Why Dogs Are Better For Patients Than Going To The Hospital

Sometimes, when we are unwell, there is nothing to do other than to seek medical treatment. However, it looks as though there could be times that dogs are better for patients than going to the hospital. That’s right; these four-legged friends could be the medical miracle we have been looking for all these years. Here is what science has to say on these furry doctors!

They give us reason

Being in the hospital can be a pretty tough time. So what about if you had a reason to get home and return to your normal life? Dogs can be just that push that many of us need. Many patients have skipped out on unnecessary tests or extra nights in the hospital as they want to return to their dog waiting for them at home. The best bit? They usually find themselves greeted to plenty of love and can recover from their ailment or injury in the comfort of their own home with their canine friend by their side.

They have health benefits

Dogs are proven to have many health benefits to their owners. As well as helping us to keep on top of our weight, dogs can also help us to meet new people, reduce any symptoms of stress, and can even prevent youngsters from developing certain allergies. It seems as though there is no end to the number of benefits from these incredible animals. This makes them the perfect option for patients who not only get to enjoy all of these health benefits before their medical trauma but can take them all in during their recovery, too.

They keep us active

Perhaps the hospital has recommended you keep yourself moving after your injury, or want to run through a list of exercises to perform? Rather than having to follow a strict routine, it seems as though owning a dog could be the perfect answer instead. Many dogs enjoy chasing a ball around the park or heading out for a daily walk. These can be brilliant ways to ensure we are kept on our feet when we need it the most and be the perfect push to recover from our illness. Who else will take your pooch for walkies?

They help with mental illnesses

One of the toughest parts of being in the hospital can be the mental stress that a visit causes. Thankfully, it looks as though these super pooches are here to save the day once again. Many studies have shown how dogs can help to reduce the risk of developing many mental illnesses, such as depression, as well as alleviate any symptoms they might cause. To top it off, these four-legged friends can even lower our blood pressure and help us to recover from the trauma of a trip to the ward.

It looks as though we don’t always need that long list of tests at the hospital, or to get checked over by every member of staff on the ward. In fact, having a dog waiting for us at home could be all the medical treatment we need to recover.