Everything To Know About The Abs Diet

Most of us have learned there is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting fit and losing weight. However, The Abs Diet claims that people can have a stronger and flatter midsection in as little as six weeks. Could that really be the case? Here is everything to know about The Abs Diet.

What can you eat on The Abs Diet?

One of the best things about The Abs Diet is that people can eat pretty much whatever they like. There is no specific list of rules, and there isn’t a heavy focus on carbohydrates like many other diets on the market. That said, The Abs Diet does put a lot of emphasis on getting enough whey protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats. Drinks such as green tea, low-fat milk, and water are also encouraged.

Timing and portioning meals

While The Abs Diet doesn’t have specific foods to eat and avoid, it does focus on timing and portions. The diet encourages people to eat “energy-efficient foods” and to ensure there are no more than one to two servings of each food group at every meal. The Abs Diet also sees people eat six times a day: three snacks and three smaller meals. The idea is to feel fuller to avoid overeating and ensure people have enough energy to make it through their day.

What are the three exercises with The Abs Diet?

Three main exercises come as a part of The Abs Diet. To start, there is strength training that should be done three times a week. The training sessions are total-body plans that usually contain circuits. Then there are the abdominal exercises that happen twice a week. To finish, people following The Abs Diet have the option to do cardiovascular exercise on the other two days of the week.

Pros of The Abs Diet

Some of the best things about The Abs Diet is how people are encouraged to eat nutrient-rich food and move most days of the week, if not all, if they want to do some cardio on their down days. Plus, The Abs Diet is all written in books, meaning people aren’t left to guess when it comes to figuring out what to do. Many users also like the fact the diet comes with its own specific exercise routine.

Cons of The Abs Diet

Of course, there wouldn’t be good without the bad, and that’s the case for The Abs Diet. Although the diet makes substantial health claims, there isn’t any research into this particular diet. Then, there’s the fact people are encouraged to eat so many times a day. Not everyone has the time to cook meals throughout the day or stop to grab a snack.

The Abs Diet is just one of many lifestyle plans on the market. Although there are plenty of benefits that appear to come with the diet, there are also some cons to consider before throwing ourselves into a new routine. Could it be time to see if The Abs Diet really pays off?