Which Dog Breeds Are The Best Guard Dogs?

Some people want a dog that can go jogging with them. Other people want a cuddly lap dog to curl up with of an evening. For some, however, their ideal dog is one who will guard their property and alert them to the presence of any strangers. Some dogs make naturally good watchdogs, while other breeds aren’t cut out for it. A Labrador isn’t going to protect you – they’ll be grateful that a stranger just walked in because they’re going to feed or stroke them, right? Here are some of the breeds that will keep you safe though, without giving in to sleep or food before the stranger breaks in.

German shepherd

Arguably the most common, well-known, guard dog is the German shepherd. They have a wonderful temperament as a family dog while remaining naturally alert. They’re incredibly loyal dogs and are sure to protect their family, no matter what. They’re ranked second in the American Kennel Club’s breed popularity list, and for good reason. They’re often affectionate and playful, and, while they are known for being brilliant guard dogs, they are also easy to trust around children and strangers – as long as they’re given the go-ahead.


Another intimidating guard dog is the Japanese Akita. They’re loyal and brave dogs, with a great deal of muscle and energy. They’re quiet, and often placid around their family. They can be affectionate and playful within the home, but are generally wary of people and other animals, making them ideal if you want a breed that will alert you when a stranger approaches. They’re powerful and continuously alert, so if they are not socialized or trained properly as a puppy, they can become very bolshy, difficult to handle, and aggressive towards other dogs.

Doberman pinscher

While they may look slim and fragile, as though they couldn’t protect a house if they tried, they most certainly can pack a punch. These slender dogs are alert, intelligent, and possess unrivaled bravery. Size doesn’t matter when you’re an energetic Doberman pinscher! Originally created to protect the unwelcomed taxman, the German Louis Dobermann, these dogs have proven themselves as successful guard dogs time and time again, since they came about in the 19th Century.


Of course, one of the best guard dogs around is the Rottweiler. Ranked at number eight for popularity, this strong breed is intelligent and loyal, and will protect its family at all costs. They’re confident and playful, making the perfect family dog, whether you want him to defend you or not. Rottweilers are large and muscular, meaning that they look and sound intimidating, even if it isn’t trained to guard anything or anyone.

Some dogs are bred and trained to guard their property or a specific person, while other dog breeds will simply guard their own territory or family, whether they’re meant to or not. Dogs like Akitas need training to avoid them becoming guard dogs, if that’s not the aim, while other breeds may not be inherently built for the job, but can be trained to do it just as well as any other watchdog.