Here’s Why Skunks Make The Best Pets

There have been many exotic pets on our social media feeds over the years, but what about if we told you a skunk could be the next best animal to invite into your home? That’s right; here’s why skunks make the best pets – and why you need one, pronto!

They don’t smell

When we think of skunks, most of us probably think of the smell that comes with the creatures. However, there is some good news if you’re thinking about welcoming one into your home: many skunks are de-scented at an early age. Although some have questioned whether this is an ethical choice, many vets have admitted that it is an incredibly simple procedure that is similar to having your other pets neutered. This means there will be no random sprayings around the house, and that lingering smell should be an issue of the past.

They’re simple to feed

Amazingly, it seems as though skunks have a fairly simple diet that is easy to replicate at home. Most pets will happily live on a mixture of fruits and vegetables with animal protein that can be found in poultry, fish, and insects. To top it off, there are even certain skunk food specialists that make ready-made meals for our new furry friends. Some owners have reported mixing mealworms into their skunk’s diet to ensure they are getting all the protein they need to stay healthy as well as keeping down the cost of their food bill.

They are easily trained

Many pet owners love to teach their pets new tricks, and owning a skunk means you could be about to wow everyone in the area as these creatures are incredibly clever and curious, making them pretty easy to train. Although they are usually active around the sun coming up and going down, owners have been able to teach their skunks to be awake during their natural sleep cycle so they can spend plenty of time together. To top it off, your skunk will usually reward you with plenty of love and cuddles in return.

They can be house trained

Believe it or not, but you can even house train your skunk. Yes, these once wild animals can now be taught just like many other pets meaning they can be the perfect fun – and clean – addition to our home. All you need to do is put a litter tray in the corner they use as their bathroom. If you find they are having accidents around the house, then all you need to do is cover the mess with a small amount of vinegar, so your skunk learns to associate the area with something that smells bad.

While many of us have grown up seeing skunks rooting through the trash or running down the side of the street, not many have ever thought about bringing them inside as a pet. However, their unique personalities teamed with their loveable faces can make them the best pet for many homes. After all, who could resist coming home to that fluffy tail?