Should You Get A Fennec Fox As A Pet?

Fennec foxes are the animals that many of us have seen cropping up all over social media in recent days, but does that mean we should get these great beauties as a pet? It’s time to find out for sure.

Their behavior

Believe it or not, but these little animals are social creatures who love to be around others. In fact, they can live in up to colonies of ten at a time. Although many of the photos show these little beauties curled up asleep on someone’s lap, they are quite often seen running around yelping away as they go. While this can be funny at first, it’s important to remember they are nocturnal animals meaning they spend most of their time awake at night.

A love of digging

As with many other breeds of fox, fennec foxes love to dig into anything and everything they can. This means it’s vital to ensure your fences are dug well into the ground whenever they are outside, as well as being tall enough to prevent an aerial escape. Believe it or not, but these creatures can dig up to twenty foot into the ground, meaning skimping on soil isn’t always an option.

Their mixed diet

Fennec foxes are naturally omnivores. This means they eat a mixture or reptiles, plants, insects, and rodents in the wild. However, mixing dog and cat food with a variety of fruits and vegetables is a sure fire way to ensure your fox is kept happy and fed away from their natural environment. Some owners also like to add in a supplement mix to ensure their pets are getting all the nutrition they need to remain healthy.

Making several checks

While it might be easy to think that vets can treat all animals, it’s best to check your local surgeries to see if they will be able to cater to your fennec fox. After all, they are considered to be an exotic pet and not every veterinary clinic will have the knowledge or facilities to accommodate your new friend. Thankfully, their health worries and issues are usually similar to dogs meaning they can be relatively simple to treat if they happen to fall ill.

Should you buy a fennec fox?

One of the most important things to check before investing in your new pet is to ensure that your state or country allows them to be kept at home. Some areas have a ban on fennec foxes in the house, while others may require a special license. Then, it’s time to think about the practicality of a new animal. Like any pet, fennec foxes come with a list of needs that need to be met, and it’s vital to ensure you can offer them the best quality of life before you make your purchase.

While fennec foxes might look great on social media, we need to check everything off the list first. Only then might it be the time to welcome a new friend into the home!