How Do Adopted Cats Adjust To Their New Home?

When it comes to bringing a new furry friend into your family, you are most likely overwhelmed with joy. As you should be, saving a life by adopting an animal from a shelter is one of the noblest things one human being can do.

However, you should pause the joy a little bit and thing of the little guy a bit. He’s going through a big change and he needs you to be there for him and make the whole transition easier.

As cats have different personalities, some might get acclimated to their new surroundings easier than other ones. The process also depends on the surroundings at hand, as a kitty might find it easier to feel at home in a space similar to her previous one.


Creatures of habit

Cats abide by the habit which drives their lives. Every single bit of space and time during the day, they deem as something paramount. It allows them to feel at peace and be relaxed and healthy. However, when a cat has to go through a change of scenery, it might feel a substantial amount of stress while the change takes its place.

Being individuals, cats have differing personalities, which allows them to each experience a single event differently. Some kitties return back to their old selves once they’ve sniffed out your apartment and others might take a few days or weeks to finally feel at home in their new environment.



The bottom line is that you need to give the cat time to get to know the new environment. If you’re adopting, make sure you don’t have much work to do out of the house in the following days. Because the new environment will scare the kitty. She will need your support and presence most of the time, as you’ll be the only known thing in this period.

This is why it’s advised to get to know the cat a week or two before you actually adopt. She will focus on you instead of the new space she’s in.


Be patient

Don’t be surprised if the kitty starts hiding around the house and shaking from fear. Those are normal reactions to changes in scenery. Don’t force her to move or do anything she doesn’t want. Instead, sit by her side, talk to her in a calm voice and allow her to feel the energy you want to transmit. Treats can also help.