This Is Everything You Need To Know As A New Cat Owner

Welcoming a feline friend into the home can be the perfect way to complete many families. While they might be small, our cats can soon take up a considerable part of our lives. Thankfully, learning everything you need to know as a new cat owner should make your fluffy edition feel right at home in no time.

Create a safe space

It can be easy to think our cats love to be alone, but this isn’t always the case. Many cats like to spend time with their owners. However, it is important they also have a safe space to go when they want to be alone. This could be a separate room, a small closet, or even a hideaway in a climbing tree. Showing them their personal space and filling it with everything comfortable they need can help your new cat to settle in no time.

Scratching is normal

Yes, cats love to scratch. In fact, it’s an essential part of their lives. Our felines need to keep their claws sharp and ready while scratching can also help to stretch out their muscles. If you don’t want to wave goodbye to your beloved couch or carpet, then providing your cat with scratching posts or scratching toys is often enough to keep your home in one piece – and your cat happy.

They love enrichment

Cats are intelligent creatures, and they can often be looking for ways to keep themselves entertained. There are many toys on the market that can keep them occupied for hours as they chase them around the house, but that’s not all. Providing vertical space for your cat to climb and offering hideaway spaces can help them to keep in touch with their wild side as well as keep them fully enriched throughout the day.

Cover their needs

So you’re ready to welcome home your new pet, but how do we make sure they are kept happy? While many felines can look after themselves, they still need a little help to make sure they are fully covered. Providing plenty of fresh water and choosing the right food for their needs means they should be meeting their nutritional needs. Plus, giving your cat a litter box that is regularly cleaned means they’ll always have somewhere to go.

Indoors or outdoors?

Now, it’s time for the tough decision: will your cat be a house cat or an outdoor explorer? Some cats prefer to stretch their legs in the outdoors while others crave the comfort of home. As well as keeping your cat happy, it’s important to make sure whatever environment you choose, they won’t be put in any danger or harm. Whatever the case, microchipping your cat is sure to help bring them home in case of an emergency.

Cats can bring huge personalities into our lives, and can often be the perfect pet for many families. Thankfully, welcoming a feline friend doesn’t have to be as daunting as we ever imagined with a few minor tweaks.