Everything You Need To Know About Keeping Birds As Pets

With so many pets on the market, it can be tough deciding on just one to add to the home. However, if you want to bring a feathered friend home to the family, then it might be time to learn everything you need to know about keeping birds as pets.

They can take a lot of time

Many people tend to think that birds sit in their cages and don’t need much attention. However, that might not be the case after all. They often need to have any mess removed once a day and can be messy creatures who love to throw their feathers and food out of the cage. Plus, many birds benefit from daily interactions if you want to build a strong bond with your new feathered friend.

They might not be social

Have you dreamt of the day you can walk around with a parrot on your shoulder and live your wildest pirate fantasies? Maybe you can’t wait to have a conversation with your new bird? Sadly, some individuals might not be as friendly as we once thought. All you need to do is ensure everyone in the family spends an equal amount of time with the bird, so they don’t favor one person over another.

They can crave company

Okay, so we know that they might not want to spend every minute of the days with us, but it turns out that birds need to have some kind of social interaction or they could get lonely and end up stressed. Many owners of larger species, such as parrots or macaws tend to have just one bird and substitute their need for company with a mirror in their cage.

You might need to change some things

Believe it or not, but you might have to change your pots and pans if you plan on keeping birds as pets. That’s right; any non-stick cookware, such as those covered in Teflon, can let off harmful gases whenever they are heated up which can be fatal to many species in mere minutes. Scented candles and air fresheners could also be out of the question as many birds have sensitive respiratory systems.

They react to light

Most birds will react to the sunlight. This means that they will be awake as soon as they see the sunrise – and will begin to make plenty of noise to let everyone else in the house know that there is a brand new day on the way. However, you can overcome this by covering their cage with a blanket to ensure they wake up when you are ready and not at 4am.

Birds are beautiful creatures, and there are so many different species out there on the market. Smaller breeds, such as budgies or canaries can be perfect for anyone looking to welcome a new addition to the home as you begin to learn everything you need to know about keeping birds as pets. Who knows, you may one day have an aviary fully stocked with all kinds of species flying around!