How To Create New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Stick To

The clock strikes midnight and the next 365-day cycle begins. For many people, January 1st is the chance to start again and make the new year much better than the last. That generally means making resolutions that we plan on sticking to, yet inevitably give up on before the month is over. It’s frustrating failing like this time and time again, but how do you make a resolution that you’ll actually keep up with?

Set realistic goals

One of the most common resolutions people make is that they’re going to lose weight. It’s not a bad goal, but the fact you’re making it in the first place probably says a lot. Maybe you’ve not exercised for months, or you’ve never even heard of a diet. Either way, if you’re setting this goal because you want to change your life dramatically, things probably won’t work out.

Make sure to always be realistic with your aims. So, if you’re intention is to lose weight, then don’t have ridiculous expectations for yourself. Throwing out all the things you love and exercising every day is never going to work out. After a few weeks, you’ll be miserable and give up on your resolution. Change doesn’t have to be extreme; it just needs to be enough to make a difference.

Understand your problems

When it comes to setting resolutions, most people are inspired by a drive to change something they don’t like about themselves. Maybe they’re giving up smoking because it’s not healthy for them, or they’re going on a diet because their reflection makes them miserable. There’s always something prompting the resolution, and understanding that is crucial to making sure you stick to it.

In many cases, there’s an underlying problem that needs to be dealt with for the change to be effective. If you have low feelings of self-worth, it might take more than just a diet to improve that. Be prepared to dig deep and find out what’s affecting you so badly; otherwise, the issue won’t go away.

Cut yourself some slack

It’s January 4th, you’ve been going to the gym the last few days, and you’re bored already. Sound familiar? It probably does to a lot of people. Change is hard, especially when it’s something significant, and you’re going to face plenty of hurdles along the way. What’s important to remember is that the race isn’t over if you trip.

The best way to avoid or mitigate these stumbles is to focus on small goals. Don’t exercise for a few days, see no difference and give up. Instead, think positively and take things week by week. More importantly, don’t push yourself too hard. Nothing sustainable can be done every day of the year. When things get difficult, give yourself a break and rethink your goals. It’ll help in the long run.

Resolutions are difficult to stick to, especially if you plan on maintaining them for a whole year. However, if you stop putting so much pressure on yourself and think realistically, you should be able to achieve your goals.