Could Scream Clubs And Rage Room Be The Answer To Better Mental Health?

2020, for many people, has highlighted issues that may have been silently lying below the surface, but it is very common in everyday life to need a release. With this in mind, new ways to deal with stress, anger, and rage are important, and there are some less conventional methods being introduced and with great results.

Why do we get so angry?

Anger and rage can be influenced by many factors, maybe work-related, financial, or perhaps a side effect of an existing mental health problem. However, it is a natural behavior that almost everyone will experience at some point during their lifetime. The intensity of the rage or anger experienced will vary from each individual, but certain recent events have seen these numbers climb more than ever.

Can rage and anger be a good thing?

Even though most people are taught early on that rage and anger are an emotion that should be minimized, it’s unknown if experiencing these emotions has a positive or negative effect on us. It may be unpleasant, for example, to witness an angry outburst in the street, but when used correctly, anger can be a productive tool. If you feel that you are stuck in a rut at work, the feeling of anger might encourage you to make a positive change to your career that will give you more satisfaction and less opportunity to feel negative or angry.

Rage therapy

Rage therapy is based around the concept that rage and anger released healthily can help people to free themselves from these sometimes unwanted emotions. There are two options for rage therapy, the first being a ‘rage room’ or a ‘ smash room’. These rooms are a safe place that someone can go to and release some anger by smashing up objects. The second is ‘scream clubs.’ These are websites to scream it out through your speaker with other like-minded people. These are both non-judgmental places where screaming and smashing up objects is encouraged to help you release some pent-up rage and anger.

Is rage therapy a healthy option?

Although the idea of rage therapy may sound appealing and can be a constructive and positive experience for some people, there could potentially be some negative effects if it is not done for the right reasons. Quite often, rage and anger are feelings and emotions that can be brought on by something underlying, and without resolving these deeper issues, it could be counterproductive. In a 1999 study, it was found that venting anger and rage can sometimes lead to further feelings of aggressive behavior, which may just exasperate the problem. So even though rage therapy and scream rooms may be helpful to some, it might be sensible to accompany this with other sources of relief or therapy.

Rage rooms and scream clubs are a great way of letting off some steam and meeting new people, but it is wise to ensure that they are done productively and for the right reasons. There are positives and negatives to rage therapy. It’s all about finding the right balance in life!