What Is The Best Pet Companion For A Parrot?

So, you own a parrot, and you want to get another pet. The good news is that parrots can co-exist with other animals in the household. Never leave your parrot unsupervised with cats or dogs.



Some breeds of dog are a threat to your parrot. These include those bred for hunting such as retrievers, spaniels, and poodles. Whether or not your parrot bonds with a doggy companion depends on the dog’s character and personality.

If the dog is well-socialized with other animals, and calm, he might make a good pal for your parrot. Be careful when introducing a puppy to your parrot. Puppies are often boisterous and playful, and could hurt the parrot by mistake.



Surprisingly, a cat could be a great companion for your parrot, especially the larger breeds. Macaws and African grays are known to interact with cats and might try to preen the cat’s whiskers. The bird might even drop toys on the cat’s head in a playful way.

If you have a small parrot, under 12 inches in length, do not get a cat. Because of their size, they are liable to get injured. Cats also carry a bacterium called Pasteurella that is deadly to birds. Take even small cat scratches seriously, and take your bird to the vet for antibiotics.

Smaller animals

If you have a large parrot, small animals such as lizards, gerbils, and hamsters might get eaten. Do not ever get a ferret if you have a parrot. They should never be together. Ferrets are very sly and aggressive and will attack birds of any size.

Ferrets are often also able to get into bird cages, endangering your feathered friend. Hamsters are particularly active at night, and the noises they make might frighten your bird. When birds such as cockatiels experience a night fright, they are prone to injuring themselves in panic.


Other parrots

If you wish to get another parrot, do take size into account. If you place parrots of different sizes in the same cage, the larger bird will bully or even kill the smaller bird. So, get a parrot of a similar size to the one you already have.

Introduce them on neutral territory, and allow them to observe each other. Only place them in the same cage once they have got completely used to each other’s presence.