinvent yourself a little, and we’re kinda excited to see the new you.

Sagittarius: Health & Style

Because your life is going to be pretty chocka with all kinds of career changes this month, you may find that the focus on your health slips a little. This won’t cause you to contemplate every aspect of your existence or wallow in so much self-pity you migrate to your bed for four weeks, but it is something you need to keep an eye on.

However, with this newfound passion for love and emotions will give you something to work with in terms of your style. Flowing material and romantic patterns, anyone? Life will be pretty awesome, but make sure you take note of the Sagittarius warning sign.

Capricorn: Health & Style

While there’s not much to say in terms of your health this month (what a result!), there’s no doubt about the fact that your style is going to be like a caterpillar this month. Although you may be wondering why we are comparing clothes to caterpillars, it’s best to just roll with it – because we know what we’re saying.

At the start of the month, your style will be pretty basic, and like everything else you wear. You know, like a caterpillar. But soon enough, your clothes will cocoon themselves and will blossom into a beautiful butterfly as you learn from others and embrace the changes your life. Pretty sweet metaphor, right?

Aquarius: Health & Style

It’s time to get healthy, water bearers. Your health will be in tip-top condition this month, and you won’t really need to focus too much of your attention on staying healthy and maintaining your lifestyle. Sure, you might have to go to the gym every so often, and you might not be able to eat McDonald’s eight times a week, but they’re pretty manageable demands, aren’t they?

While you may feel compelled to complete upgrade your wardrobe and go wild at the mall, this month is all about reigning in your expenses and working with what you’ve got. After all, you’re pretty stylish, y’all.

Pisces: Health & Style

This month is a tale of two halves for you, Pisces. The start of the month will see you survive and thrive as the epitome of health – because you rock, obviously – but the end of the month will see a distinct change in your healthy habits.

You may find yourself overindulging and falling off the wagon, and this will negatively affect how you cope with illnesses. So, make sure you look after yourself and make sure you give yourself the time to rest and recuperate. You deserve a little break anyway, Pisces. If anyone says otherwise send them our way…

Aries: Warning Sign

So, are you excited for the upcoming month, dear Aries? Although you should be totally pumped for what October 2019 has in store for you, you should also enter into this new realm with caution. You may feel inclined to act without thinking and embrace your impulsivity – but do you really want to see everything fall apart in the process?

We’re gonna go ahead and assume that you’re currently shaking your head more than Danny DeVito in the meme that we love so much. If you are going to make any decisions this month, make sure you do so with a clear mind and clear intentions. If you don’t realize what you’re getting yourself into, you may find yourself wondering where it all went wrong…

Taurus: Warning Sign

If you’re a Taurus, there’s a high chance that you get pretty annoyed with yourself every so often. After all, you’re known for being extremely emotional, but you’re also known for holding a grudge. Although you may know that you need to forgive someone, sometimes you just don’t wanna, okay?!

This stubbornness will work in your favor in October 2019, because you’re going to come pretty close to allowing a toxic individual back into your life. While you may feel inclined to welcome them back with open arms (and a few tears, obviously), you need to stay strong. Letting them back into your life will just result in even more tears, and we’ve run out of Kleenex.

Gemini: Warning Sign

We just have one thing to say to you, Gemini: Believe in yourself! You’re going to feel a little out of sorts this month, and it could be incredibly easy to wallow in your self-pity and eat around 100 tubs of ice cream. While we have a feeling that Ben and Jerry will appreciate your business, they probably won’t appreciate the fact that you’re not loving yourself…

Or embracing the fact that you are the coolest cat in the world. Instead of focusing on the flaws you think you have this month, make time to love yourself, and realize just how beautiful you are. Want to know the best way to realize this? Just play James Blunt on repeat.

Cancer: Warning Sign

Ohhhh, Cancer. This is a tough one. Often known to be one of the most emotional zodiac signs that this universe has to offer, Cancers can often let their emotions get the better of them. While this often works in their favor, you might want to keep an eye on this awesome-but-not-so-awesome trait.

That’s because you may feel inclined to push away people who don’t mean you any harm – just because you’ve been burned before. Don’t let your claws get the better of you, and don’t let yourself give in to the cynic inside of you. The world isn’t as quite as bad as it may seem, and the last thing you want is a heart of ice. We all know what happened to Anna when that happened.

Leo: Warning Sign

If you’re a Leo, you might want to hang out with some Cancers in October 2019. After all, you’re both gearing up to hate the world and everything in it, and you both need to start chillin’ out, maxin’ out, and relaxin’ all cool. You don’t want to let Will Smith down, people.

Although life may have been a bit rough over the past few years, you shouldn’t make your way into October thinking the same thing is going to happen. If you believe you can achieve! You may start to feel frustrated with this planet, but it’s important not to let your frustrations get the better of you. Maybe it’s time to invest in a punchbag?

Virgo: Warning Sign

Okay, Virgo. We want you to repeat something ten times over in your head, kapeesh? You need to tell yourself that “Practice makes perfect,” because you’re going to need to remind yourself over the course of this month. That’s because this month is going to bring some hefty changes, and these changes are going to make you lose sense of yourself.

Your warning sign is that you NEED to focus on yourself this month. Trust us. You need to make sure that you give yourself time for self-care, self-love, and self-everything. Basically, you’ll feel compelled to be selfless, but you might want to be a little selfish in the process.

Libra: Warning Sign

This is a big warning sign, Libra. Everyone loves a lazy day every now and then, right? There’s nothing better than chilling on the couch with the latest episode of Suits, but that doesn’t mean that you should turn your lazy day into a lazy month. You may feel compelled to procrastinate in October 2019, but that’s the worst thing you could possibly do.

While we know how hard it is to get out of bed in the morning and tick chores off your to-do list, you need to get into the habit of being the boss of your life this month. Work hard, ignore your excuses, and, for goodness’ sake, make your bed!

Scorpio: Warning Sign

We hope you’re in for an emotional ride this month, stinger. While Scorpios normally have a sting in their table and eat the other zodiac signs for dinner (not literally, of course), October 2019 will bring a new feeling into the mix.

You may start comparing yourself to others, you may realize that you’re not where you want to be in your life, and you may even wonder whether you’re even going the right way in the journey of life. Well, you COULD wallow in these questions, but you SHOULD just try to ignore them and stop comparing yourself to others. It’s going to be hard, but you can do it. You’ll thank us for it. We promise.

Sagittarius: Warning Sign

You’re pretty awesome, aren’t you, Sagittarius? Known for being extremely honest and generous, it’s not uncommon for you guys to put others before yourself. However, you might want to heed this trait with warning in October 2019. While you may feel the need to put others’ needs before your own, you may also find yourself struggling in the process.

This month, try not to sacrifice your own mental health and your own needs for the sake of others. Sure, being nice and selfless is great, but not if you break down in the process. Start caring about your own satisfaction in life and you’ll be onto a winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Capricorn: Warning Sign

Okay, we get it. We know that you don’t like showing the world that you have emotions, but does this always work in your favor? We think not, Capricorns. Although it can be easy to hide behind a tough shell and show the world that you’re a hard nut to crack, this can be to your own detriment.

By forcing yourself to stay strong even when you don’t feel particularly strong in yourself, you can often push away those that mean the most to you. If we could give you one warning task this month, it would be to allow yourself to be vulnerable. If you don’t, October will come and go, and you’re going to come out worse than when you went in.

Aquarius: Warning Sign

This month is all about your career, which is pretty darn great, Aquarius. Everyone wants to get ahead of the game, and it seems as though October 2019 is your chance to shine like the dazzling star you are. However, try to hold yourself back just a smidge. By putting in your all and working extra hard, you’re going to burn yourself out.

When this happens, you’ll reach a stalemate, and you’ll soon discover that all of the hard work just isn’t worth it. So, your warning sign is to work to the best of your ability, but know when to stop. You deserve a little break, at least.

Pisces: Warning Sign

If you’re a Pisces, you’ll know that you can sometimes feel like the ultimate dreamer. You think to the future, you work with possible positive outcomes, and you dream of the day that you get to call Zac Efron your boyfriend. Okay, that one may be a little niche, but you get the gist.

While there’s nothing wrong with being a dreamer, this can often cause you to worry about these potential eventualities. This month, you need to focus on what is right there in front of you. By doing this, you can resist the worries of the future, and you can allow yourself to enjoy what’s going on in the here and there. After all, the present is a gift and all that jazz…