Don’t Want A Dog Or Cat? Here Are Some More Exotic Pet Choices

Sure, many of us have grown up with dogs or cats over the years, but what about if we want some more exotic pet choices in our life? That’s where these extraordinary creatures come in. Now, we can bring the zoo to life right in our very home.

Bearded Dragons

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to have a reptile riding around on your shoulder? Now’s your chance. These little lizards are brilliant for those new to pet ownership as they come with relatively relaxed care schedules. Plus, they are so full of personality they will make you wonder how you have lived for so long without a bearded dragon in your life. As if that wasn’t enough, these little reptiles love to explore our homes meaning they’ll enjoy time out of their vivariums. Resisting the pull of this pint-sized dragon can be tough.

Fennec Foxes

It looks as though the dream of having one of these magnificent creatures in your home could come to life sooner than you ever thought. Fennec foxes are legal in almost every state in the U.S., and only ever grow to around four pounds, meaning they keep their cute size all their lives. If you can’t decide between a dog or a cat, then a fennec fox might be the choice for you as these animals behave like both. Plus, they can quickly adapt to a life of domesticated food with a special nutritional plan.

Sugar Gliders

Okay, most of us have seen the typical pets over the years, but the chances are you’ve yet to see a sugar glider in the flesh. Have no fear; you could soon be welcoming one into your home. The best bit? These little creatures thrive in communities, meaning you no longer need an excuse to bring more than one into the family. Sugar gliders love attention, and will often be seen gliding around the home whenever they have the chance – especially when there is a breeze to get underneath their patagium, or stretchy skin to the rest of us. However, they can require a certain level of specialist care to ensure they thrive so do your research first.

Non-Venomous Snakes

While we love all snakes here, we’ll stick to the non-venomous ones for now. After all, their cousins may require special licenses and doses of antivenom before we can even think about keeping one as a pet. Thankfully, many of the reptiles come with easy care sheets that make them brilliant pets for the home. All species grow to different lengths meaning there is a size to fit all needs, while they also come with a range of personalities, colors, and patterns. Plus, snakes come with cheap food bills as many fully grown species only need feeding every few weeks.

While we love dogs and cats, sometimes we need an animal that’s a little bit different. After all, variety is the spice of life, right? Thankfully, these more exotic pet choices are the ideal additions for many.