Coca Cola Hacks: Incredible Things You Can Do With Coke

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It’s thought that Coca-Cola dominated around 18% of the soda market, but did you know there are more uses for the beverage than as a drink? Yes, it turns out that we could have been missing out on a host of Coca-Cola tricks all this time.

Fertilize your yard

Having a thriving yard is one way of showing we’ve made it as an adult, right? Many people have wondered if soda could be a perfect alternative for fertilizer in the yard, and it turns out they might have been onto something all this time.

You might just want to make sure that you dilute it down if you’re going to get the most from your plants. Too much Coca-Cola could cause your plants to suffer as the sugar can inhibit its water intake.

spray coke in plants gardening hack coca cola

However, a little Coke mixed with some water in a spray bottle could have benefits. It can help your plants to grow in their initial phases. Plus, using Coca-Cola could save a lot of money compared to expensive fertilizers on the market, and you can enjoy a glass of the leftover good stuff once you’re done.

Control pests

While many people believe that sugary drinks like Coca-Cola attracts ants, it turns out that it can help to repel many insects, too. This isn’t anything new to some experimental gardeners who have been using the soda as a part of their gardening routine for years.

Coke works the same as other slug repellents out there. All you need to do is leave a bowl of the good stuff in your yard, and they will be attracted to the Coke rather than your plants.

The same goes for many other insects. As if that wasn’t enough, some people even use it to help make wasp traps in the summer. It turns out that Coca-Cola must be doing something right as some farmers in India use it as a pesticide on their fields.

Remove any oil

There are many ways that we can end up with oil over our driveway or garage floor. It could be because you like tinkering with engines, or maybe you needed to fill up your engine oil and accidentally split some on the floor?

Whatever the case, the oil can stain our driveways and leave unsightly marks.

coke coca-cola clean oil

Thankfully, Coca-Cola has our back once again. It really is as simple as pouring Coke all over the oil stain and leave it overnight. Once you have left it to soak in for a few hours, take a hose or pressure washer and rinse the mess away. You should be left with a clean driveway as a result. Coca-Cola can also break down any grease split on clothes as well as removing oil from our hands.

Moisturize your body

There are some strange uses for Coca-Cola, but could moisturizer really be one of them? Many of us have been there. We reach for our body lotion only to find that it’s all gone, and we have no idea what to do.

That’s where Coke could step in. Some people claim that it leaves their skin feeling perfectly smooth and refreshed as soon as they step out of the shower.

coke coca-cola lotion hack

We’re not sure that many people will be trying this anytime soon, but there are other uses. Some people have used Coca-Cola and sugar in homemade body scrubs. Just make sure you wash your skin properly after your at-home spa session so that you don’t leave any stickiness. It’s probably best to avoid using Coke as a sunscreen, too, as the company itself even issued a warning against the idea.

Defrost iced windshields

Ah, winter. The season that welcomes hot cocoa, festive movies, and evenings in front of the fire. There are so many wonderful things that come with winter.

Sadly, there are also some aspects that can make our lives a little bit more difficult. The snow can see us stranded in our house while the iced windshields mean we have to wake up even earlier to make sure it’s all cleared before we head to work.

defrost coke coca-cola hack

It turns out that Coca-Cola could have been saving us precious minutes all this time. All you need to do is pour Coke all over your windshield and let it get to work. It melts the ice and can be scraped away with ease rather than spending hours with an ice scraper while you lose the feeling in your fingers.

Remove milk stains

Some stains are notoriously tough to remove. Milk is one of the many that have left people scratching their heads over the years. If you’ve managed to spill milk down your shirt or any other greasy or oily food, then it could be time to grab a can of Coke and get to work.

As well as helping to lift the stains right out of your clothes, using Coca-Cola is also a lot easier than other stain-removing products.

milk stain carpet clean coke coca-cola

That’s because all you have to do is add it to your wash alongside your usual laundry detergent. Your clothes should come out cleaner than they ever have been by the end of the cycle. To top it off, Coca-Cola can also help to remove any lingering odors that have been clinging for your clothes for a little too long.

Clean your bathroom

Having so many wonderful ingredients in it means that Coca-Cola is one of the best cleaning additions when it comes to getting your bathroom back in order.

That’s all thanks to its grease-cutting power that sees even the toughest of stains gone for good. One of the main things that could benefit from some Coke is your toilet. Yes, you read that correctly.

If you’ve had enough of scrubbing away and getting a little too close for comfort, then simply measure out a cup or two of soda instead. Be sure to pour it all around the bowl, paying attention to any tough stains. Then, merely let it sit for at least an hour! To finish, all you need to do is flush the toilet and watch the dirt wash away. Repeat if there are any stubborn stains.

Clean up blood

Don’t worry, we haven’t gone all Dexter just yet. There could be a number of innocent reasons that we end up with a little mess on our walls or clothes.

Sadly, it can be tough to get rid of all the marks. So what are we to do? Before you head to the furniture store to replace everything in your house, there could be a simpler answer. Coca-Cola.

If you need it to clean surfaces, then it’s best to dilute the drink with some water and spray it onto the surface. Then, simply wipe with a soft cloth or scrub with a brush. If the stain is on your clothes, then you can pour Coca-Cola directly over the mark before adding the clothes to your next load of laundry. It really is that simple, after all.

Clean our glasses

Having dirty glasses can be pretty frustrating. Sometimes, it seems as though no amount of wiping with our cleaning cloth gets them sparkly and clean anymore.

This can be even worse if you find you have oily skin or work somewhere where your glasses get dirty a lot. Thankfully, Coca-Cola could have your back once again.

glasses coke coca-cola

That’s because the soda can cut through any oil or grease that builds up on your lenses. It really is as simple as washing your glasses in Coke before rinsing them off with clean water. Be sure to get into all of the cracks to make sure you don’t leave any sticky residue. Once all the soda is gone, dry off your glasses and give them a go. Hopefully, they should be cleaner than they’ve been in a long time!

Help heal jellyfish stings

Many of us have heard a variety of ways we can ease a jellyfish sting. Thankfully, there is usually a lifeguard on hand who can help to take away the pain before we head to the emergency room.

However, if there’s no lifeguard to be seen or you need an instant relief, then it could be time to try using a can of Coca-Cola.

jellyfish sting coke coca-cola

That’s all thanks to the fact that Coke is slightly acidic. This helps to reduce the stinging sensation and works even better when it’s cold. There have been many studies into liquids that can help, with vinegar being a fan favorite. However, many people take Coca-Cola with them on a trip to the beach, meaning we could have accidentally packed a jellyfish sting savior at the same time.

Clean dirty tiles

Sometimes, it feels as though no matter how much we scrub the tiles in our home, they will never be clean. It can be easy for dirt and grime to fall into all those cracks and make the place look untidy.

Sure, there are many grout cleaners in the world, but what do they mostly have in common?

They take a lot of work, can be expensive, and you need to be precise to make sure you get it in all of the tiny cracks. That’s where Coca-Cola is different. All you need to do is pour it onto your tiles, let it sit for a few minutes, and rinse it clean. If you find there are some tougher spots, then simply take an old toothbrush to get in there and work the dirt out.

Wash your hair

While you might have heard stories about washing our hair with all kinds of things, there’s one more to add to the list: Coca-Cola. Model and actress Suki Waterhouse is supposedly a fan of a soda wash once a week as she claims that it leaves her hair feeling tousled and wavy. Others who have used Coke as a hair wash say that their hair feels a lot smoother, and they have been left with more defined curls.

It could be a way to get those beach waves without all the extra work. To top it off, some brunettes say that using Coca-Cola on their hair helps to strip out any deposited color and leaves them with flowing and glowing locks instead. A little more volume and texture in our hair might not be so far out of our reach.

Transform your photos

Sometimes, adding a filter to our snaps is all we need to do to take them from ‘meh’ to ‘amazing.’ While that might be a simple option on our phone – and one that some of us can’t get enough of – it’s a little tougher when it comes to printed photos.

If you’ve lost all hope, then have no fear; Coca-Cola can take your pictures to an entirely new level.

Although it sounds like a mad idea, it turns out that dipping your snaps in a bowl of Coke turns them to a beautiful sepia tone instead. You just need to leave your photos in the soda for a few minutes to let the color do its work. Just be sure to keep a close watch on your pictures so that you don’t leave them soaking for too long.

Cure the hiccups

While our bodies are amazing things, they also have some annoying habits that many of us could do without. One of the many that has plagued us over the years is the hiccups.

Why do our bodies feel the need to make us panic and make such loud noises? Although they usually go away within a few minutes, some of us can be plagued with the hiccups for hours.

coke coca-cola hiccups

Others just want them gone as soon as possible. It appears as though Coca-Cola could be an answer that many of us have never heard about. Apparently, all you need to do is take a mouthful of soda and gargle. Another option is to try drinking Coke through a straw or tipping your head forward and drinking from the wrong side of the glass.

Bake a cake

There are so many ways to make delicious cakes. Would you believe that one of the world’s favorite beverages can also be used as an ingredient?

That’s right; it could be time to say “goodbye” to many other flavors and welcome Coca-Cola to the kitchen in an entirely new way. There are plenty of recipes out there that make perfect use of the soda.

Many recipes use a mixture of Coca-Cola, sugar, flour, cocoa powder, and eggs, while some even incorporate Coca-Cola into the frosting, too. The best bit? There are some recipes that need just two ingredients. It turns out there could be a Coca-Cola cake for people at all baking levels. Just be sure to make enough for your friends to steal, or you could soon be left without a slice.

Tenderize cooking meat

It turns out there are more uses for Coca-Cola in the kitchen than many of us ever believed. There are some internet rumors that state Coke is strong enough to dissolve meat.

Thankfully, those are nothing more than whispers on the internet. However, there still might be a good reason to pour Coca-Cola all over your next meal.

That’s because the soda is a great way to tenderize your meat. The acidity of the drink helps to make it nice and soft before it’s cooked while leaving your meat completely submerged in Coke for a few hours means that it will soak up some of the sweet flavors of the drink. Add in a splash of ketchup or barbecue sauce to add extra depth to the taste and to help lock it in for even longer.

Free up rusted bolts

Sometimes, we find ourselves overcome with a need to start that DIY project that we’ve been putting off for the last few months. Perhaps you suddenly need to fix something and realize that you haven’t got all of the right tools for the job?

While you’re screwdriver and spanner might have been able to loosen a bolt in the past, they can be useless against a rusted one.

If you haven’t got a loosening agent to hand, then it could be time to return to trusty Coca-Cola instead. Some people prefer to try and soak the bolt in Coke while others use a scrubbing sponge doused on soda to get the bolt free. Either way, it shouldn’t be long before Coca-Cola cuts through the rust and sees the bolt come undone with ease.

Wash your dishes

There are many ways to clean your dishes with Coke. As well as getting rid of all that built-up grease and grime, using Coca-Cola could help to protect your precious dishes and pans, too.

Whoever would have thought the sugary drink could have so many uses? Sometimes, we seem to forget about food on the stove and return to find a smoking mess of a meal.

clean dishes coke coca-cola

All you need to do is fill the pan with Coca-Cola and let it sit for a few hours, the chemicals will help to break through the burned food and lift it off with ease. Plus, it can be a great way to remove any excess grease from your pots without too much effort. Just fill them with soda and cook over a low heat for around 30 minutes before rinsing clean.

Make your grass greener

Many of us have heard that the grass is greener on the other side, and now your yard can be the talk of the neighborhood for all the right reasons. Believe it or not, but there is a recipe that many claim has helped to make their grass look greener than ever before.

All it takes is a can of Coca-Cola, a can of drink, some dishwashing soap, mouthwash, and household ammonia.

People recommend that you mix all the ingredients together in a spray bottle before diluting it with water. If you have a hose head and solution attachment for your hose, then you could save even more time. Once it’s all mixed up, just spray it over your lawn in high heat once every few weeks to help keep your yard looking lush.

Clean your old coins

Many of us have seen the same tricks on commercials. You know, the ones where they dip a coin into a cleaning product to show just how well they supposedly work?

While they might be great, it turns out there could be something else to get all your pennies clean and sparkling instead. Yes, Coca-Cola.

This can be an excellent tip for anyone who loves coin collecting or those who want to see just how dirty those coins really are. All you need to do is rinse the coin under clean water before submerging it in a cowl of Coca-Cola for around five minutes. Rinse it under water again and return to the soda for another 15 minutes. If it’s still a little dirty, then simply brush it gently with an old toothbrush to remove the final pieces of dirt.

Erase the smell of skunk spray

There are many ways to get rid of the smell of skunk, but not all of them are ideal. Then again, neither is walking around with skunk stench.

However, it appears that using Coca-Cola could be an easier home remedy than many of the other options. Some people believe that tomatoes are the only way to get rid of the smell, but others say it doesn’t work. The answer? Coke.

It really is as simple as washing yourself in the soda for a few minutes before rinsing with clean water and soap. This can also work for your pets if they find themselves on the wrong end of a skunk. As if that wasn’t enough, you can even mix a can of Coke with a bucket of warm water and detergent to get the smell out of your clothes.

Curl your hair

If using Coke cans is good enough for Lady Gaga and beauty influencers across the world, then it’s good enough for us, right?

It turns out you could use all of those old cans to help create your new ‘do, too. One of the best things about opting for these curlers is you don’t need any heat.

All you do need is enough cans to cover your head and some bobby pins, hair ties, or plenty of hair spray. It takes a little practice to get the cans curled up in your hair, but once they are there, secure them with your choice of weapon and leave them to set for the next few hours. Then, simply take them out and let your new curls fall down around your shoulders.

Compost your Coke

As the world continues to turn, many of us are looking for new ways that we can help the planet. Compost not only helps to use up all of those extra food scraps, but it can also be a way to help grow new produce or flowers in your yard.

So why does it have to take so long to break down? It can be tough to sit back and wait for it all to compost naturally.

Now, you don’t have to be patient. Just take a few bottles of Coke and pour them all over the top of your compost heap. The amount you will need will depend on the size of your compost pile. The soda will help to speed up the composting phase, meaning you can use it sooner rather than later.

Help prevent an asthma attack

Did you know that caffeine has been linked to helping relieve the symptoms of asthma? This is because it helps to open up people’s airways in the lung and means that people can breathe with a little more ease.

There are currently many studies that show how the stimulant could help prevent asthma attacks in the future.

While it’s probably not a good idea to drink lots of Coca-Cola each day, if you find yourself caught out and you can feel an asthma attack on the way, then a drink of soda might help. That’s thanks to the caffeine found in the full-sugar version. However, inhalers and any other pieces of advice from your doctor are still the best ideas. Who knows, it might not be long before there are more caffeine-related options for asthma.

Remove marker stains from your carpet

It could be an accident, the kids looking for something fun to do, or a marker that’s somehow ended up getting chewed by your pet. Whatever the case, walking in to find marker stains all over your carpet can be enough to see many of our hearts drop. Many of us have been forced to call the carpet cleaners and hope they can remove the stain before forking over hundreds of dollars for the luxury.

carpet cleaner stain coke coca-cola

Wait a minute. Have you got some Coca-Cola? That could be all you need to get your carpet clean again. Start by gently blotting Coke across the stain before rinsing with water and leaving it to dry. It might not be long before you can never tell where the stain was in the first place.

Clean your windows

Believe it or not, but Coca-Cola is a great way to get that streak-free look that many of us want when we clean our windows – all without having to fork out on any new cleaning products or expensive gimmicks.

That’s right; all you need to do is pour out some coke and get to work. This is thanks to the citric acid in Coca-Cola that helps to break through any grease or dirt, just like lemon-based products.

If you have a spare spray bottle, then simply fill it up with Coke and get spraying. Just be sure to use vertical strokes on one side of the window and horizontal on the other, so you can easily see which side of the glass is still dirty if you’ve accidentally left any marks once you’re done.

Remove paint

It turns out that nothing is safe from Coca-Cola. Perhaps you have some stains you need gone? Maybe you need to get rid of an owner? What about those incriminating documents that have been piling up all this time?

Whatever the case, it looks as though Coke can see them gone in no time. It doesn’t end there.

Coca-Cola can also be used to remove paint. If you need to remove a small patch, then it’s best to soak a small piece of kitchen towel in the soda and place it over the paint for a few minutes. If you need to strip an entire wall, then take a towel and dunk the whole thing in Coke. Then, apply it to the wall over and over again until the paint begins to warp. It can then simply be scraped away.

Remove gum from your hair

Many of us have been there. We’ve been trying to blow the biggest bubble gum bubble only for it to pop, and we end up with gum in our hair. Perhaps the little ones found your gum stash and have ended up with it stuck in their hair?

There are so many ways that we can end up in a sticky mess, but we no longer have to worry about cutting it out.

hair gum coke coca-cola

It turns out we could save our locks all thanks to some Coca-Cola. Just pour some into a bowl and soak the section of hair in the gum for a few minutes before working it out with your fingers. If you can’t soak it in soda, then pour it over the gum for a few minutes before working it out.

Soothe an upset stomach

When we feel a little under the weather, some of us will do anything to relieve our symptoms. An upset stomach can plague many of us for too long if we let it take over our lives.

Would you believe that a flat soda could be enough to help settle your stomach? That’s right; some people swear by the remedy.

Just be sure not to drink too much or too quickly. However, small sips on the beverage could help in the long run. As well as helping to settle our stomachs with a little fizz, the soda can also replace any glucose or fluids lost in our illness. To top it off, many parents say it can help get their kids to drink if they have been feeling ill and don’t want to try anything else.

Mix up a barbecue sauce

Many of us live finding alternatives to use in the kitchen. The best bit? There are so many ways to put our own spin on recipes! Thankfully, it looks as though Coca-Cola could come to the rescue once again.

This time, it’s in the form of barbecue sauce. There are plenty of recipes on the internet that all come with their own mixture of ingredients.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are so many ways that you can enjoy your new barbecue sauce. As well as using it to dip your grilled food, you can also add it onto a homemade pizza base and top with cheese, use it in a pasta salad, or slather it over a salad to zing up your meal. Whatever the case, we’re sure it won’t be long before your friends are craving the recipe.