Food You Never Want Your Cat To Get Hold Of

Sometimes it’s hard to limit what your cat eats when they’re off wandering the streets on their own, and finding their own food. If there’s one thing you can do to help, it’s avoiding giving them certain foods at home. Cats can get seriously ill if given the wrong foods; some of which may be surprising. While some foods may just make your cat nauseous, others can have fatal consequences, so always be on the lookout for foods which are potentially dangerous for your kitty.


Believe it or not, feeding your cat regular meals of tuna can be dangerous. It doesn’t contain the nutrients they need, so will cause malnutrition. More worryingly, however, is that too much tuna can cause mercury poisoning, which can lead to many other serious health problems.

Milk And Dairy

No, you cannot give your cat a bowl of milk as many people suggest. In fact, it can be very unhealthy for your cat. Cats are actually, generally speaking, lactose intolerant, meaning that milk, cheese, and other dairy products can make them incredibly sick. Milk which is specially made for cats does exist, however, and doesn’t contain lactose – so that stuff is perfectly fine for your kitty.

Garlic, Onions, And Chives

These foods are known for breaking down red blood cells, which often leads to anemia. They also cause gastrointestinal irritation and onion poisoning, meaning your cat will become ill, uncomfortable, and can develop more severe symptoms.


Although not a food, alcohol can and will kill your cat. Just two teaspoons of alcohol are enough to comatose or even kill them. It affects animals in the same way as it does humans, but at a much lower quantity. It damages their livers and brain after just a few drops. Always keep your drinks away from your kitty!


Caffeine is present in energy drinks, many hot drinks, and chocolate, all of which will be toxic to cats. Caffeine is potentially lethal. Best case scenario, your cat will experience restlessness and rapid breathing. Alternatively, caffeine can induce heart palpitations, muscle tremors, comas, and death.

Grapes And Raisins

Although no one is quite sure why, grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in both cats and dogs. They usually make cats nauseous and restless, before they show more serious signs. Best to keep them as far away from your pets as possible.

Raw Foods

Raw meat and eggs can cause E. coli and Salmonella in the same way it affects humans. Raw egg whites also contain a protein called avidin, which can cause skin and coat problems. Raw fish has an enzyme which destroys your cat’s essential thiamine, leading to neurological problems and comas.


As you’d imagine, bones are a significant choking hazard for cats. Bones also have a tendency to splinter once ingested, meaning they could puncture your cat’s digestive tract.

When your cat is around, always be careful not to drop pieces of food that could be toxic. If your cat darts in to clear up after you, it could have some pretty catastrophic consequences. Always check the ingredients before giving any food to your precious fur baby.