Common Issues That Could Actually Be Signs Of Anxiety

Some things quickly become a part of our everyday lives, but what if they’re not normal? What if the things we passed off as “nothing to worry about” might be something after all? It turns out there are plenty of common issues that could actually be signs of anxiety we’ve ignored all this time.

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You struggle to sleep at night

Sleep is something we all need if we’re going to stay healthy and thrive. Still, it’s something that can be easier said than done. If you find you can’t get to sleep and your mind is instead going over everything from the past ten years on repeat, it could actually be a sign of anxiety. Sadly, anxiety and sleep issues can quickly lead to a vicious cycle.

Work has become a real struggle

Okay, working being difficult isn’t necessarily a sign that you have anxiety. However, if there’s no reason that things have become overwhelmingly difficult and you struggle to focus, it could be a sign that things aren’t quite right. Be sure to take some time out and focus on your mental health if this sounds familiar.

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Everything gives you stomach ache

There are so many reasons that our stomachs might ache or get a little upset. However, did you know that one of the most common issues of anxiety is just that – unexplained stomach ache? Things such as bloating, cramps, or not having the need to go are just some of the many on the list. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and anxiety disorders also, often unknowingly, go hand in hand.

You have a constant headache

Scientists are yet to reach a conclusion about people with anxiety and pain. However, they know those with anxiety disorders are more likely to get tension headaches as they’re often triggered by clenching muscles. Anxiety can also cause more migraines. These are usually things that need to be diagnosed by a doctor and treated accordingly.

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You always feel out of breath

Perhaps you think anxiety and breathing issues only present themselves as wheezing or hyperventilating? While they can be symptoms, one of the most common breathing difficulties is actually dyspnea, often called air hunger. This is when no matter how much someone breathes in, it never feels as though they’re getting enough air.

Letting go of things is difficult

Perhaps your mind is filled with a conversation you had with a retail worker last week? Maybe you can’t stop thinking about if you laughed at the right time or said the right thing to your coworker in the meeting a few days back? These are all common issues that could actually be signs of anxiety, as our minds don’t know when to stop. Going over things in your head is actually a form of obsessing and is one of the easier things to spot.

Just because some of us have these common issues doesn’t necessarily mean we have anxiety. However, there’s a chance they could be symptoms and signs that we need to take a break and check in on our mental health.