Apps That Can Improve Your Mood And Mental Health

We live in a world where technology reigns supreme, and it’s pretty common to hear your office tech guy shout “There’s an app for that!” with a click of his fingers and a twiddle of his mustache. Although it may sound like a total cliche, he’s actually kinda right. Apps have become a huge part of our existence, and developers and professionals alike have put their heads together to ensure that these apps are helping us progress – rather than help us regress. In fact, there are now many apps in this world that aim to improve your mood and your mental health.


Calm is perhaps the most famous app out there in terms of mental health, and this is largely because it was named the App of the Year 2017 by Apple. Available for Android and Apple users, this app has been used by people across the world for numerous different reasons. It aims to help boost your mood, improve your sleeping patterns, and even reduce anxiety. But how does it work? Well, this app offers users the chance to go through meditation sessions that focus on breathing and clarity, and it even helps you track your sleep and your daily mood. What more could you want?


Although you have to pay for this Apple app, it may just be worth it. Moodnotes works on the research behind Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and positive psychology and aims to help users take a positive approach to their lives. To do this, users get the chance to use the app as a mood diary and journey. You can write in it as little or as often as possible, but it will always encourage you to write something down no matter how insignificant it may seem. By writing these thoughts and feelings down, you improve your thinking habits when it comes to these issues.


If you struggle with anxiety and negative thoughts, Pacifica can help you with that. This app aims to reduce anxiety and stress and to help you lead a calm and thoughtful life. To do this, it offers guided audio lessons that talk you through mindfulness techniques and allow you the chance to take part in activities to showcase your feelings. Using methods of CBT and mood tracking, it can help you understand why you are feeling certain ways, and help you overcome these feelings.


When it comes to the discussion about mental health, you can bet any money that someone will bring up the words “mindfulness” and “meditation.” Headspace relies on these two words to help those who are struggling or those who just need a little pick-me-up on their down days. This app offers users the chance to go through countless guided meditation and mindfulness sessions that can support you in all aspects of your life. It aims to provide a safe space for you to be as open as possible and to obtain the best results.

If you’re looking to improve your mood and mental health then there really is an app for that. You just have to decide which one is right for you.