Did You Know There Are Different Types Of Vegetarians?

Did you know there are different types of vegetarians? It’s not something that many of us think about in our everyday lives. Still, if you’re considering a lifestyle change or looking at what other diets are out there in the world, then it could be time to learn all about them.


One of the many different types of vegetarians are none other than pescatarians. These are people who eat plant-based diets that consist of fruits and vegetables but also include fish in their meals. Many pescatarians also include eggs and dairy with their meals, but this isn’t the same for everyone. One of the many reasons people follow the pescatarian diet is to get the omega-3 fatty acids from seafood that helps to create a well-balanced diet.


Being a lacto-vegetarian means you’re one of many different types of vegetarians, as the diet includes dairy products but doesn’t contain any meat, fish, or eggs. Lacto-vegetarians eat any food that has dairy in it, such as cheese, yogurt, or cream, and will usually use variations of these products too, such as choosing food made with goat’s milk.


When it comes to the different types of vegetarians, ovo-vegetarianism is one of the more popular on the list. The diet includes everything found in other vegetarian diets, including fruits and vegetables, while including eggs and excluding dairy. There are several reasons that people opt to follow the ovo-vegetarian diet, including being lactose intolerant. After all, eggs are usually included in vegetarian diets, but not everyone can tolerate dairy in their meals.


Being a flexitarian is one of the most flexible ways to become a vegetarian – as the name might suggest. Rather than stick to one strict vegetarian diet, people following this lifestyle stick to plant-based diets most of the time but do include animal products now and then. There are several ways that people follow flexitarian lifestyles, with some eating vegetarian diets Monday to Friday and then using animal products at the weekend and others adding animal products now and then when the craving arises. Whatever the case, some don’t consider flexitarians to be vegetarians as they do eat meat at certain points.

Lacto-ovo vegetarians

Many people view lacto-ovo vegetarians as the most standard vegetarian diet on the market as people don’t eat any meat or fish, but they do include dairy and eggs. That means everything such as ice cream, yogurt, butter, cheese, milk, and eggs are all included on the menu, with many opting for the lacto-ovo vegetarian diet as a first step when looking to overhaul their lives. After all, it’s a good place to start when eliminating certain food groups.

There are so many reasons people decide to become vegetarian – and now we know there are different types of vegetarians, too. Having so many different ways to live the lifestyle means there is something to suit most people and plenty of ways to keep things balanced. Sometimes, it’s all about trying a few approaches to find the right one that fits.