Benefits Of Adding Yogurt To Your Dog’s Diet

Most of us enjoy yogurt as part of a healthy breakfast or as a snack. But did you know that dogs enjoy it as a treat that can benefit their health? If you give your dog plain yogurt, you might help him with any digestive issues he is having. In puppies, it provides protein and calcium for growing bodies and bones. It also helps prevent infection.


Help prevent ear infections

Some dogs have repeated ear infections because of the way their ears are built. Dogs with long, floppy ears such as Basset hounds or Spaniels, are particularly prone to chronic ear infections. Although you should check your dog’s ears regularly, these long, floppy ears need special attention.

Inside ears like this, yeasts, fungi and bacteria can build up in the dark, damp environment of the ears. Because of its live cultures, plain yogurt can help fight off yeast and fungal infections.

Your pooch is on antibiotics

If your dog is on antibiotics, ask your veterinarian about adding yogurt to his diet. The great thing about antibiotics is that they kill the bacteria that cause infections. The not so great thing about them is that they also kill off all the good bacteria.

That is when other microbes take over and the balance of flora and fauna in the gut is destroyed. Yeast infections are the almost inevitable outcome. ‘Live’ plain yogurt can put paid to these nasty yeast infections.


Your furry friend has tummy troubles

The probiotics in yogurt can help keep your dog’s digestive system healthy. If your canine friend has digestive problems such as gassiness, diarrhea or stomach noises, try adding a little yogurt to his diet.

Dairy products are generally not good for dogs, but yogurt can be the exception. Some dogs are not able to tolerate it. If his stool is runnier than usual, stop giving him the yogurt and seek veterinary advice.

Hungry dog

How much is enough?

About 1 to 3 tablespoons of yogurt is enough, depending on the size of the dog. If your dog is on antibiotics or has an infection, feed the yogurt to him at every meal. Some people only offer their dogs yogurt a few times a week.

Check what works for your dog. Only feed your dog plain yogurt with active, live cultures. The sugars in sweetened yogurts are harmful to your dog. Mix it with your dog’s meal, be it kibble, cooked or canned.