Daughters of the Celebrities Who Caused A Stir

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is this generation’s Cindy Crawford. She’s been announced Model of the Year for quite a number of years running, the latest of which was in 2016. In fact, she has also been ranked among the top 50 models of all time by Complex magazine. She’s the daughter of Yolanda Hadid (Foster). Yolanda made most of her money and fame from being the top star of hit reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her father is also a famous real estate mogul.

Shayne Dahl Lamas

The Bold and the Beautiful is one of those shows that has been running so long it would probably take you a whole lifetime to complete watching. Of course, that’s where we know Lorenzo Lamas from, as he played Hector Ramirez. You might also recognize his daughter Shayne from The Bachelor, making the most of her time there by winning her season. If you’re not up to date, her relationship with the bachelor in question didn’t last very long and the two called it off. Her reality show suffered the same fate.

Hailie Mathers

Ah, yes. Everyone who grew up in the ‘90s knows this name — whether unintentionally or from being a fan of hip-hop sensation Eminem. Most millennials grew up with the rhymemaster’s lyrics about how much he loved his baby Hailie. Well, baby Hailie is all grown up (currently 22) and turning as many heads as you’d imagine she would. It looks like all those inspiring lyrics struck a chord with her and she’s not letting the inherited fame get to her head.

Francesca Eastwood

The surname always gives it away. Clint Eastwood is one of those people who’s so well known that they don’t need any introductions. You wouldn’t need to guess his daughter is every bit as beautiful as he is a movie idol. Whoever manages to woo this model and actress will need some serious game. Remember, she was married to Jonah Hill’s brother for a week before they called the whole thing off. Who knows, maybe the cold-heartedness runs in the family.

Corinne Bishop

Corinne Bishop is a beautiful young lady whose fame peaked when she was announced the winner of the Miss Golden Globe competition in 2016. She’s still coming up as it is and has been spotted on the cover of multiple magazines like Cosmopolitan. Her face doesn’t give it away and her surname doesn’t ring any bells unless you’re really into celebrity life. Her father was once known as Eric Marlon Bishop, but the tides of fame took their turn and he’s now better known as Jamie Foxx.

Paulina Gretzky

One look at Paulina will have you wondering just how lucky she was at the game of genetics roulette. The answer is “very.” Her surname should also give it away to anyone who’s a fan of hockey or has watched The Office. Her dad is none other than all-time great Wayne Gretzky, famed Canadian hockey player who’s apparently not only good at one kind of sport. Until she started working her Instagram magic, she hadn’t lived in the social scene you’d expect for most of her life.

Dakota Johnson

50 Shades of Grey certainly wasn’t the movie adaptation the book deserved. But to be fair, hardly any movie can pull off the full extent of what the book has to offer. Even great hits like Lord of the Rings are disappointing when compared to their books. On the other hand, we can never really get tired of seeing the ever-lovely Dakota Johnson. She is the daughter of famed actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, the latter of whom is the daughter of Tippi Hedren.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is pretty well known for her roles in all kinds of rom-coms. These include How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, Bride Wars and Almost Famous. Her mother is  Goldie Hawn, well-known actress, singer and host of TV shows like Good Morning World. Her father is also similarly famous. Bill Hudson is an actor and former member of then-famous band The Hudson Brothers. In this family, the genes seemed to have been passed down from the lovely parents.

Sam Alexis Woods

Woods is a common name, so this one is not that obvious, but Sam Alexis is the daughter of golf extraordinaire Tiger Woods and his lovely wife, Elin Nordegren. She’s only 11 years old, but those chubby little cheeks are just too cute to ignore. She’s a common sight at every one of her father’s golf games. At this point, there’s almost no doubt she is going to inherit some of her father’s charisma along with all that fame.

Gia Francesca

Famous television host and actor Mario Lopez is the father of two beautiful children who look every bit as similar to him as you can imagine. Gia is the elder of the two and was born in 2010. She’s currently only seven, but some of that fame is already making its way down to her. The TV host has been known to get various roles in some of her favorite shows. For example, he is the voice behind a character on Elena of Avalor, a Disney animated series.

Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were famous for being much more than ‘the face of couples in Hollywood.’ Among their many undertakings was adopting less fortunate children, but they also did a fair bit of natural birthing on their own. They are a bit eccentric — carefree, some would say — in raising their kids, or so the story goes. However, that would be hard to tell from the outside. Zahara, their Ethiopian adopted child, is often the center of attention. No doubt she will grow up to be an inspiring woman.

Frances Bean Cobain

Kurt Cobain has always been a household name that many people held dear to their hearts due to the solid rock music he and his band Nirvana released. During the controversy surrounding his death, one couldn’t help but wonder how getting a young girl involved in the matter would affect her growing up. So far, Frances Bean has done a lot with her life, even opening an art gallery in the recent past to showcase her love and passion for the arts.

Dylan Penn

Dylan Penn is an actress and model (GQ magazine and The Gap back in 2013). Since then, her career has skyrocketed and she even went on to decline a $100,000 deal from Playboy. She’s also tried her hand at acting, but none of her roles thus far have been serious. Her mother is Robin Wright, the actress who took the world by storm with her breakthrough role in Forrest Gump. Her father is Academy Award-winning actor Sean Penn.

Rainey Qualley

Rainey Qualley is a singer and actress, having starred in Mighty Fine and Falcon Song among other movies. The roles she has taken on have not been very major, however. Her mother, Andie MacDowell, on the other hand, has been in the spotlight pretty much her whole life. She starred alongside Robin Williams in Groundhog Day and Francesca Faridany in 2017 film Love After Love. Her father is Paul Qualley, who so far has the most unique profession of all: rancher.

Georgia May Jagger

This one is a bit obvious: Georgia May is obviously the daughter of Rolling Stones lead singer and founding member Mick Jagger. Her mother, Jerry Hall, is a model and actress who is admittedly best known for her former relationship with the rock idol. With that said, when both your parents are as famous as they are, there’s not much you have to do to make it big. Georgia has already worked with brands like Versace, Chanel and Vivienne Westwood as a model.

Eva Amurri

Eva Amurri is an actress and model who has a very impressive filmography spanning a decade or more. She’s the daughter of the ever-stunning Susan Sarandon, one of the most acclaimed actresses of our time. She is an Academy Award, British Academy Film Award and Screen Actors Guild Award winner. The one role you may recognize Eva for is on TV show Californication, where she was cast as Jackie, a student, stripper and love interest of the main character.

Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin is both an actress and model, but the former role has landed her more recognition than her career in acting. Her father is none other than TV show host and famous Trump imitator Alec Baldwin. In the wake of the Baldwin brothers’ fame, she’s done quite well to live outside of just their fame and influence. She also bears a very striking resemblance to her mother, Kim Basinger, who is also a former model and actress herself.

Bijou Phillips

“Bijou” was a famous hit song by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross from back in the ‘60s. When it came out, everyone was crazy about the lyrics. The daughter of John Phillips, who was a member of The Mamas and the Papas, lived up to the name in every way. By the time she turned 14, she had already run away from home, quit school and moved in with her housekeeper. She has the gods to thank that she’s really talented. She even had a relationship with Elijah Wood at some point.

Zoë Kravitz

Zoë Kravitz is a renowned model and actress at this point. She has starred in some of the biggest franchises in Hollywood, having been given a part in Mad Max: Fury Road, Big Little Lies, the Divergent series and X-Men: First Class. For the former position, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards. It goes without saying she’s the daughter of legendary guitarist Lenny Kravitz and lead actress of The Cosby Show, Lisa Bonet. She is also part of the rock band Lolawolf.

Louisa Gummer

Meryl Streep is a name that’s larger than life itself, and she just happens to be the mother of this lovely model. Her father is not as famous, but the name is big among art enthusiasts: Don Gummer. He is a famous Hollywood sculptor. Louisa is one of four children in the family and best known for her modeling gigs with big-name brands like Dior, Vanity Fair and Glamour. Of course, she has already been featured as a cover girl a number of times.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow has had a long and successful career in Hollywood over the years and needs no introduction. She’s starred in some of our favorite movies of all time: Seven, Emma and A Perfect Murder. She even got married to the lead singer of Coldplay and they had two kids together. Her mother is actress Blythe Danner and her father is movie producer Bruce Paltrow. It seems like fame and good looks run in the family — the latter from her stunning mother.

Gia Mantegna

Gia Mantegna has been a rising face in the world of acting for a while now. She has appeared in various roles in Hollywood but is perhaps best remembered as Devin Levin from The Middle. In terms of talent, she’s got plenty — she’s a singer, pianist, ballerina, gymnast and plays the saxophone. She’s the daughter of restaurateur Arlene Vrhel and Criminal Minds lead actor Joe Mantegna. She’s even made a few guest appearances on the show.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is best known as being ‘one of the Kardashians.’ She’s grown a name for herself alongside her famous sister Kim, who is known for causing all sorts of drama and her alluring figure. Kendall, on the other hand, owes her fame to her presence on social media networks like Instagram and Twitter. Some would argue that her success may have even eclipsed that of her equally successful sister. She’s the daughter of Kris and Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively, as the name suggests, is a person who is said to be incredibly fun to have around. She rose to fame thanks to her role on Gossip Girl. She is now married to Deadpool himself and is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. The two have two children together, and their social media is filled with all sorts of silly antics. Her father, Ernie Lively, is also pretty famous, with a portfolio of films that span all the way from the early ‘80s to the late 2010s.

Allison Williams

Allison Williams is a stunning actress who starred in the critically acclaimed film Get Out. She’s also been part of various other projects, including HBO comedy Girls. Despite being a news anchor, her father wasn’t the most recognizable face until he came into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. He’s been caught lying more than once on NBC Nightly News regarding the downing of a helicopter in Iraq and a Hurricane Katrina suicide incident in an attempt to promote sensationalism.

Katharine Wilder

Gene Wilder was a beloved comedian and actor whose role in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is still remembered decades on. Katharine is his adopted daughter from Mary Joan Schutz, whom he was known to have been dating for some time. The two were together for seven years or so before they called it quits. Katharine told the press she was sure her father had had an affair and their relationship was strained for the longest time. She’s never spoken about whether they made up or not.

Ivanka Trump

With Donald Trump in the spotlight for all his controversial policies, it’s hardly possible to ignore the presence of his daughter Ivanka. She has been the face of the Trump campaign and presidency for a while now and is the daughter of Trump’s first wife, Ivana. Trump is currently the biggest name in the world for both good and bad reasons and doesn’t need much delving into. Ivana, on the other hand, is a former model and mother to three of Donald’s children.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus had an odd stint that seems to catch all Disney girls once they stop being Disney girls. She branched out to singing and turned quite a number of heads with her sexually explicit, albeit well-performed, songs, videos and concerts. Since then, though, she seems to have taken it down a notch. Her newer released songs cover more mature, non-sex-related themes. She’s the daughter of famous country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and often covers his songs with him.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is another famous model who’s currently ranked one of the top models in the world. She’s Bella Hadid’s sister and daughter of former model and current restaurant owner Yolanda Foster and real estate mogul Mohamed Hadid. Gigi has been featured in Sports Illustrated, Vogue and is one of Victoria’s Secret’s Angels. She’s also dated musician and former One Direction band member Zayn Malik. It really doesn’t get any better than that, considering this model has all the right genes going for her.

Riley Keough

This isn’t a name most people would look at and be able to connect with the rest of the entertainment industry today. The 29-year-old model also happens to be a talented musician and producer. In fact, music runs in her blood. She’s the oldest granddaughter of the King of Rock himself, Elvis Presley, and his wife Priscilla. Her father, Danny Keough, is also a musician and got married to Lisa Presley. Riley is more active in her acting career, and you may recognize her from Mad Max and Magic Mike.

Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard has been around Hollywood for quite a while. She is a musician, producer and model, but her more recent roles have been around acting. Her breakthrough role was in M. Night Shyamalan’s Lady in the Water, which led to a role in Spider-Man 3, Jurassic World, Terminator Salvation and most recently, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom alongside Chris Pratt. Her father is Ron Howard, an actor, writer and director behind blockbusters like the Andy Griffith Show and The Courtship of Eddie’s Father. He has also had various stints in acting.

Angelina Jolie

Jolie’s name is bigger than life itself, and it’s been years since she’s acted in any blockbuster movie. She was also married to Brad Pitt, who was for the longest time considered the most handsome man in Hollywood. She’s appeared in lots of great roles like in Salt, Mr & Mrs. Smith and Tomb Raider. She is the daughter of actor Jon Voight, from whom she was alienated for the longest time due to personal differences. Her mother was actress Marcheline Bertrand.

Bria Murphy

Bria Murphy has grown up in the spotlight of her father’s name since she was quite young. However, she hasn’t exactly used the fame as most other names on this list have. She’s the daughter of Nicole Mitchell and Eddie Murphy, and despite trying to live a normal life, she has been featured in various magazines. She has used her gorgeous figure to land a few modeling contracts and has set her sights on an acting career sometime in the future, following in her father’s footsteps.

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts struggled earlier on in her career because she had to take on smaller roles and claw her way up. However, she grew into the spotlight with roles in films that took Hollywood by storm like American Horror Story and We’re The Millers. Her father is the ever-wonderful actor and entrepreneur Eric Roberts. If you’re curious, she’s also related to gorgeous Pretty Woman actress Julia Roberts. The whole family, nuclear and extended, is blessed with beauty and talent.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie’s claim to fame is directly from her already wealthy and famous family. However, she has also made quite a name and career for herself outside of their shadows, too. She’s another daughter in the famous and often controversial family of Bruce (now Caitlyn) and Kris Jenner. Just like her sister before her, she’s developed a massive following on social media, which has helped propel her cosmetic line. Aside from that, she’s also a model, designer and socialite.

Amber Le Bon

Amber Le Bon is one of those people who seemed destined for fame no matter how much they avoided it. Apart from her breathtaking beauty, she’s already taken the world by storm in many other ways. She’s a successful model who has been featured in various magazines like Vanity Fair and Glamour. Considering her father was the lead singer for legendary music group Duran Duran, none of this should come as much of a surprise to anyone.

Lourdes Leon

Lourdes Leon is yet another name that’s grown in fame and riches. All eyes were on her as she finally reached adulthood. You may not be able to guess it, but she’s daughter of the original Material Girl herself, Madonna. With such a great name behind her, you’d think she would follow in those footsteps and bask in the limelight herself. Surprisingly enough, she’s not very active in the social scene, save for occasional rumors of who she is or isn’t dating.

Rashida Jones

Jones is one of the most popular surnames in the world, so pinning down who Rashida’s parents are is like rolling dice. To get right down to it, her dad is none other than legendary music producer Quincy Delight Jones Jr. He’s perhaps the most well-renowned music producer ever, with a record 79 Grammy Award nominations and 27 wins. Her mother, Peggy Lipton, is best known for taking part in hit TV show Mod Squad.

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler will forever be remembered for her breathtaking performance in Armageddon alongside Bruce Willis. She has had a role or two in several other movies to date, including Lord of the Rings and the first installment of the Incredible Hulk. She’s also been modeling on the side since she was 14. It’s a little surprising that she never took a shot at forming her own band considering her father, Steven Tyler, is the frontman for legendary rock group Aerosmith.

Brittany Favre

Before the scandals took over, Brett Favre was considered one of the best American football players ever. In some ways, he is still a legend holding quite a number of NFL records. What most people may not know is amid all the controversy, he actually had a daugther: Brittany. As you’d imagine, she isn’t the most active person in the Hollywood scene. However, her Instagram is littered with some pretty steamy photos, which is how she got into the limelight — certainly not the way her father gained his fame.

Katie Cassidy

If you’re a Marvel fan and have seen Arrow, then you’ll likely recognize Katie Cassidy as both Black Canary and Lauren Lance. It’s the role that has shot her fame through the roof and looks to boost her popularity even more. She’s the daughter of singer and actor David Cassidy, who died due to liver failure in 2017. Like her father, Katie Cassidy took up singing for a while, covering her late father’s hit song “I Think I Love You.”

Alexa Ray Joel

Alexa Ray Joel is the daughter of legendary pianist, singer and songwriter Billy ‘The Piano Man’ Joel. She has her father to thank for her talent, as she’s a pianist, singer and songwriter just like him. From her mother, supermodel Christie Brinkley, she inherited her incredible looks. She is perhaps best known for her appearances at various charity events where she performs pro bono. Aside from music, she is also a very talented poet, which she says helps ease her into the mood for a musical melody.

Brooke Hogan

Hulk Hogan is one of the biggest professional wrestlers the world has ever seen. He’s had his share of controversy together with the fame he’s garnered over the years, and if you watch the news, you’d be aware that one of these stories involved his beautiful daughter Brooke. She is a musician, following in her father’s footsteps (he was an incredible guitarist for The Wrestling Boot Band.) She and her family have also had their own reality TV show Hogan Knows Best.

Jemima Kirke

Jemima Kirke is the daughter of the legendary Simon Kirke, drummer for British bands Bad and Free Company. Like her father before her, she decided to live life in the limelight, only somewhat differently. She pursued a career in acting and has starred in several movies and shows, including Girls and The Little Hours. Her mother is Lorraine Kirke, owner of a vintage boutique in New York. Aside from her acting, she’s also been in the spotlight for her relationship with Michael Mosberg, from whom she is now separated.

Mira Sorvino

Of all the people on this list, Mira is one of the few who actually managed to become so big a star they surpassed their parents. She is a talented actress who has appeared in big-name films like Mighty Aphrodite, where she played the role of a prostitute. The role landed her a Golden Globe and Academy Award. Her father is Paul Sorvino, best known for his role in hit film Goodfellas, but he has a diverse portfolio in both as a writer and singer.

Zelda Williams

Robin Williams was one of the most lovable people ever. He brought joy to people’s lives not only because of his roles in really heartwarming movies but his larger-than-life personality. Zelda is his beloved daughter who was left behind by the tragedy. She got her beautiful name from her father’s love of classic video game The Legend of Zelda. Within the game, Zelda is a beautiful princess with whom the main character, Link, goes on adventures. In every sense of the word, Zelda Williams is definitely a princess to treasure.

Jordan Ladd

Jordan Ladd is famously known as ‘The Scream Queen,’ having taken major roles in a lot of horror movies in Hollywood. Her mother is Cheryl Ladd, who gained worldwide fame on screen as Kris Munroe, a Charlie’s Angel. The apple didn’t fall very far from the tree, and her only daughter has made a decent career and name for herself in movies such as Cabin Fever and Death Proof. She also flaunts her great body for the camera every once in a while in her modeling gig.

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher was one of the most beloved actresses of her generation, having taken the world’s breath away with her performance as Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise. She was the daughter of famous actress Debbie Reynolds, who wowed audiences with her incredible performances in ‘50s movies. After her daughter’s death, the distraught mother soon followed (just the day after) — a death caused by a sudden stroke. Aside from her incredible acting, Carrie Fisher was a vocal supporter of women’s rights and a writer.

Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons comes from a long line of fame, her father being the rapper Rev Run (born Joseph Simmons). Her stunning mother, from whom she gets her looks, is a TV personality and host. Most recently, she was a judge on Project Runway. Angela is a model and makes a living in the fashion business as a shoe designer. Being the only daughter, she took the world by storm with her entrepreneurial spirit. She has also appeared in Run’s House, an MTV reality show featuring their family.

Kim Kardashian

From the humble beginnings of the OJ Simpson trial, her father’s role cast them into the spotlight and life would never be the same. That and, of course, the sex tape with Ray J, but that’s a whole other matter. Kim hardly needs any introduction since there’s hardly a name that gets tongues wagging as much as hers does. The Kardashian family quickly rose to fame thanks to their dramatic life and hit reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Daisy Lowe

American folk may not be familiar with Daisy Lowe, a great beauty who has made a name and career for herself as a model and actress in England. She has appeared in nearly every season of Strictly Come Dancing, acted in the movies Confine and Pressure, and modeled for various editorial photo shoots. Her family is arguably even more renowned — her father is Gavin Rossdale, former lead for rock band Bush and her mother is Pearl Lowe, a talented model and actress.

Alexandra Richards

As a founding member of The Rolling Stones and guitarist for the band, Keith Richards is obviously quite famous. He has two lovely daughters, Alexandra and Theodora Richards, who inherited his well-formed features. He married Patti Hansen, who was a famous model in her day. Alexandra is a great DJ in exclusive Hollywood parties. She has also modeled for magazines like GQ and Complex alongside her equally stunning elder sister.

Lauren Harris

Lauren Harris is a classically trained actor from The Leventhorpe School and lead singer of an eponymous rock band. Her father is the bassist of legendary band Iron Maiden and the only member to have stayed on the band since the day it was formed. Just like her father before her, she delved into a world full of rock music and even joined her father while he was touring recently. Her last album was released in 2008 to warm reception.

Kimberly Stewart

Rod Stewart is one of the most talented names in music, having sold over 100 million records worldwide throughout his career. All of his six albums topped UK charts when released. Kimberly is his daughter, and despite how he made his fame, she is an actress with a degree from the Royal Shakespeare Company. She is also a fashion designer and socialite, having been featured in the media recently for her involvement with Benicio Del Toro. They have one child together.

Katherine Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger isn’t a very common name, so it should be obvious right away that Katherine is popular actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter. Her mother isn’t nearly as famous but is just as beautiful. She’s none other than journalist, writer and Peabody Award winner Maria Shriver — Arnold’s ex-wife. Just like her mother, she’s also a writer and vocal supporter of women’s rights. She publishes books about body positivity and acceptance. She has also been rumored to be dating Chris Pratt.

Stella Street Guggenheim

Stella Guggenheim is the daughter of Elizabeth Shue, the prolific actress who has appeared in films like The Karate Kid and Back to the Future Part II. Stella, who is only 17 as of this year, aspires to be just like her mother. However, she isn’t very active in the Hollywood spotlight like other Hollywood kids. It’s too early to tell if she will really follow in her exact footsteps and be an actress, but there’s definitely reason to believe it can happen.

Max Winkler

Max Winkler is a screenwriter and film and television director best known for being the mind behind the movie Ceremony, starring Uma Thurman and Michael Angarano. He is the first child to Henry “The Fonz” Winkler, who is known for his characteristic leather jacket and killer motorcycle in the ‘80s sitcom Happy Days. He also appeared in Adam Sandler movies Click and The Waterboy. Max hasn’t hit the big screen just yet, but considering how well Ceremony was received, it’s only a matter of time.

Wyatt Russell

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn starred in quite a number of films together back in the ‘80s, including Swing Shift and Overboard. These and other roles led to an offscreen romance that resulted in the birth of their first son, Wyatt Russell. Wyatt is a former professional hockey player who came to fame through a role in 22 Jump Street, Table 19 and Ingrid Goes West. He’s Kate Hudson’s brother and has an upcoming movie set to be released in 2019 called Overlord.

Willard Christopher Smith III

Willard Smith Jr., more often referred to as Trey Smith, is the first-born child of Will Smith and his ex-wife Sheree Zampino. It comes as a surprise to a lot of people that there’s another child apart from Jaden and Willow, but he’s also pursued a moderately successful career in music. During his performances, he refers to himself as WhoIsAce. Some of his songs include 2012 releases “Cocoa” and “Collection.” He doesn’t get as much attention due to his absence on social media.

Sean Douglas

Michael Keaton is one of the biggest names to ever grace Hollywood. He is an actor and director famous for cinematic hits like Birdman, Batman and Beetlejuice. In light of such fame, you’d think his son would be cursed to forever live in his father’s shadow. But that’s not entirely the case. He has been a relatively successful songwriter and producer, having worked with the likes of Jason Derulo and Nicki Minaj. In fact, he’s the brain behind hit songs like “Hey Mama” and “Talk Dirty.”

Steven McQueen

Most of Chad McQueen’s fame came from his role as the antagonist, Dutch, in The Karate Kid and The Karate Kid II. Before him was Steve McQueen, who was also a producer, actor and writer, having appeared in films like The Great Getaway and Le Mans. Steven McQueen is a third-generation actor but hasn’t achieved the same kind of fame or success as his parents or grandparents. His most notable work so far has been a role in The Vampire Diaries.

Alexander Skarsgard

Being Stellan Skarsgard’s son couldn’t have been easy for Alexander. The kind of reputation he has built for himself throughout his career in Hollywood is astounding. He has appeared in movies like Thor and Good WIll Hunting among many other films. However, Alexander Skarsgard has done quite well for himself. He’s appeared in the TV series True Blood and Generation Kill. He made even more headlines when he got cast as the lead actor in 2016 movie The Legend of Tarzan.

Scott Caan

Scott Caan is a big deal in Hollywood for his breakout success in the Ocean’s movie franchise. He appeared in Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Thirteen as a supporting actor and is currently starring in Hawaii Five-0. His father is just as famous an actor: James Caan from the Godfather trilogy. In terms of music, the Caan family are no strangers to success either. Before he got into acting, Scott was part of a rap group in the early ‘90s.

Scott Eastwood

Another one of Clint Eastwood’s children, Scott is the last-born child of the famed Hollywood actor and movie producer. As you’d expect, Scott Eastwood is following in his father’s footsteps when it comes to his career. During his early years, he made appearances in some of this father’s films, most notably Gran Torino. He later branched off to do his own individual films like The Longest Ride and Fury. He even appeared alongside Taylor Swift in one of her music videos.

Ronan Farrow

Ronan Farrow is one of Mia Farrow and legendary film director Woody Allen’s children, so if there was anyone who was destined to be a successful star, it was him. He seemingly defied fate and the stressful Hollywood life by changing career paths and instead becoming an activist and lawyer instead. He worked as a government advisor at one point and has authored various books covering a wide range of political topics, such as War on Peace: The End of Diplomacy and The Decline of American Influence.

Chris Pine

Chris Pine’s latest claim to fame was from his terrific appearance alongside Gal Gadot in 2017 film Wonder Woman. Before that, he wowed the masses with his appearance as Captain Kirk in the audience favorite Star Trek. Most people aren’t able to make the connection right away, but he’s the son of Robert Pine, an actor from the classic NBC series Chips. He’s another one of the rare actors who have managed to surpass their parents in terms of their relative Hollywood fame.

Rossif Sutherland

Of the Sutherland children, Kiefer is no doubt the most famous of them all, with appearances in classic films back in the ‘80s and ‘90s like The Lost Boys and Stand By Me. However, Rossif Sutherland, another one of Donald Sutherland’s children, has had his own fair share of fame. Most recently, he has appeared in the TV series Reign, which aired until the end of 2017. He has also secured spots in memorable productions like Hyena Road and Haven.

Ethan Peck

Ethan Peck is definitely a star in every sense of the word, just like his father before him. He has earned most of his wealth and fame through movies like Eden and The Curse of Sleeping Beauty. His father, Steven Peck, was an even bigger star in his day as an actor, dancer and actor. Ethan’s most recent role has been in the hit TV show 10 Things I Hate About You, which is based on a movie with the same name starring Heath Ledger.

Patrick Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is loved for all the great memories he left us with from his ‘80s movies and for being an inspiration with his bodybuilding. He was also the governor of California for a short while some years ago. His son, Patrick, is taking a similar route to fame as his father. He may not be equipped with the same great arms his father once had, but he is drop-dead gorgeous, so at least one checkbox toward future fame is ticked.

Connor Cruise

When it comes to luck, Connor Cruise won the lottery big time, being the adopted son of Hollywood actor Tom Cruise and former spouse Nicole Kidman. Earlier on, he lived an incredibly sheltered life. During an interview, he said he wasn’t allowed to leave his father’s mansion until he turned 10. However, he seems to be making up for all the time he lost during his childhood traveling around the world DJing at all kinds of events. He has even appeared in a few movies too.

Louis Bardo Bullock

When Sandra Bullock was still married to Jesse G. James, the two adopted Louis Bardo from a New Orleans children’s home in 2010. However, halfway through the adoption process, James and Sandra parted ways, and the boy would never know his father-to-be. However, Sandra Bullock went ahead with the whole process and has been raising the boy as a single mother. She named him Louis, and he is currently nine years old. It should be interesting to see what life has in store for him.

Paris and Dylan Brosnan

Pierce Brendan Brosnan is a film producer and actor who appeared in Jackie Chan’s The Foreigner and acted as James Bond in GoldenEye. He was quite the star back in the ‘90s, too. He has five children, two of them being Paris and Dylan Brosnan. The elder son, Paris, is adopted and has been following in his father’s footsteps by pursuing an acting career. At this point, it’s almost too clear that the younger brother, Dylan, will also pursue a similar path later in life.

Chester Hanks

Tom Hanks has long been considered one of the greatest to ever step out of Hollywood. Beyond that, he is also often referred to as ‘the nicest man in the world’ due to his calm nature and philanthropic efforts. Unlike his father, however, Chester Hanks has decided to pursue fame in other ways. He had a brief stint in hip-hop music and raised quite the controversy in recent years by admitting to a cocaine addiction.

Matthew Reeves

Matthew Reeves is the son of the original Superman himself. He was also destined to be a famous actor in the future considering how big a deal his father was when he was still a child. However, due to the unfortunate circumstances surrounding his father’s condition, he has dedicated most of his life toward caring for him and others like him through the Christopher and Diana Reeves Foundation. On the side, however, he has taken a central role in producing and directing various movies, including War of the Planet of the Apes.

Gabriel Day-Lewis

Gabriel Day-Lewis, as you may have guessed, is the son of the famous director and movie star Daniel Day-Lewis. The older Lewis has made appearances in hit movies like Lincoln, Gangs of New York and There Will Be Blood. Gabriel hasn’t made it big in Hollywood yet, but he is a talented singer, songwriter and actor. He is perhaps better known for the bad music videos he released while still in college, but rumor has it he’s secured a spot with a record label recently.

Domhnall Gleeson

Domhnall Gleeson has so far landed roles in various movies throughout the Star Wars franchise and was one of the main stars of 2014 movie Ex Machina. Getting into Hollywood wasn’t a very difficult task for him considering his father is Brendan Gleeson, who won over the world with his incredible performance in Braveheart. In some ways, some would say the son has surpassed the father since he has already acted in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. He was even part of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar Award-winning performance in The Revenant.

Bianca Bree

Jean-Claude Van Damme is one of those names that is instantly recognizable. He is one of the greatest action movie icons, after all, thanks to his incredible performance in films like Lionheart and Bloodsport. Bianca Bree, his daughter, followed in his butt-kicking footsteps, having being trained in martial arts by her father. She is currently a fitness model, bodybuilder and actor. She has appeared in action flicks like 6 Bullets and U.F.O, thoroughly kicking bad guy ass like her father did.