How to Fit In Exercise Even When You Have No Time to Do It?

You’re trying to do the right thing and exercise as much as possible, but your schedule is just too jam-packed. It seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day, yet you need to find at least three extra hours a week to workout! These are ways you can still fit in some exercise when you just don’t have the time.

Spread things out

You don’t have to find an hour to workout, sometimes just finding 15 or 20 minutes can make all the difference. If the gym is on your way home from work, why not swing by and pack in a quick weights session? Maybe you need to get home to look after the kids, when you’re at home, you can squeeze in a short 20-minute aerobics video class. Instead of having three big workouts, spread them over your entire week and enjoy the benefits of regular exercise.

Commuting to work

You can incorporate exercise into your daily routine by making it part of your commute to work. If you live too far to walk to work, then you can always try cycling. It keeps your heart pumping, but it won’t slow you down so much you have to leave like 2 hours earlier to get there. Forcing yourself to commit to cycling means you are getting a workout at least once per day.

If you don’t want to do the journey both ways, try bringing your car to work, then cycle home. The next day you’ll have to cycle to work to get your car. You can alternate between cycling and driving to ensure you aren’t doing too much of either while fitting in some exercise each day.

Take a class

Sometimes we think we don’t have more time to do things, but actually, we just need to shuffle stuff around. The hardest thing about exercising is turning up in the first place, usually when we get there we quite like it. One way to ensure you fit a workout into your packed schedule is to commit to a class or two, meaning you’re now being held accountable for not going.

Committing to a regular class means we have to change our schedules to ensure we don’t let other people down. It’s okay if we let ourselves down, but if others are relying on you, then you’re more likely to show up.

Make your chores work for you

Did you know that vacuuming your home can actually count as a workout? When the time comes to do your cleaning, put on some workout clothes and get a sweat going. You’ll feel better because your home is getting cleaner, and you’re getting the workout you’ve been craving at the same time!

There is always time to fit in a workout, sometimes it just takes a bit of extra planning. Other times you have to get creative and turn your commute or chores into exercise to make you get the blood pumping around your veins. No more excuses, it’s time to workout!