Should You Get A “Pet-Nup”?

Buying a pet with our dearly beloved can help to make our house feel like a home. Sadly, not everything goes to plan, and we might soon find ourselves fighting about who gets to keep our new pet. Should you get a pet-nup to keep yourself covered?

What is a pet-nup?

So what is a pet-nup? These are agreements that couples sign when they purchase a new pet that outlines what will happen to the animal if they break up, just like a prenup, these pet-nups cover all aspects of their care and where the pet will live if the relationship comes to an end.

Looking to the future

Believe it or not, but thousands of divorces or break-ups have one thing in common: fighting about who gets to keep the pet. The Blue Cross was the first to create a legally-binding pet-nup back in 2014 as the U.K.-based charity confessed they have four pets handed into their care every week as couples often can’t agree on what will happen to their furry friend.

Covering medical concerns

The pet-nup is designed to cover all aspects of a pets life after a break-up, including their medical concerns. This could be anything from making a tough decision to who will pay for their treatment and the kind of medical attention they need to be receiving. Plus, a pet-nup also covers whether the pet is allowed to breed.

Outlining visitations

Some couples agree to shared visitation for their pet. This could mean that a pet spends Monday to Friday with one half of the pair before moving in with the other half for the weekend. To top it off, this part of the agreement also covers where the pet gets to spend the holidays as well as dividing out when and where the couple are allowed to visit their pet.

The added extras

There are also many other added extras that come with signing up to a pet-nup. This could include where the pet is allowed to be groomed, the conditions they live in, any food they need, and their daily routine. A pet can often feel like another member of the family, and many people want to make sure that all aspects of their care are met – even when they might not be there to provide them.

Should you get a pet-nup?

Although welcoming a pet to your life might make it feel as though your relationship is set to last a lifetime, life often has a funny way of handing us the unexpected. Signing a pet-nup can help many of us feel at ease as we know what will happen to our furry friend if the relationship ever comes to an end as well as having legal help to ensure that our pet’s needs are met, even if they no longer live in our home.

Should you get a pet-nup? The chances are, it could help you and your partner reach a mutual understanding about caring for your pet while you’re both on good terms with one another.