The Most Beautiful Islands To Visit

Islands are paradise that offers impeccable short-term gateways from the daily busy routine. Thinking of islands we envision lovely sand beaches where we can rest under the palm trees, gaze at the azure horizons and crashing waves in the mesmerizing blue ocean.

Maui, Hawaii

This island is a destination for the lovers of nature. From its bamboo forests and waterfalls in the Haleakala National Park to the warm golden and surf waters, to the Hawaiian village of Keane, the island has splendor to offer to its visitors.


Santorini Island, Greece

Santorini Island in the Aegean offers a great variety of touristic magic of the turquoise waters, white buildings with sphere domes and candy-colored houses, black sand beaches and the streets of its villages. It is typical land for those who want peace, tranquility, and fun all at a go.



Jamaica is the land of food and water. It offers adventures like stretching sand beaches over the warm Jamaican sun, hiking, and bird watching in its forests.


Fernando de Noronha

The Brazilian archipelago is a renowned world heritage site for its diverse ecosystem. It’s a top diving destination for divers who want to have an experience with the island’s dolphins and sea turtles.


Bora Bora islands

Bora Bora is a romantic island. The sapphire lagoons, white sand beaches, and the peach sunsets set the pace for the amorous mood.  Its coral gardens, tupitipiti points will expose you to picturesque tropical fish.  Moments of seeing sharks feeding and turtles swimming at the lagoons and the sumptuous meal at the restaurants will make your visit a heaven.



Mauritius islands of Africa are a tropical wonderland. What is more captivating about the island is its busy market and revitalized waterfront and its lush tourist resorts.



The perfect destination for spring breaks. The younger children can enjoy the dolphin and lion shows or visit the antique train that travels between Palma and Soller.


Bali, Indonesia

In Bali, you have a lot to do. You can either spend time with the aquamarine animals, as you dive across the ridges or stretch yourself on the soft white sandy beaches under the sensuous sun’s rays. You can also pay the jungle animals a visit in its various jungle shelters and have a good time.



Phuket is a magnet for beach lovers and divers. Its azure lagoons and salmon sunsets create an exclusive atmosphere for a surreal vacation.


Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galapagos enclaves are a natural center for the nature lovers. Sights like giant tortoise basking on grass, the penguins, land iguanas-some of the rarest faunas make this island their home. The biodiversity of the islands is so amazing that it captured the attention of the legendary Charles Darwin’s voyage.


Mykonos, Greece

The island is marked with its crazy beach parties and pub-crawls-it simply is home to a great nightlife. The glossy sand beaches are an attraction for those who don’t blink an eye at nudity.



The incandescent sea waters on the ravishing white shores, and the subaqueous coral reefs are a sight to reckon in this island.  Couple this up with the luxury resorts perfect for launching points of the island adventurers. You cannot miss paying this a visit.



The opulent limestone peaks and the very clear waters are what define this island. Its exclusive wildlife, sage lakes, and villages are also major attraction sites. Here you will visit sites like El Nido, Coron, and Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.



The coral and granite island features some of the planet’s richest fishing ground. It also offers a chance to have a go at the beaches full of reefs, palms, and giant boulders. You will not miss a restaurant and resort in the island altogether.


Cook Islands, New Zealand

The island has enticing aquamarine lagoons, palm beaches and volcanic peaks with very friendly locals. Rarotonga, Aitutaki and the villages, all have something unique to offer from resorts to beaches.



Fiji, just like any other tropical island, has the turquoise waters, shining sandy beaches, and lavish resorts. In its 133 islands, you cannot miss the sites of unique birds. With its isolation from the New Zealand, you will find a great sense of seclusion in Fiji islands and live your life as far away from the reality as possible.



Anguilla, the Caribbean Island is a spectacular view of the embargo on cruise ships, casinos and hotels, with a surplus of clear waters, coral reefs and unmarked and unpaved terrains.  After the sunset, be sure to be carried away by the frenzy nightlife of the Caribbean island.


St. Lucia – Caribbean

St Lucia is a perfect gateway for music lovers, lovey-dovey and adventurers. Its enticing sunset, music performances and Pitons for climbers are all that define this lush unspoiled island.


Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are a favorite site for anyone. The divers can enjoy the barrier reefs; the lovers can hike the 200-year-old Mastic trail, and children can enjoy the swimming sessions at the Stingray city.

U.S. Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands are an interaction of three islands giving you a plate full of options to choose from. It is the America’s Caribbean Paradise with all kinds of entertainment from the dances to jumps to delicious foods.