Should You Dress Your Pets Up For Halloween?

Halloween rolls around every year, and every animal lover finds themselves asking the same question: should you dress your pets up for Halloween? It can be a tough question to answer, but one that might have several outcomes. Sure, there are a host of costumes out there that we can use. Now, it’s time to find out if we should.

Think About Their Personalities

Is your pet often worried? Perhaps they don’t like change? If this is the case, then it might be best to avoid a costume this year. Putting them in an outfit can only add to the worry of an already anxious animal. If you have no idea how your pet will react, then why not try a practice costume first? Adding in a harness, an old item of clothing, or a headband could be the way to test the waters before committing to buying a full pet costume.

Think About Movement

Although many of these costumes can be cute, have you thought about how well your pets will be able to move around? It’s essential to know they will be able to walk with ease as well as having the ability to make a quick exit if they need to. Buying from reputable suppliers and checking they fit thoroughly before heading out the door are both ways to ensure you’re getting a pet Halloween costume that will create fun without sacrificing your pet’s needs.

Think Smaller Scale

Dressing your pets up for Halloween doesn’t mean we have to buy the biggest and most over the top costume on the market. In fact, it can sometimes be the smaller outfits that make these looks so memorable. If your pet is used to wearing a jumper then why not buy a Halloween-themed one instead? If they don’t mind an addition to their collar or a clip in their fur, then those are both excellent options to get them involved in the holiday, too.

Watch How They Act

Sometimes, our pets might seem comfortable with a costume only to be stressed on the inside. Some of the signs they are uncomfortable in their outfits are tucking their tails in between their legs or walking close to the floor, trying to remove the accessories, not being able to move around, making crying noises, or snapping at those around them. By keeping a close eye on these signs, we could avoid a stressed pet before it’s too late.

Think About Heat

One thing that often gets forgotten with pet Halloween costumes is their body heat. Dogs and cats can’t sweat which means all that extra material could soon see them overheat. Team that with a party full of people and the heat could quickly rise. Making regular checks of their temperature under their outfits as well as providing plenty of fresh water are both ways to avoid high temperatures.

While there is no definitive answer as to whether we should dress our pets up for Halloween, it’s important to take their needs into account before making any decisions. As long as your pet doesn’t seem anxious or stressed out, you should be good to go!