Experts Say That These Dog Breeds Are The Most Intelligent

Some dog breeds are naturally intelligent, while others need four years of intensive training before they’re even able to sit on command – we’re looking at you, Pugs. Of course, there are always exceptions. We’re sure you’ve all seen a less than smart Border Collie at least once in your life, trying to figure out where his ball just went, even though you’re still holding it – admit it, you’ve all played this trick on your dog. Equally, we’re sure there are some Bulldogs out there that have figured out that the mysterious figure they’re growling at, actually is their own shadow – although we’re not sure on that one. What dog breeds are the most intelligent by nature, though?

Border Collie

Of course, the unrivaled number one most intelligent dog breed is the Border Collie. They are active and energetic – so much so that they need a job to do at all times, or else they get bored and sometimes destructive. They learn quickly and are highly trainable, but this also means that they can be hard work to handle and need constant attention.


Poodles come up second on the most intelligent dog breeds ranking. Poodles are loyal and affectionate, making them brilliant pets for families, but also love to be challenged. They have a lot of energy and are highly trainable. For this reason, these fluffballs excel at sports such as agility, hunting, and obedience training. Plus, it’s always a bonus that they’re pretty much as hypoallergenic as dogs get.

German shepherd

It’s no surprise that German shepherds make number three on the list, given their trainability and willingness to learn. They make fantastic athletes, guard dogs, and family pets, seeing as they can be trained to do almost anything. They’re super intelligent and learn quicker than most other breeds of dogs. They have earned themselves a reputable name, because of how friendly and eager to please they are.

Golden retriever

The fourth most intelligent breed is the Golden retriever. There’s no more than a handful of dogs more loyal and affectionate than this breed. They’re excellent family dogs, who are good with children and other animals alike. It’s hardly surprising that one of the nation’s favorite breeds is, therefore, one of the most intelligent. They’re quick to learn tricks and obedience skills while being energetic enough to make easy work out of an agility course or service dog job.

Doberman pinscher

This sturdy guard dog is also one of the most intelligent breeds in the world. They’re capable of learning almost any job or trick you put to them with ease. While they may not typically be a family dog like the Golden retriever, pinschers have an energetic, willing, and loyal disposition that ranks them among the most intelligent breeds.

Whether you want an intelligent breed to use as a working dog or one that will simply obey commands, these breeds are top of the list. The American Kennel Club compiles this ranking yearly, using up-to-date statistics, yet unsurprisingly, the top spots very rarely change. These are undoubtedly the top five most intelligent dog breeds in existence.