Facts to Remember About Dog Food

The most basic need in dog food is proper nutrition. Some of the essential nutrients that must be in every dog food are proteins, vitamins, fats and fiber.

Furthermore, remember that not all brands are equal. Though countless brands claim to be the best, this is likely untrue. The secret to beating the confusion lies in learning to read the different dog food labels.

Your preference should be natural foods — that is, the dog foods that are solely made from plants, mined sources or animal products.

Top 5 dog food ingredients

1. Meat

Undoubtedly, dogs are great lovers of meat. Luckily, this dog food is rich in proteins. Proteins are beneficial for their growth. If possible, avoid the commercial dog food that claims to contain meat.

2. Carbohydrates and grains

You might have spotted your dog feeding on some grains in the fields and thought this is a weird habit. Far from it — dogs are omnivorous animals, and feeding on grains and carbohydrates has so many benefits. Carbohydrates are a great source of energy. Grains, on the other hand, will help keep stomach issues at bay because they aid in digestion.

3. Fruits

Here, you have an array of options that include blueberries and apples. Fruits are rich in fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C that help prevent urinary tract Infections.

4. Fats

Just like with humans, there are good fats and bad fats. The good fats, such as the Omega-3, fish oils, omega-6 and olive oil, are a rich source of energy. These fats also help the dog’s coat appear healthier and shinier.

5. Water

Although water may not be classified as a nutrient, it is vital in your dog’s diet. Always ensure that you provide fresh and clean water to your dog after every meal. Also, consider incorporating food with a high moisture percentage in your dog’s diet.

How to get the best out of dog food

One of the best ways to derive the best out of dog food is by rotating diets. It is recommended that you should rotate your diet every 2-6 months (more often than that if you are feeding them commercial dog food). On the other hand, if you’re feeding them homemade diets, rotate the variety of foods in the diet. The benefit of rotating the dog food is that the dog will find it exciting and enjoy the food each time. Also, feeding dogs the same diet has been shown to cause allergies.

Also, introduce a treat once in a while. Dog food can sometimes get really boring. To make it more exciting, consider introducing a treat like peanut butter cookies.

Lastly, ensure that the dog food combines at least most of the essential nutrients.